Christmas Tree personality Quiz

In case you didn’t already know, your Christmas tree is the mirror to your soul.A blank canvas of green where you paint your very own self-portrait in tinsel, baubles and lights.

As you make all those decisions involved with both choosing and decorating your tree, you’re actually oozing your personality all over its branches

Your Christmas Tree is your inner self-portrait.

For every year this Christmas tree,
Brings to us such joy and glee.
Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
Such pleasure do you bring me!

So what does your Christmas Tree say about you?

Well, I’d be curious to know and perhaps if I show you mine, you might even find the courage to show me yours!


Our Christmas Tree is cluttered with memories, meaning and love.


  1. Is your tree real or fake? Why?

All my life, we have always had a real Christmas tree, which we’ve bought from a local fruit shop. We have always loved the fresh pine scent of a real tree. That is that distinctive smell of Christmas. That said, I’m not so keen on the pine needles which constantly fall on the floor, reminding me of that other scourge which is dog hair.


2) Do you have matching ornaments? A colour theme?

No, we do not have any theme or style for our Christmas tree. Rather, we have a mish-mash of ornaments which date as far back as my childhood. There’s a patchwork Christmas stocking which I hand-stitched back when I was 12 and it shows. Made with enthusiasm, rather than precision. We have an ornament which we bought in New Zealand on our honeymoon and a beaded star from South Africa bought to support an orphanage. I have also cleaned off the piano and that’s where I’ve put our nativity set and more Santas than I care to mention. I’m a real sucker for Christmas ornaments.

Each shining light
Each silver bell
No one alive spreads cheer so well

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,
You’ll ever be unchanging

3) What is at the top of your tree?

We currently have an angel who is playing the violin at the top of our tree. I did buy quite a lovely star to go up there but it really looked like it needed to sit on top of a broom handle and was probably designed to go on a fake tree.


4)Do you have any hand-made decorations?

We have quite a few hand-made decorations. There are decorations I made when I was a kid and by our children as well. Christmas craft, for me, is an important part of the lead-up to Christmas. Or, at least it used to be. I seem to be too busy these days to even get to the essentials.


Miss and I made this angel together in 2010. We traced around her hands to make the wings.

5) Do you have any Christmas traditions?

My mother’s family has German heritage, although some of my German roots date back as far as the first shiploads of Germans to arrive in South Australia in 1838.


Handcarved German Erzgebirge Christmas tree, which I bought in my grandfather’s home town, Hahndorf, in South Australia. I handpainted the teddy bears.

My mother’s mother used to make Honey Biscuits each Christmas, which is also known as Lebkuchen. These biscuits were round and had half a blanched almond on top. I really loved those biscuits. However, it has been difficult to replicate them myself. For many years, I made an alternative recipe but then tried her recipe. Unfortunately, she’d left out much of the detail as i think it was only there to jog her memory. The only time I made them, they made great rocks. I’ll have to have another go.

We go to Church ideally on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Growing up, we had the Church Christmas Tree Service where the kids got all dressed up and recreated the birth of Baby Jesus in the manger. Such nativity services aren’t as common here as they used to be and unfortunately I fell asleep and missed ours last Friday night after a busy week.


Of course, I’d like to acknowledge those with different faiths and the importance of their celebrations and traditions at this time of year. I liked what Dale wrote in her blog which covered this well:

“Merry Christmas to those of you who do celebrate it and Happy Holidays to those of you who celebrate something else!”

Love and Best wishes,

Rowena , Geoff, Mister, Miss, Bilbo and Lady!

12 thoughts on “Christmas Tree personality Quiz

  1. Nancy

    My tree sound very much like yours. Live tree, miss matched ornaments from all over and all ages, lots of homemade ones from my children and friends.😊

  2. treerabold

    Our Christmas tree is fake…mainly because one of the girls is allergic.
    Our decorations do not match. Unless you consider quirky a theme.
    We mostly have Santas in beach clothes, flamingos and even some sock monkeys.
    We started a small tree in our entry way this year that is decorated with moose.
    We don’t really have “traditions” yet since we’ve only been together for 4 years. But slowly we are creating our traditions.

    One of the reasons Tina and I knew we were made for each other was we both had flamingo ornaments!! A match made in flamingo land!

  3. New Journey

    hello…what a beautiful tree….so full of memories…I love it and the angel is perfect…I have a fake tree due to my husbands breathing issues…but that’s okay….its full of colored twinkle lights, I have little cloth owls all over it, and little red balls, bird nest with eggs clipped to branches and no tree in my house is complete with out an angel on top…mine is made of thin shells and probable would work well on my broom too!!!…LOL my old cloth one was retired this year…she had adorned my trees for over 30 years….LOL she was from my youth…and loved much…I love having a Christmas tree….when my kids were little they used to get out there sleeping bags and sleep under the tree…under the lights and all there ornaments that they had adorned the tree with…they each had there own spots on the tree that they could move there own ornaments around as they wanted….I normally had live trees and sometimes more than one in my house…when I was young my parents always let me have one in my room….so I played it forward with my kids…I also felt sorry for the “Charlie Brown” trees and ended up with many of them…LOL I have a soft heart….I love the holiday and all the wonderful memories that come with them…..Happy Holidays my Aussie friend…great post…..kat

  4. roweeee Post author

    I love that, Derrick. I think my husband would concur…along with the dogs. I often wonder what the dogs think when they watch all the action in the house. No wonder they sleep so much. It’s a coping mechanism. xx Rowena

  5. roweeee Post author

    I love the sound of your family Christmas Tree tradition with the kids sleeping under the tree and having their own part of the tree to decorate. My daughter told me that she was sleeping next to the Christmas tree in the scout hall. She said it was a fake tree that had come with its own lights. Now, that’s really cheating.
    Sorry to hear you can’t have a real tree due to your husband’s COPD. I hadn’t actually considered that the tree could set off my breathing problems. I think it’s okay but might be having a mild impact.
    I didn’t know what a Charlie Brown tree was before I researched this post. Mister found part of an old fake tree beside the road last year so I guess that would qualify.Happy Holidays! xx Rowena

  6. New Journey

    Oh yes his roadside tree was definitely Charlie Brown…LOL I say, get the sleeping bags out for the kids and let them lay and whisper secrets into the night together under the tree….something magical about it…my kids still talk about it 20 years later…LOL

  7. merrildsmith

    We decided not to have a tree this year, but we probably will next year when our older daughter and wife will be here. Ours sounds very much like yours–live, no theme, and a mish mosh of ornaments with some handmade. We put an odd snow woman made from yarn on top, and my husband ties the tree to the wall so that cats don’t knock it over.

    Merry Christmas, Rowena!

  8. Joanne Corey

    Our tree is real, which was the tradition in our families growing up. We used to use Douglas fir, but have switched to Canaan fir. Our ornaments do not match or follow a theme. They represent decades’ worth of finding special ornaments in shops and craft fairs, making them, and receiving them as gifts. We also have some that we inherited from both sides of our family. The angel on top is one we made from a kit years ago, with the help of a friend.

    We have a number of family traditions. Church services are a must, often Midnight Mass. we often sign carols around the piano at home. We make an assortment of Christmas cookies, including pizzelles and biscotti in honor of my Italian heritage, gingerbread and shortbreads from my husband’s side. When we give gifts, instead of signing them with our names, we sign with initials that are a clue to what is inside the package. That is something my mom started when my sisters and I were children. There are lots of other traditions, too.

    Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful Christmas season!

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