Sydney Fireworks: A Prelude to Midnight.

As the clock struck three hours to midnight, the first blasts of colour exploded over Sydney Harbour and the entire city  magically came to life. These are the nine o’clock fireworks put on for the kids and the midnight fireworks still await!


Not a bad shot from the TV!

Naturally, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the focal point of celebrations in Sydney, culminating in an absolutely dazzling shower of colour over the water. Some years, this brilliant yellow shower has looked just like melted cheese.

You haven’t lived until you seen it, even on TV. I know I might be from Sydney but I’m not biased

Once upon a time, Geoff and I first met on NYE at a mutual friend’s party overlooking the harbour, although we were looking from the rear-end and had a backwards or “arse-end” view of The Bridge.

That was 17 years ago!

We’ve also sat on a wharf on the harbour with our legs dangling over the edge munching on Brie and crackers with friends while taking photographs.

Back then, I never thought I’d choose to stay home to watch the fireworks on TV instead of being out amongst it. Talk about being a Nigel No-Mates. Get a life!

Fast-forward to 2015 and we’re spending NYE at home for the umpteenth time with the kids and even having to babysit the dogs.

Lady has been parked on Geoff’s lap like Puffing Billy, anxiously demanding comfort every time another bang explodes outside. I doubt all these backyard pyrotechnicians have permits but it’s never stopped them in the past.  The fireworks used to send a previous mutt crazy and when we were out, he jumped the side gate and joined a throng of spooked dogs wandering the streets. Lady would no doubt do the same. There’s also been quite a chorus of howling dogs outside.


Mister showing how to make a smile when things  don’t go your way.


You could say that in many ways this NYE is a bit of a fizzer. You see, we weren’t only home to watch the fireworks. We’ve spent most of the day cleaning,  frantically searching for our son’s scout gear which has mysteriously vanished. In just two sleeps, he leaves for Jamboree extremely early in the morning.

Remember. The Scouting motto is “Be Prepared”. NOT “lose your brand new uniform before you’ve even left home”.



Moreover, searching for the missing gear revealed a serious underbelly. After all, what kid hasn’t “cleaned-up” by shoving everything magically out of sight? Under the bed, in the cupboard? Been there done that myself and could never understand how Mum always caught me out.

However, now I’m the Mum and it’s my job to clamp down on such behavior with ruthless force. No excuses. A place for everything and everything in it’s place!! Be militant!

I’m sure you agree that’s a New Year’s resolution hitting us straight over the head with a proverbial lump of 4 by 2 (Aussie slang for a wooden plank).

Well, that’s what I’m telling the kids but personally I’ll be happy if the most important things find a home. I am quite accustomed to living with strays but that’s no doubt a big part of the problem.

So, NYE here has involved serious cleaning up so far. Cooking dinner and having to wash up everything which doesn’t like the dishwasher. I’m starting to feel like my NYE could well be represented by a huge pair of pink washing-up gloves suspended from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Feels like I’ve tripped and fallen deep into a sewer of domesticity where there’s no hope of a fairy Godmother, magic wand or even going to the ball in a pumpkin. It’s a life sentence.

Okay, I know! Life is good. I’m living the dream. You’re full of sympathy swinging from the chandelier in your leopard skin suit clinging to your bottle of champagne.  I hear you loud and clear!

Things are looking up. All of that’s now done and dusted and we’re relaxing watching U2 in Paris. They’re not as young as they used to be either!


To be honest, NYE is not a good night to go out on the town anyway. Drunks, heavy crowds and being thrown up on have lost their appeal and ironically you pay a premium for all of that. These days, I’d prefer something more low-key anyway. Some kind of mountain top experience.

So, watching the fireworks on TV is fine by me and it looks like it’s going to be a long night with the dog. She’s since been evicted from Geoff’s lap and has invaded mine. I could well be needing windscreen wipers on my glasses, a demister, a raincoat and some breath freshener wouldn’t go astray either! She’s a mess!


One frantic puppy dog.

Now, we are too…so much for romance!

I’m sure this scenario is being played out in dog households right around the world tonight.

But once upon a time, we were out there roaming the streets ourselves in search of true love with heavy hearts. I still remember that lost and broken feeling not knowing when or even if I’d ever find the one.Now, we’re at home on the couch.

