More Caffeine Required!

If we were having coffee, I’d begin by introducing you to my new friend and additional blogging mascot. Name yet to be finalised, but “Bluey” seems appropriate. That’s what you call a red headed bloke in Australia. Or , at least that was in back the good old days. Its grey fur seems to have a bluish tinge, which being Australian, would make him “Red” not “Blue” but Bluey suited him better.

I adopted Bluey from a fancy shop in Kirribilli in Sydney. The shop is right next door to my dentist and so I always go in there for a bit of yin and yang. A bit of pain upstairs, a bit of pleasure downstairs. Makes perfect sense to me!

Absolute pain when the credit card comes in!

Just to put you in the picture, I should point out that Kirribilli is on the Northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and my dentist is in a very similar location to the dentist in Finding Nemo. It’s a stunning location with magnificent harbour views, quaint 19th Century terrace houses and cafes, gift shops etc. Indeed, both the Prime Minister’s and the Governor General’s Sydney residences are just around the corner. Moreover, if you were in a really bad mood, you could throw a rock across Sydney Harbour and straight though a window at the Sydney Opera House. Well, only in your dreams but it would make for an exciting game of front yard cricket.

We are all slowly settling into the new school year and Geoff went back to work…all a rude shock to the system! Our daughter has taken up the violin again given the prospect of playing at the Sydney Opera House with the school. She also joined the school band and has taken up theย  Baritone Horn, which is a small euphonium. This is in addition to her usual thing of doing dance and choir at school. Oh, she also does jazz, ballet and modern dance out of school. Not sure how all of this will go. Meanwhile, our son is settling into high school. Even though we live near the beach in a non-rural setting, the school has quite an accomplished agriculture farm and course and my son and many of the kids are spending breaks down there. They have done well showing their animals at the Royal Sydney Easter Show, which is a big achievement.

masked intruder

In terms of blogging this week, my train trip to the dentist produced a poem about living with adversity: The Masked Intruder. For me, that’s a rare auto-immune disease…Dermatomyositis. As you would expect, I’ve written a lot about living with this pretty intrusive disease but this really encapsulated where I’m at now. Things are going pretty well with a few residual symptoms but I’m in remission. I also wrote an accompanying post: Wrestling With Adversity.


Wrestling with Adversity.

If you are living with adversity, I encourage you to read it and perhaps you’ll feel less alone. Some times the road can seem so long and you become so exhausted that it’s hard to go on but I encourage you to keep putting one foot after the other. Persevere.


I actually read and finished a book this week. It was Max Porter’s: Grief Is The Thing With Feathers. This is a beautifully poetic book, which looks at how a father and two sons “move forward” following the death of his wife/their mother. Crow, inspired by the poem by Ted Hughes, moves into their house to help them through the worst of the grieving process. Anyway, I do intend to write more about it but I highly recommend it.


Indeed, I read two books this week. However, I kind of cheated on the second book. Rewinding back to the shop in Kirribilli, while I was buying Bluey the Koala, I also found an incredible picture book: What Do You Do With An Idea? written by Kobi Yamada and Illustrated by Mae Besom. If you have ever had a great idea which has sparked great mirth whenever you’ve shared it, this is the book for you. Just because it was written for kids, there’s no reason why us bigger people can’t benefit from it as well.


Tomorrow, my daughter and I are finally off to see Matilda The Musical together. I’m really looking forward to it.

Hope you’ve all had a great week and thanks for popping by for coffee.

I hope youโ€™ve had a great week and thank you for popping round for coffee. Itโ€™s been great to catch up. This has been part of the #WeekendCoffeeShare is a weekly linkup hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster, and here is the link.

xx Rowena


12 thoughts on “More Caffeine Required!

  1. bettylouise31

    I have a bird. One year the Community donated their excess funds to the boy and girls club here. In return gave all a,teddy bear. Presently he sits on a shelf that Kato doesn’t visit. I see you are keeping busy while you can.

  2. Anxious Mom


    And Matilda the Musical? How cool! I was just telling my husband about that book earlier this week, about how twisted it seems now that I’m an adult ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. roweeee Post author

    I’ve never read the book but will be doing so shortly. I have definitely caught the Matilda bug big time. That’s the hard thing about musical theatre versus seeing the movie. You can’t just play it again Sam…unless you’re a lot more financial than us! xx Rowena

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Monika! Isn’t that Koala fabulous!! I couldn’t resist him. He really looks like he’s OD’d on gum leaves or something stronger!

  5. herheadache

    Aw, coffee in Australia doesn’t sound half bad to me right now. Summer there, is it not? Winter here in Canada, even if it isn’t as cold as last year.
    That view you describe does sound breathtaking and I love that you compared it to Finding Nemo. Love that movie.
    Your daughter sounds very artistic and musical. I plan to start taking violin lessons for my thirty-second birthday this week, but I am terrified and wishing I had thought to start twenty years ago.

  6. Diana

    Sounds like a lovely spot in town, and Bluey seems like just the sort of fellow to represent it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hope that the musical was a lot of fun and that you have a great upcoming week!

  7. roweeee Post author

    Kerry, I so encourage you!! The first year will be hard going but do at least 30 minutes daily practice and you’ll get over what I call “beginner’s hump”. It’s such a beautiful instrument and it’s such an personal accomplishment when you can play something. To be honest, ANYTHING!!!! I struggle with my fine motor skills but I’m getting there. Good luck and keep me posted. If you type violin into my search, you’ll find some empathy from a struggling violinist. My violin sounded like screeching cockatoos for quite some time!
    I also wish I’d started a long time ago.
    The sun is beautiful here at the moment but also quite intense. The sun isn’t great for my auto-immune disease, which is photo-sensitive. Looking outside today, it looks like an oven. No doubt, it’s like your snow. Some is great but you can have too much of a good thing. Hope you have a great week xx Rowena

  8. herheadache

    It is a beautiful instrument with a beautiful sound, after getting past that hump of all the inevitable screeching I’m sure, and that is precisely why I want to learn it so badly. Thank you for the tips. I will let you know how it goes. Please pray for me.

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