Life — A “choose your own” adventure?

So many of us have experienced the difference between “education” and “schooling”. However, I have never seen that difference expressed so succinctly than in this post by educator Norah Colvin. It is a MUST READ!! xx Rowena

Norah Colvin

This morning Hub mentioned a book he had read about and asked if I had heard of the author Wayne Dyer. “Of course,” I replied and proceeded to explain that I had read many of Dyer’s books, had gone to a seminar to hear him speak and had been swept off my feet by accompanying speaker Deepak Chopra. I mentioned that a favourite book of his was marked now by a gap on my shelves, a phenomena recently mentioned by both Caroline Lodge, who blogs at book word and talked about missing books, and Anne Goodwin, who blogs at annethology and talked about the dilemma of lending books.

Wayne Dyer I think there may be more than one missing from my self!

Deepak Chopra I think. looking at these titles, its time for some re-reading!

This favourite book, read and lent many times, What Do You…

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12 thoughts on “Life — A “choose your own” adventure?

  1. roweeee Post author

    You’re welcome, Norah. I loved it all. I am becoming more and more aware of the importance of balance at a point where the pressures to pursue some areas to extremes have intensified. I guess that’s what’s forced me to really rethink things and why your post resonated so strongly with me xx Rowena

  2. vanbytheriver

    I have a copy of “Your Erroneous Zones”, signed by Dyer, that has well-worn pages. I also had the chance to see him back in the Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) rally days. Brilliant.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thanks for putting me onto that. It was an incredible read. I read these books from a bit more of a distance or objectivity these days. I’m not a huge fan of new age or gurus. In most fields, the more you know, the more you realise you have to learn. My husband works in IT and I’d call him a guru but he shuns that title himself and runs from anyone who applies it to themselves.
    Integrity and character are very important to me and so I’m now very reluntant just to follow someone because they’re famous. How do they really live their lives, particularly when no one is watching, when the camera’s not rolling?
    xx Rowena

  4. lakishajohnson

    Very true, Roweee! In the long run it is better to read everything people say with objectivity and critique when necessary. People are people. And have egos. These so called gurus have the biggest egos. But what would happen to me and you if everything we said people swallowed hungrily without thinking. And then they continually praised us for being so enlightened. You think we would be the same? Or would we get seriously attached to the fame, money and adoration.
    Also, I found that these gurus are a little( under statement) mad! They start out harmless enough, but as they get more popular they start saying more and more outrageous and rationally outlandish things. Take Wayne Dyer and his promotion of quack faith healer john of god in Brazil. Dyer first claimed he had cancer. Then was remotely( 10,000 miles away) cured by the mystical powers of john of god. He further claimed that john of god unfortunately broke Dyer’s $17,000 Panerai watch ( Dyer always likes to crow about how successful he is!!) with electromagnetic forces during this bogus healing. Are we really to believe any of these? But, Dyer said it and people ate it up without blinking. Roweee, thanks for blinking!!

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much. All of this is a bit of a concern for me as I am wanting to write a series of motivational memoir books. I’ve had to think about all of that and on one hand, I’ve been too cautious to write the thing and get it out there but once it’s out there, you can’t take it back. I don’t want to sell people a lie and that is what I believe all this talk about being or doing anything you set your mind to, is. It leaves your average Joe feeling like a failure when their gifts and strengths lie in different areas. It can be at best futile and even completely self-destructive to keep persevering down what is the wrong road for you.
    I am at a real crossroads myself at the moment and have opted to go with the flow for a few months myself while I focus on getting my kids settled into their new schools. This kind of approach goes against so many different schools of thought but as a family, there are times when the needs of others are paramount and you need to put yourself to one side. This is not easy for me either as it feels like I could easily lose myself and the thread of my writing projects but I have to have faith that in stepping out there, it won’t be a catastrophe and we’ll all end up where we are meant to be.

  6. roweeee Post author

    Yes, have had a quiet week without the kids here while also needing to get our son’s room renovated before he gets back from Jamboree. Like all so called “coats of paint”, serious plastering needed doing, skirting boards. It’s had the first coat of the new blue paint today and it already looks incredible. Makes the old room look like a storeroom.

  7. Norah

    I’m pleased the room renovation is going well. Blue is my favourite colour so I like the sound of that. I look forward to seeing the pics when I finally catch up on my reading!

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