Your Favorite 2015 “Weekend Edition” and “Short and Sweet” Writing Posts

Great idea to list your top ten posts for 2015! I really gained a lot of encouragement from these writing tips and thought you might do the same xx Rowena

Live to Write - Write to Live

Your Favorite Posts for 2015:

Another year has come and gone, but before we leap into 2016, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back at which of the Weekend Edition and Short and Sweet Advice for Writers posts were your favorites this year. The Top 10 lists below are ranked based on the number of comments each post received. I’ve had a great time writing these pieces and been so grateful to have such a loyal, active, and insightful group of writers (that’s you!) to share this journey with me. Though writing is a mostly solitary pursuit, I feel very fortunate to have a community like this one where we can share our stories, ideas, and observations. I always learn something new, and am constantly inspired by the time we spend together. So … thank you.

Here’s to another year of writerly musings ahead. See you…

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4 thoughts on “Your Favorite 2015 “Weekend Edition” and “Short and Sweet” Writing Posts

  1. Suddenly Jamie (@suddenlyjamie)

    Rowena, Thanks so much for sharing my Top Posts list. I look forward to exploring your blog further. Happy, happy New Year to you!

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