When Dogs Fly…

While life as a backyard dog can get a bit boring, Bilbo and Lady are thanking their lucky stars that they’re not outback dogs living along the flooded Daly River in Australia’s Northern Territory.


Not only are they battling raging flood waters, they’re also contending with crocodiles patrolling the swollen floodwaters.


The latest news is that 60 animals including dogs have been airlifted in a crocodile cage to safety. I saw footage on TV and believe me, I’d be terrified and I’m not even scared of heights. You can click on the film footage in the story above.

So, if you had to conduct a Dog Poll, I don’t know whether our canine companions would rate flying in a helicopter better or worse than getting their paws wet. However, with dog-eating crocodiles cruising the floodwaters, there would be no debate. All paws would vote for evacuation.

For the rescued animals, the helicopter ride took just 10 minutes and they were taken to temporary kennels at Five Mile. Half a tonne of dog food was also airlifted in to ensure all remaining animals have enough feed while the town is evacuated.

I’ve never really considered what happens to pets during a State of Emergency. However, it’s comforting to hear that pets are being cared for so compassionately. Knowing that their pets are safe must be such a comfort when locals could well have lost all but the shirt on their back.

Personally, I suspect these outback dogs are made of tougher stuff than ours. I don’t know how our dogs would cope with such contingencies.

Fetching Bilbos Ball

Finally some assistance. Miss puts Bilbo out of his misery!

While Lady is a bit more daring, Bilbo’s even refused to dip his precious paws in the water to rescue his much loved tennis ball as it drifted downstream. There was no doubt he was in anguish, questioning would he or wouldn’t he…However, he ultimately succumbed to his fear and was mighty lucky to fetch his ball later at low tide.

Obviously, you’ll find no hero there!

Amelia & Lady

A rather pampered Lady!

Lady is marginally more audacious but generally prefers a pampered existence…sleeping on her quilt and even on the sofa as long as she doesn’t get sprung. Even though she comes from a farm and is actually registered as a Working Dog, she wouldn’t know work if she tripped over it. After all, she’s a lady! She might not be quite royalty but don’t tell her that! She tells the world she has blue blood!

We pray for all those affected by flood, bush fires and tornadoes around the world. While the plight of animals being flown to safety makes for an interesting story, I don’t for a moment forget the heartache and devastation experienced by people and animals. I hope you’re okay.

Thinking about rescuing pets, I’ve had to save Bilbo a couple of times when he’s fallen in the swimming pool and couldn’t get out. He also tried to climb on board Mister’s kayak and up-ended the lot and they both ended up in the water. The dog became quite distressed and tried pulling him under. I ended up picking Bilbo up in my kayak. Fortunately. it was shallow water.

Lady was also rescued from the main road after hunting rabbits and nearly being hit by a bus. I received a phone call from the local vet to come and pick her up. That was quite a relief because she just vanished on our walk and being such a black dog, she blends in with the road, which obvious dangers.

Have you ever had to rescue your pet? Do tell!

xx Rowena







5 thoughts on “When Dogs Fly…

  1. jessplainsong

    My old beagle was an escapologist and was hit more than once by a car. Strong boned thing he was, no broken bones, just a sprain and a bad scrape. Eventually at the ripe old age of 14, deaf, senile, sarcomas all over, scent driven and food mad he died when he escaped from an open gate onto our busy road. Tradies. My current dog Poppy sticks close to me, doesn’t wander, is a bit of an anxious girl, gates are left open and she barks a warning! Will stop when called to put her leash back on, will walk ahead 5 metres when off-leash and then turn around and look at us. An amazing guard dog and when I get home after a long day away from her she goes hysterical with joy. She’s my best friend. After my Darling Husband, of course!

  2. merrildsmith

    That airlifting of the dogs is incredible! I know there were many stories about lost pets after the big hurricane in Louisiana several years ago, and also after other hurricanes. One of our cats–the one who sleeps with me all the time–got out one time a few years ago after we had had heavy rains and our basement flooded. We think he got scared my the dryer-pump my husband was using and jumped out the open window. After a couple days of searching and lots of tears, we managed to lure him back.
    We also had a dog that ran away in rain once, and a stranger found him and called our house. So kind!

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    No daring rescues here, but it is a challenge to have animals in emergency situations. Humans always come first…
    When I first moved to Florida, I looked for hurricane shelters that took dogs. 1 out of 30 in my area. Surely it would be full by the time I got there. Granted, hurricanes don’t sneak up on you, you have time to leave the area and go inland. I had a cinder block house (the little piggy that used stone!) And my neighbors informed me they were all coming to MY house if things got ugly. Thankfully, nothing really bad happened while I was there.

  4. roweeee Post author

    I have heard quite a few stories of people leaving in bushfires under awful circumstances and when they’re really pushed to the metal, they take their wedding photos and pets. I also think that because we’ve made our pets dependent on us, we do have a responsibility to them that goes beyond love. Certainly, my dogs are part of myself. Love them to bits! xx Ro

  5. roweeee Post author

    The pets are the hidden victims of these terrible events. It’s hard enough when wildlife gets caught up in it but domesticated animals aren’t used to fending for themselves and so I think we have a responsibility to them, without putting our lives at risk.
    Quite a few pets get lost in bushfires and livestock. In recent bush fires, people have been caring for burned koalas. So sad.

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