Dogs Are Ecstatic! Boy Found!

As unaccustomed as I am to blogging, I just had to hijack Mum’s blog once again to let you know that Mister has been found alive and well and will be home late Thursday. That’s only 3 more sleeps. Lady’s whacking her tail on the floor with even more than her usual exuberant enthusiasm and I have stopped pacing around the house and now plan to catch up on much needed sleep.

Thought you might appreciate the letter we received:

Dear Bilbo,

After a long and exhausting investigation your brother has been found.

He is currently living with a herd of drop bears in the bush at Cataract.

After speaking with Mister, our investigators discovered that he is in fine health and well fed, he is just trying to lure them into a false sense of security before he makes his break.

He is planning to escape late on Thursday and should be home safe and sound shortly after.

He apologises for any distress caused, but reminds you about the lack of communication in the area.

Below is a photo with one of our investigators with him.

Inspector Plod

All this goes to show that it really does take a village to raise a child and that even when the kids’ own parents can’t keep track of him, there’s someone else who will! I am so relieved and very grateful!

By the way, many thanks for all your support!

Love & Best wishes,

Bilbo xxoo


16 thoughts on “Dogs Are Ecstatic! Boy Found!

  1. roweeee Post author

    Except the real Bilbo who truly can’t read is fretting. I think renovating his room has also made it worse for him. Bilbo is currently flaked out under the kitchen table away from the air-con. It’s hot enough for me, let alone the fur boy.
    By the way, how did your Monday go? Geoff was trying to pain the ceiling in Mister’s room and bugs kept getting in his way. He was far from impressed and rolled over the top of them before ultimately getting some spray. He ended up having to work yesterday and lost a lot of time. I was quite tired today and didn’t get my bit done. I have to do the edge of the door frame and I couldn’t see myself holding the brush straight. No worries, Geoff said. He had this plastic device with a handle to handle such crises. BUT what about when the edge isn’t straight? Obviously, shouldn’t have been painting on a Monday! xx Ro

  2. roweeee Post author

    Well, as the real Bilbo is still none the wiser, he is still fretting and confused. I hope the Scouts found my posts entertaining. They went to so much trouble with their Drop Bear theme and I saw Geoff’s photos from the site and there was so much creativity in all of the groups. One of the groups who had a huge lizard as their mascot captured our Drop Bear and it ended up hanging up with it’s feet sticking out its mouth. The Scout leaders do a great job posting photos on the group’s FB page. I didn’t see Mister for a few days and I really missed him and every time I see him, I get so excited. He’s really having a great time. So good, that he’s losing his voice! Stay tuned. Only 3 more sleeps…a paint days!
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    xx Rowena

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Dogs are so adorable. I am told Oreo is a mess when I leave the house. Breck just lays out on my side of the bed.. Probably happy I left it warm for him.
    What do you do when your want to paint an edge that is not straight? Hmmm. Good thing you’re not hanging wall paper!
    My Monday was actually pretty fine. Even this Monday, I can’t complain. .. I think it’s all the anticipation and when it comes, then I’m ok.

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thanks for making me laugh. I’ll let Geoff know about the wallpaper. It might take more than that to get him laughing but it will be worse a try.
    Our dogs are used to me being home and I’ll at least be out a lot more with my daughter commuting to school. Hope I have no runaways!

  5. Tails Around the Ranch

    See Bilbo, no worries…all will be well in a few days. Can’t wait for the next time you hijack mum’s blog and share Mister’s no doubt incredible adventures.
    Your fellow friend and hijacker, Sam

  6. roweeee Post author

    He actually arrives home this afternoon. Dogs are going to go crazy. I’d take them with me to pick him up only it’s 100 degrees F today so not the day for the dogs to sit in the car.
    Not good with the crowd either.Keep it simple! Here’s a link to a post I wrote about painting his room. Before I developed the AI disease, I did the painting at home but Geoff has since taken over and he’s very good with repairs etc. So, when he asked me simply to paint the skirting boards, it should’ve been a no brainer but instead I catastrophized the whole thing. I decided to write about that from the dog’s POV in the end, which worked so much better. Fear can be so overpowering and when you have a disability or medical issue, it’s so easy for it to get a foothold.
    Hope things are going well for you xx Rowena

  7. New Journey

    its so hard on the dogs….they don’t understand…when I arrived her without Peter Chika looked everywhere for days….when he did arrive 13 days later she was so happy she couldn’t stop wagging her tail…he had to get on floor with her and be one on one….she likes her pack together….I am sure Bilbo is the same…its not a family when one is missing…kat

  8. kcg1974

    I didn’t realize it was so HOT there this time of year. Hard to think of when we have snow on the ground. I love that you wrote from the dog’s POV! Please keep at writing-leave the labor to others. You must take care of yourself. Blessings, Ro.

  9. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Kim and for the encouragement re my writing. I know I’m onto something and I just need to sit down now and do it.
    The weather here has been quite variable. It’s Summer and been stinking hot but we’ve also had a lot of very heavy rain for days and days and days and it’s been quite pleasant and even a touch cool.
    I have had a few days of doing absolutely nothing inbetween the jobs, which have allowed me to recover. I’m doing a lot better than I was and am in remission but still have to balance things carefully. Thank you so much for your concern. You know what it’s like as a Mom and my husband is worn out as he’s been working longer hours as well as doing the room. He has the next two weeks off so hopefully he’ll catch up then xx Rowena

  10. roweeee Post author

    Definitely. Lady isn’t quite as aware as Bilbo.
    Feel sorry for Chika too. That must’ve been so hard moving house without him for her and not knowing he was coming.
    Lady was mega friendly for about a month after we first got her about 18 months ago. She was really in your face and I htink that was her way of trying to ask us to find her family. She was still living with her dog family and her human family, so quite a deal for her to leave. She’s fine now.
    You’ll have to read about the Funnel Web Spider warning we received today. I was quite courageous considering but i was pretty stressful. xx Ro

  11. New Journey

    they don’t even sound nice…funnel webs…AHHHHH is all I could do when I read your post on Facebook….I thought having ants were bad…LOL Yes Chika is back to being happy, her pack is back together….glad he made it home happy and healthy….kat

  12. kcg1974

    You have to come ‘first,’ as difficult as it is because without your hand to guide them their world will not be the same. Rest while enjoying your husband’s time off & put paper to pen when the mood strikes you. 😘

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