The Importance of My New Hair Cut!

Since every human and their dog is giving life lessons these days, I thought I’d share my latest little piece of wisdom.

Neglect your hair long enough and when you finally get it cut, you’ll look like an absolute movie star!

I should know. My transformation’s been so dramatic, I’m off to Hollywood. Move over Nicole! Trouble has arrived!

Not that I intentionally neglected my crowning glory. Indeed, after all the wows I’d had after my last haircut and being told I looked ten years younger, I can’t believe I let it go. Indeed, I should’ve booked straight in for my next appointment before I’d even left the salon. “See you in six weeks”, instead of turning up six months later.

Why is it so?

Indeed, to be precise…why wasn’t it so?

How should I know? What makes you think I have all the answers? Don’t be silly! I was only given the questions. Someone else, only goodness knows where, has all the answers. That’s their responsibility.

However, there’s one question I can answer.

That is, why did I finally get my hair cut today when I’d managed to avoid it for so long?


Straight from the salon….an SLR Selfie. Not ideal!

I mean any sane, normal person gets their haircut for Christmas and for my role as Stage Mum. There was her big audition for The Sound of Music, her appearance in School Spectacular (albeit as a speck in a huge choir) and the end of year concerts. Aren’t I supposed to dress the part as well, darling?!!

Well, apparently my script got lost in the mail. Or, so I believe!

My hair was sadly and repeatedly neglected. Indeed, you could say that I barely even knew it was there but I’m sure I would’ve known if it wasn’t. At least, EVENTUALLY!

My justification is that if I could’ve dropped my hair off at the dry cleaners and picked it up that afternoon, I would have done it. Moreover, it wasn’t my fault that my hairdresser moved and I couldn’t quite find her again. As we all know, changing hairdressers is more serious than swapping lovers because nobody else quite knows how to cover up all those things you’re covering up in quite the same way. Do they?!!

Sorry! Yet again, I digress.

There is one very simple reason that I’ve had my haircut this week.

kids school uniform

The ghosts of school years’ past. The kids in their old uniforms.

It’s called the start of the New SCHOOL Year. With the start of the new school year, I’m putting my best foot forward and leaving that other foot well and truly left behind. I know I’ve just given a perfect description of the splits but I’m still hopeful.

As we all know, you can ride your moral high horse through New Year’s Eve and renounce New Year’s resolutions. However, you can’t get away with such outright rebellion or   even apathy, when it comes to your New SCHOOL Year Resolutions.

You see, schools have not only invented reports to test the students and keep them accountable, they’re also for the parents. I’m not saying that you get marked when you do your kid’s project because as we all know, you didn’t do it. You let your kid sink or swim through their own efforts. All you did was provide a set of floaties, a life raft, a bucket hat and some sunscreen. That’s right. You might also have set flags up at the beach and gone on surf patrol. No! You’re definitely not that interfering parent!

No! It’s your job as parent to provide the optimal conditions for your kid to reach their ultimate potential and if you can give them a rocket boost along the way, why not?

However, while you might hear about parents’ hot-housing their kids, what you don’t hear about quite so much is how parents’ sabotage their kid’s future through neglect, disorganisation, mis-management and all the usual things you find in your average workplace or home.

I don’t want to be that parent.

I also don’t want to be that parent who has let themselves go either. Not that I need to be that fashion plate exuding wealth and success but there’s a happy medium.

Indeed, when the kids start at their new schools this week, we just want to blend in with the Joneses…no more, no less.

However, that in itself takes an incredible amount of work behind the scenes and definitely no dashing back into town the night before like we used to.

This year we have lists on lists on lists and yet I still have that awful sinking feeling that I’ve forgotten something.

This afternoon as I was catching the train back from Sydney, I ended up writing about three poems about having the guts to believe in myself. Know I can do this because I can. I know I can! I am prepared. We are prepared and now all we need to do is make the final preparations. It’s not that hard. The kids have been going to school in some capacity for seven years. Although the schools have changed and high school is a whole new ball game, we can do this and I know it. I have to switch off that annoying little voice which keeps trying to undermine me and stand tall. I also have to stop it running completely amok throwing things all around the room and cowering in the corner. Let my stronger, more sensible self prevail.

So, I had my haircut. My new haircut may or may not win friends and influence people but it’s helped me feel better. More organised. On the ball. That has to be worth something.

Now, we just need to get the kids’ haircuts organised. BUT first things first…

I’m sure you know what I mean!

Or, perhaps your kids have never scratched their scruffy heads!

Something to look forward to…or maybe not!

Yet, these indestructible critters seem to be a hidden bonus of “community”. Hugging friends, feeling your child rest their head on your shoulder while reading a book and knowing the nits are on the march but reading on regardless.