You can’t put a price on that. It mightn’t be utopia but we’re home …and I can relax watching the fireworks in my pyjamas!

You can spend your entire life chasing your tail. Or, you can simply sit still and smell the roses.

Life, complete with it’s ups and downs, is good.

I’ll briefly be back at midnight.

Happy Almost New Year!

xx Rowena

PS Somehow it’s almost taken me 3 hours to write this post and it’s now almost time to countdown to midnight.


23 thoughts on “Sydney Fireworks: A Prelude to Midnight.

  1. Alka Girdhar

    Happy New Year to my fellow Sydneysider!
    Rowena, I can relate to …”Back then, I never thought I’d choose to stay home to watch the fireworks on TV instead of being out amongst it.”

  2. New Journey

    Happy New Year my friend….I am not looking forward to the evening with my dog on my lap panting heavily….she hates fire works too….and our neighbors are idiots and set off fireworks for hours…hummm maybe it will be to cold….lets hope… the story about the dogs being air lifted out….I would vote to be air lifted out to!! Amazing…..looked like a beautiful fire works show, we have seen it on our news….and it sounded like a good day of cleansing/mucking out the rooms….Well my friend, its earlier in the New Years Eve Day here and I am off her to get the pork roast marinating and finish up the last bits of packing before tomorrow….HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family…..xxxxxxxkat

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  4. roweeee Post author

    Sounds like a great meal. I’m now watching the movie: “Can’t Stop the Music”. Should have taped it because I should be asleep but it was awesome hearing YMCA again. We used to dance to it back at the university balls/formals. Since I had the kids, dancing to YMCA used to be the highlight of the pre-school annual disco. Its a sad life!
    Lady eventually calmed down but has disappeared. Being a black dog with just a couple of patches of white, she’s very good at sneaking around. She’s already tried to stay in our room when Geoff went to bed and then went into each of the kids’ rooms before she vanished.
    Good luck with the move and keep me posted!
    Love and blessings to you for the New Year xx Rowena

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks, Geoff. You too. I look forward to seeing how you celebrated. I definitely see a separate post covering Lady’s anxiety tonight…mindfulness for dogs! Happy New Year xx Rowena

  6. merrildsmith

    I heard the Sydney celebrations on the BBC report on my car radio and thought of you this morning! Happy New Year to you and your family, Rowena. It’s 1:30 in the afternoon here, so we still have time until it’s 2016.
    We’re been celebrating with friends of over 30 years–our usual New Year’s Eve Chinese food. 🙂 Very low key. I don’t even know if we’ll make it to midnight. People are coming here, so we don’t have to drive at all this year, which is nice.

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  8. roweeee Post author

    Happy New Year, Merril. Somehow a few messages slipped through the radar so i apologise for not getting back to you.
    Thanks great that you’ve been celebrating NYE with the same people for 30 years. We’ve been staying home with the kids for years, although I do have a best friend I’ve celebrated with for many years.

  9. roweeee Post author

    That sounds like a great idea. We’ve really got to start thinking about getting a New Year’s thing going. My parents have always lived it up and here we are not even trying to get something going. That said, with the end of year activities etc, NYE does feel like too much effort. A chair in front of the TV was fine.

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  11. Minuscule Moments

    Only need to go to the fireworks in Sydney once and it lasts you a lifetime Rowena I had friends that went every year without fail. I got tired of crowds and drunks too. Happy new Year we had a very quiet night, I hope you found the scout gear.

  12. roweeee Post author

    Happy New Year to you too, Kath. Found the Scout gear and somehow by an incredible miracle got him away in full uniform. He has rung me twice, which is nice. He might missing his mum after all. He gets about 2 minutes before the payphone clunks.
    I’ve had this week to myself while Geoff is at work and have got on with my writing. Starting to make a crack on the book project but there’s a long road ahead. It’s hard to write a memoir when you’d forgotten so much. I have diaris which are helpful and poems but you’ve still got to find them which is another story altogether!
    Is it raining at your end? It’s been pouring here. The raindrop were quite loud last night along with the wind and you could hear the surf. Felt like I was on Noah’s Ark…not that I was being melodramatic at all. Take care xx Rowena

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