Thinking time

What makes a great book? Thought you’d enjoy this great post by Sue Vincent over at Daily Echo. I also recommend reading the comments xx Rowena

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Lindisfarne Gospel

What is your criteria for a good book? Apart from wanting it to be well written and presented, what is it that you look for? Entertainment value? Information? Emotion, relaxation or a momentary escape from the humdrum round of daily life? Probably a bit of all of those, and  few other, more personal preferences too.

I read a lot. These days, not quite so avidly and with more discrimination than in the past when I would devour anything that came with words between covers. The libraries I first began frequenting as a small child were places where a thousand suns lay hidden between dusty pages, waiting for the hand and eye that would release them to blaze through the imagination.

It taught me a lot; reading across multiple genres, many eras and styles, I learned about people and the way they thought, acted and reacted. I learned about places and…

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2 thoughts on “Thinking time

  1. gaiainaction

    I also enjoy reading very much indeed. Mainly for information, but now and then some historical fiction for entertainment. I find that in fiction things can be said that one cannot bring out in non-fiction as the information is too delicate or even dangerous to tell. For that reason I sometimes read fiction and find that if the author is serious and does her research then it can be quite valuable and informative too, while being entertaining.

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