When Everybody’s Smiling…

Welcome to another Weekly Smile brought to you by the ever-smiling Trent at Trent’s World.

This week I’m posting a rare family photo taken on the first day of school last week. It was our son’s first day of High School and our daughter’s first day at her new school, which is some distance from home.

Note: everybody’s smiling! What an achievement!

The First Day of the school year is always a momentous occasion. However, with both kids starting new and different schools this year, it was huge. Not only in terms of growing up but also due to the huge amount of behind the scenes organisation required.  The proverbial duck feet were paddling like crazy to ensure the kids passed muster…at least, on the first day! This was akin to something of an archaeology dig. First, I had to locate and resurrect both the student and their stuff. Then I had to glue all the pieces of this scattered mosaic back together again. Surprise! Surprise! I actually ended up with a complete picture. Nothing was missing. Well, at least, on the first day!

That was really something to smile about.

Organization is a very conscious process around here and there’s nothing natural or automatic about it at all.

I blame “being creative” but that’s not going to help my kids pass muster… let alone succeed. So, I have to change sides. Develop an administrative brain or at least a hat I can take on and off.

Humph…the hat does sound like a great idea. As much as it’s good to be organized, too much of that could undermine my creative juices. Kill me off. Don’t want that. So, if my organization is a bit fluffy around the edges, so be it.

So, I am smiling that we all managed to get it together at least on the first day and look fantastic.

However, the main reason I chose this photo is because we’re ALL smiling.

Surely, we’re not the only family who struggles to get everyone smiling in the same shot…especially without any rabbit ears or funny faces intruding into the shot?

To that end, I should probably point out that the Headmaster actually took this photo. So, that could explain the good behavior. He’s also a very warm and friendly person, not at all like the Principals I had who inspired fear and terror, even when you were good…great for encouraging smiles!

Speaking of THAT School Principal, you should have seen how the station cleared out as soon as her blue Volvo was spotted on the scene!! Girls and boys fled to the four winds…including actor Hugh Jackman, I believe. He was our local heartthrob.

Now, seeing Hugh Jackman at the station would’ve brought a few smiles. You could say that “Hugh Spotting” was something of a local sport. Our area had a lot of single sex private schools, which created a certain atmosphere best left to the imagination.

That brings back a few smiles too!

Hope you’re having plenty of smiles this week and encourage you to find some more at the Link Up.

xx Rowena



17 thoughts on “When Everybody’s Smiling…

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks. We had a family photo taken when my kids were small at my cousin’s wedding. We were holding them out the front of us imagining this beautiful family portrait with the traditional sandstone Church in the background but when I was going through them that night on my computer, I found out the kids had been very noticeably pulling faces. The contrast between the very traditional setting and the formal wedding attire now make a humorous contrast to the faces, although I wasn’t laughing at the time. Much more true to to life as well! xx Rowena

  2. TanGental

    I recall my father’s complete fury at me pulling a stupid face in a photo. Weeks after when the pictures were developed. He thought he had a nice beach scene and I had mucked it up. Oh thank heavens we aren’t so precious snout small bits of celluloid these days.

  3. Norah

    Congratulations on smiles all round. A beautiful family I hope they continued throughout the week, and beyond. The thought of catching glimpses (or more) of Hugh Jackman in the playground does indeed encourage a smile.

  4. roweeee Post author

    I agree with your father! Never work with children or animals. There are good reasons for this.
    It’s a relief that photography isn’t so expensive these days and you can take as many variations of the scene you like as long as there’s room on your memory card and your battery holds up. You don’t have a couple of chances or you’ll need to take out a bank loan to pay for them.

  5. trentpmcd

    It’s always nice to be able to smile about the start of a school year. Very nice photo. Perhaps the Headmaster DID have something to do with good behavior 🙂 I hope the kid’s school continues to bring about plenty of smiles 🙂

  6. catherinemryan

    I’m impressed! This week I tried to take a photo of my two girls together, and it ended in both of them crying (and me almost crying too). It was a disaster. So no you’re not the only mom who struggles to get everyone to look decent in a picture!

  7. roweeee Post author

    I’m sorry, Catherine but I automatically laughed when I read your comment…out of empathy more than anything else. The funny thing is that was the official photographer at my kids’ primary school for 7 years and had other people’s kids jumping in front of me to pose and were such extroverts. My daughter was very shy before she started school and I could barely take her photo and she cried when she saw Santa. We have those photos and they’re more honest than a forced smile. ONe Christmas I’d queued up for an hour in a big department store in Sydney, which has all the Christmas window displays and she refused. No, she asks me why she wasn’t in the photo!

  8. roweeee Post author

    My daughter is definitely having me smiling because she’s always surprising me. I took up the violin with her 4 years ago and while I’ve continued albeit slowly, she has had 2 false starts and arrived home from school the other day saying she was joining the school’s string group. The violin left a few days later not to return and is now up in her classroom.
    Today, she arrived home announcing she’d joined the school band and was playing a brass instrument starting with B. I couldn’t think of anything and from her description pictured s0mething huge. How are you going to get that to and from school on the train? I don’t know how I became the voice of reason when I’m such an impractical dreamer! Anyway, rang my husband who has suggested the Bugle. That at least sounds manageable.
    My daughter is really tiny and petite…classic ballerina. So, the thought of her lugging something huge like a Euphonium on the train, was a concern. By the way, she also does 3 forms of dance.
    JUst thinking about all her activities makes me tired but this new selective class really seems to be encouraging her so much.
    Take care and I’ll catch up for coffee over the weekend.
    xx Rowena

  9. trentpmcd

    You know how I feel about music, so it is all great. A Baritone is a small Euphonium, a bit bigger than a trumpet but not huge like a tuba. It would be much more practice than a bugle. But it is great – brass, strings and 3 forms of dance. A lot of music and exercise!
    Have a great week!

  10. roweeee Post author

    Thanks for filling me in on the Baritone. I listened to this performance of The Swan and loved it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rV2ZwyGdY8
    My cousin plays The Swan beautifully on the cello. I can scratch out the first bit on my violin and we’ll see how Miss goes on the Baritone.
    I’m glad the teacher discussed this with her without my involvement because I would have discouraged her from taking up what seems to be such a large instrument when she’s so small. She weighs something like 25 kgs so I can’t help wondering if the Baritone is something like half her height. However, I’m sure you’ve seen small dogs take on the big ones so I’m not going to let her size interfere with her dreams. She had wanted to play the trumpet but there weren’t enough to go round.
    I wonder what she’s going to be up to next.
    Meanwhile, I have no idea what my son’s doing on Minecraft. He has a friend from school and they seem to skype each other and play. That’s total beyond me. I get lost too easier and killed by creepers.
    Hope you have a great week too!
    xx Rowena

  11. Corina

    Getting everyone to smile at the same time is quite an accomplishment for any picture, let alone a first day of school picture! Kudos!

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