They’re a sign of true love!

If you have kids going back to school soon, I wish you all the best for the New School Year!

May the Force be with you!

xx Rowena

May the force be with you

26 thoughts on “The Importance of My New Hair Cut!

  1. Norah

    I do book my haircut in at each appointment. I have a wonderful hairdresser. I hope she never leaves. She is as good for my spirit as she is for my hair. I couldn’t bear to think of life without her. I wish you and the children all the best for school tomorrow and beyond!

  2. merrildsmith

    Don’t you feel so great after getting your hair done? I’ve been booking my next appointment before I leave each time. The woman who usually does my hair is about to have a baby, so I had to book with someone else for my next visit.
    Getting my husband to get his hair cut is a process. It usually takes months. 🙂

  3. roweeee Post author

    It’s the reverse in our house. Geoff gets his done regularly. He still gets his hair thinned.
    Bilbo was let off the hook with his annual haircut after his flea allergy did nasty things to his coat.Apart from his tail, he’s now looking pretty good..especially after losing 14 kilos and acquiring his Lady friend.
    It was Australia Day today. Just watched things on TV tonight but have been down on the harbour in the past. xx Rowena

  4. roweeee Post author

    Sorry to disappoint but I think the kids will be very relieved. Mum can be quite embarrassing but it would make a good comedy segment Mum turning up at school like that.
    Well, some mothers do….
    xx Ro

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Norah. I think God must be looking down on me from the pearly gates and laughing his head off. I’ve even put iron-on name tags on his clothes and ironed them too!! Promise I won’t take my comb and do his hair at the gate! Could you imagine it? OMG!
    I took that book: “Grief is the Thing with Feathers On” on the train and fully intended to get stuck into it but ended up writing pages of poetry. Did read the first 2 pages and loved it. Hopefully, I’ll find a good reading spot while my daughter’s at school on Thursday.
    Hope you’ve having a great week.
    xx Rowena

  6. New Journey

    You look great…and why are we the lost on the list to get a get grooming….??? LOL put it on the calendar 6 weeks out and maybe in 10 your will have found the time to go back and get a trim…..anyway you look fantastic….xxxkat.

  7. roweeee Post author

    Thanks so much, Kat. I am wondering whether the curl has ultimately gone from my hair. I always had straight hair with a slight wave but I’ve been on chemo type drugs and my hair has been quite curly. They’ve even straightened my hair at the hairdressers. I was in shock. Hello!@#$!! I hadn’t anticipated the free perm. Mum’s family has quite wavy and even curly hair and some have turned curly later on.
    Anyway, every time I come back from the hairdressers with this straight hair, my son doesn’t like it. Doesn’t see its me. Indeed, the first time I had my hair coloured and cut and picked them up from school straight, they didn’t recognise me. Funny, ha?!!
    I’ve been tying myself up in knots about whether I’m capable to driving my daughter 45 mins to and from school each day and being somewhere during the day. I go round in circles and finally decided I could do it. Not to be anxious and then I realised my concerns weren’t anxiety after all. I am not firing on all cylinders and no amount of talking it up is going to compensate for that.
    At the same time, going to bed at 10.30 instead of after midnight would definitely help.
    However, as someone who dances by moonlight, I’m sure you appreciate not being tied down to a schedule and being on holidays has not helped in that regard. Freedom can be quite addictive! xx Ro

  8. New Journey

    OH yes freedom is very addictive….but I believe you can do the dry…I am thinking you should find a quiet place to park and nap for a few hours everyday to help keep you rejuvenated…nothing wrong with taking care of yourself first….and yes put a time limit on bedtime for yourself, even if you lay there awake you still resting, especially in the beginning of this adventure…even though you are super woman, you will need to pace yourself so you don’t crash and burn….remember the great song feeling groovy…well sister…find a park and feel groovy for part of the day……take your vitamins……you can do this no problem….kat

  9. Norah

    Oh yes. Definitely don’t take the comb to the gate. Don’t even look as if you are with him. For goodness sake, didn’t you know: teenagers don’t have parents! 🙂
    I’m sure your poetry was much more pertinent to your needs than reading the words of others at that time. When you need to read more of the book, you will.
    I wonder if that spot you find when your daughter is at school will whisper, “Read me” or “Write me”. Whichever, it will be the right thing to do. Enjoy! 🙂

  10. roweeee Post author

    I could well find myself dividing my time tomorrow between the local cheese and chocolate factories. There’s also a great cafe for lunch. That said, I might explore further afield. Will let you know. xx Ro

  11. roweeee Post author

    Bought fish oil for the kids but probably should’ve bought myself a multi-vitamin. That ran out awhile ago too. Another grudge purchase.
    Thanks for your encouragement. Much appreciated. Stay tuned and I will be singing that song as the Police book me for camping by the road xx Ro

