Returned Scout: The Weekly Smile

When you’re smilin’ keep on smilin’
The whole world smiles with you
And when you’re laughin’ oh when youre laughin’
The sun comes shinin? through

 Louis Armstrong

Welcome to the Weekly Smile. This is a new blog share run by Trent over at Trent’s World

This week’s smile is brought to you by our son. The photo was taken just after he’d jumped off the bus returning from the Australian Scouting Jamboree. He’d been away for 12 days and was clearly pleased to see Mum and Dad and be back, even though he’d had the time of his life.

“The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”

Thomas Paine

We were full of smiles too and such anticipation!! Couldn’t wait to see him! Not only because we’d missed him but also because I was curious to see how he’d changed. After all, there was no way he could possibly go through all those adventures and not grow and extend himself.

I’m also really proud of that smile because things haven’t been easy for our son and yet he finds the strength and courage to rise above it all and get out there again. Sometimes, that’s as his parents, teacher or Scout leaders are giving him the proverbial boot. However, whatever happens, he eventually returns with that trademark smile and a personal warmth which is like basking in the sun.

Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t thunder storms, bolts of lightening and torrential rain!

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.”

Walt Disney

mickey mouse.png

Mickey Mouse…all smiles!

By the way, that Walt Disney Quote really struck me because you usually associate Disney with huge smiles and cartoons characters like Mickey Mouse who epitomises fun and happiness. Coming from him, therefore, made the quote all the more powerful!
What’s made you smile this week? I encourage you to share your smiles over at the link and to give yourself a boost by reading the other posts.
xx Rowena

7 thoughts on “Returned Scout: The Weekly Smile

  1. Norah

    That certainly is a smile to be reckoned with! It would melt a heart of stone.
    I appreciate Disney’s quote. We sure get kicked in the guts enough times through life. It rarely feels like a good thing at the time though. I can’t imagine turning around at that moment and thanking someone for it! Jiminy Cricket came to mind when I read those words. I think Disney may have transplanted some of that philosophy into him.
    Many things make me smile. My two grandchildren gave me big smiles this week. GD, aged four, performed an impromptu composition “I am a lion girl” for about 20 minutes one night. Absolutely astonishing. I was sorry I had been too engrossed to think about videoing it. GS, aged six, remarked that he was really looking forward to starting year one this year. When I asked why he said because it’s going to be fun. I hope so! Thanks for the smiles in your stories. 🙂

  2. roweeee Post author

    You’re welcome for the smiles, Norah. They need to be shared around. Your grandchildren sound so precious. I hope GS enjoys year 1. At our school, there was quite a difference between kindergarten and year 1 both in how the teachers treated the parents and the kids. We all had to grow up that little bit. Your grand-daughter’s performance sounds magical. Perhaps she could do an encore but it never seems to be the same the second time round.
    After writing about funnel webs this week, I was down walking the dogs with my son at the beach and watched some fisherman catch a small shark. I was absolutely gobsmacked. Mister had wondered down the beach and took awhile to come back then posed with the thing. My phone was as flat as a tack in my bag and so I humbly asked them if they could take some photos of him and email them to me. It’s a rare moment I don’t have my camera. I really hope they follow through!! Will definitely be posting them! xx Rowena

  3. New Journey

    Good Early morning from my side of the world…!!! Wow, I am not sure I have ever seen a more happy, I am glad to be home, smile ever….definitely see his love in that smile….nothing more contagious than a genuine smile…glad he had a good time, spiders and all…love the picture of him lying on his dog…..boy and dog a natural state…I love the picture of his room….it is so full of love and childhood….you did a fantastic job and with all the obstacles in your way….just the rain itself is a pain…it truly was a labor of love….as far as life lessons…I am sure he will think back to his Jamboree days often throughout his entire life…How could you not walk away with life lessons…12 days without electricity and living in the wild…hell these boys say more danger than most of us ever will….just with the dam spiders….if it means anything to him…tell him I am in awe of him….I could of never done it…I would of slept in a car with the doors closed tightly…and no electricity…I am a whimp for sure….I feel for you my friend…but being a good parent and doing what’s best for you kids is what its all about…45 minutes one way everyday and then back…I know you will find a perfect little coffee shop and a place to sit and write…maybe the best thing that happens for you….when I was in 4th and 5th grade, we had to be taken 11 mile to the bus stop and then another 35 miles on the bus to school everyday….left in the dark and got home near sunset….was just the way of life when you live way out on the ocean….enjoy the rest of your time you have to lounge around in your jammies….life is about to change again!!! you and Geoff are wonderful parents and your children are very lucky to have you both as parents….As far as Chika….she is having trouble realizing that this is home…wont’ let us out of her sight…I slept in the house for the first time last night, she was in my room (we have separate rooms, he hates to cuddle and uses a CPAP at night it having separate beds makes for better sleep all the way around plus he’s and early bird and I am a night owl) she spent most the night watching me…I kept hearing her stomp her foot on the floor…no matter what soothing words I said she never really settled down, of course she is snoring this morning on her bed in the living room with both of us her….poor baby….a little Frisbee time is needed today…LOL keep smiling my friend and remember go slow!!! xxx kat

  4. trentpmcd

    He does have a great smile in that picture. If there are no downs, how do we know if we are up? You are right, sometimes we have to climb to the heights to appreciate them.

  5. Norah

    An encore of an impromptu composition never seems to work as well, but when I “sang” a little of it a few days later she was touched that I had remembered.
    Funnel webs, sharks. Australia’s a safe place to live. I hope you get your photos! 🙂

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