  12. butterflymumma

    To make you feel better (?) I do think waiting around all day for your kid while she’s at school DOES sound like a pretty big sacrifice. I’d be nervous too. And I’m a much worse night owl than you (2:30 last night and that was over an hour earlier than 2 nights ago!). 😦

    Your hair looks terrific, BTW! 🙂

  13. roweeee Post author

    Me too. I could just imagine my kids’ embarrassment with rainbow Mum turning up at school. I dropped my son off at high school for day 2 this morning. Only saw 3 parents and a sea of kids. Another blogging friend wrote a comment”didn’t you know teenagers don’t have parents?” and as I looked around, it was so true. I got out of there quick smart before I was accused of being clingy and needing to “grow up” myself. I’m just having a quick cup of tea before taking the dogs for a beach walk. Even though we live close, I drive them down and let them straight out of the car onto the beach without worrying about leads. Two dogs two leads and my legs is problematic.
    The down side about having any kind of dog walking routine with sheepdogs, as you’d be aware and no doubt most dogs, is that they’re onto you. I haven’t put my keys away.
    We have an older car which we now call the dogmobile. The dogs aren’t allowed in the new car but the dogmobile was off the road for several months so I’d not so successfully sneak them down. The mechanics are all fixed but the paint is coming off the bonnet and looks terrible. I feel like hide round corners as I’m driving it. “Hello. It’s the dog car.”. Humph!
    Hope you are having a great day and the snow’s okay. I’m pop round now and catch up xx Rowena

  14. roweeee Post author

    I love that, Monika. The embarrassing parent.
    By the way, I finally managed to get along to our usual dog walking time this morning and Bilbo shocked us all by going for a swim. It’s a first. I wrote a post about it, which you’ll appreciate after your post about dog anxiety.
    I had my own huge hurdle this afternoon when a huge storm hit right when I needed to pick up our son from school. I really didn’t even wanted to stick my nose out the door but off I went. of course, it had cleared by the time the bell went but we’ve had a bit of minor flooding. Quite an adventure but I can think of other adventures which would’ve been better xx Ro

  15. Minuscule Moments

    Im desperate to get the hair done Rowena but the bills come first and mum comes a slow second, my choice but when I get it done soon I always feel a lot better and say goodbye to the grey for a little while. Hope the school week is going smooth.

  16. roweeee Post author

    I can so relate, Kath. Hard to juggle it all.
    We’re now into week 3 of term I think and I received the first call from our son’s teacher today. Third day in a row he didn’t take his science book to school. No pens. I wish it wasn’t a case of tell me something I didn’t already know. Or, that the science teacher, bless her soul and I am so glad she cares but she didn’t see the wreckage at home and how I found one book behind his bed at one end and another book down the side at the other end and books in the loungeroom. He doesn’t have a locker at school so has to take books every day. NIGHTMARE!!!! I’m not much better than him but I do have some “remedial” organisational things I use. The trouble for me is that his timetable is written in hieroglyphics and I need to translate it into something I can understand and before I get to it, something more interesting or pressing comes along. I also found my toblerone bar under his bed. Explains why he hasn’t been focusing. Chocolate doesn’t agree with him. Not very fair.
    How is your daughter going?
    The Year 7s also got jabbed today.
    So, you could so it is business as usual around here!
    Best wishes to you! How are things?
    xx Ro

  17. Minuscule Moments

    Willow has transitioned really well but she is older because I held her back a year having a feb birthday and so she is turning 13 in a couple of days and quite the young lady. My beautiful boy struggles with every aspect of school but today after we set up a rewards system to help him focus and do his work he came home with three big ticks to say he had a good day and even got a separate award for being on target, Im very proud now he just has to keep that up for the rest of the year….Autism changes his issues each year and so I get a new education on how things should run. Before you know it easter will be here Rowena so i am trying to enjoy each day. Love your haircut by the way.

  18. roweeee Post author

    Great to hear Willow is transitioning well. Our Year 7s all got their jabs at school yesterday and today, which has been quite a big deal for them all. I ran into a couple of girls from my son’s old class at the shops and they told me all about it. You know what it’s like when you’ve been through a big ordeal and you run into any one you know and you just have to tell them. The girls know me from all my photography at the school and it’s really nice having that closeness. I didn’t really know the kids in my daughter’s year in quite the same way and now she’s changed schools. I only know one child in the class and 2 parents. Very different.
    Have some idea of things with your son. I also appreciate that for more kids than people realize, they deserve perhaps more praise and acknowledgement for their achievements than someone who is naturally gifted and might achieve more with less effort.
    Thanks for your comments on my haircut. Much appreciated. It was a long time coming xx Ro

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