Coffee With Love!

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share and Happy Valentine’s Day. At least, it’s already Valentine’s Day here in Australia.

I don’t know what’s happened to me over the years. What now seems like many, many moons ago, I could’ve been the patron saint of Valentine’s Day and now I’ve become a cynic.

Indeed, I’ve even called for the demise of Cupid…the little rascal (and that’s being polite!)…Shooting Cupid.

What’s happened to me? Is romance really dead? Or, was I just having a bit of fun now that I’m older, wiser and not to mention married?

Most likely, it’s the fact that my husband and I will be spending Valentine’s Day driving our kids all over the countryside, instead of spending a romantic day together. I’ll be taking our daughter to a birthday party at a bowling alley and later on we’ll be taking our son to scouts for a few hours. So much for being wined and dined in some fancy, schmicko restaurant. Didn’t any o these folk realise Valentine’s Day was sacred. Or, at least it used to be!

So, what did we get up to last week?


Rowena & Miss at Matilda

Last Sunday, our daughter and I went off to see Matilda the Musical in Sydney. It was absolutely sensational. As you could imagine, I couldn’t help casting my daughter as Matilda as we watched the performance. After all,Β  she is very much like a real Matilda…small, incredibly gutsy, smart and musical. I really loved how the musical talked up being small and how it doesn’t stop you from standing up for what is right or from pursuing your dreams…becoming who you really are. You can read more here..


After Matilda, we walked back to Town Hall Station via Darling Harbour and the Queen Victoria Building. We ran into some friends and ended up having sumptuous Iced Chocolates at the Lindt Cafe at Darling Harbour. This wasn’t the location of the December 2014 terrorist attack but it still crossed my mind. How could something as yummy as Lindt ever become connected with terrorism?


Chinese New Year Lantern Sculpture, Queen Victoria Building, Sydney.

Walking through the Queen Victoria Building, we stumbled across some striking Chinese New Year decorations. You can join us on our walk here at Sydney Harbour…A rear End Perspective.


The Tiger was one of the 12 signs of the Chinese Zodiac brought to Life around Sydney.

After going to Matilda, the rest of the week was a blur of routine. I also had fairly nasty nausea and really didn’t feel well and slept a lot. I started getting concerned about what was going on and then just wondered if it was a standard virus. I seem to be getting back on deck now but I certainly freaked myself out.

The kids are enjoying their new schools and we’re working hard to establish a routine and some kind of order at home.

One afternoon, our son returned home from school really excited. He had learned how to herd pigs. I have heard the story of the Prodigal Son so many times that as much as I love pigs, the thought of my son going to school to herd pigs was a bit conflicting.

At the same time, I think the ag plot is a great ice breaker for the kids and I’m sure bonding with the animals must diffuse a bit of teenage angst. However, the ag plot is an active farm…a business. So, this meant that he was herding the pigs up for them to go to market. The next day, they were herding the pigs up for other activities, which should also improve the bottom line. He’s certainly getting an education!

Meanwhile, on Friday when I went to pick our daughter up from the station, she was lugging a black case…the Baritone Horn. She has joined the school band. She wanted to learn the trumpet but they were all taken so she’s learning the Baritone instead.


As you may appreciate, the Baritone is not a small instrument and being Mum, I couldn’t help wondering about the logistics of this instrument. How was Miss going to lug that thing to and from school on the train? Evidently, she could lift the thing but I was starting to equate it to a suitcase and I well remember the International luggage limit of 20kg. Alright, so I exaggerate. You know I’m good at that! The horn doesn’t weigh that much but it’s still heavy.

Anyway, out comes the Baritone. She plays it and I’m struck by the size of the thing versus the size of the girl and while she says it sounds like an elephant, her brother says it sounds like something else. Yes, of course, I laughed. The bad mother laughed. Just like my mother’s family laughed when her clarinet squeaked and she never played it in public again. Family might build you up but they can just as surely bring you down!


You can see some of our framed family portraits reflected in the Baritone. Looks quite intriguing and something to work on.

I’ve since photographed our budding Baratonist and discovered a new toy. I have always loved photographing reflective surfaces and the Baritone could well be a lot of fun. I know you’re probably supposed to photograph a brass instrument without reflections but they were so intriguing.

So, it’s been quite an intriguing week. I never quite know where Mum’s taxi will take me but it’s certainly been an incredible ride!

How has your week been? What have you been up to? I’m looking forward to popping round and catching up!

Thanks so much for joining me for coffee!

This has been part of the #WeekendCoffeeShare is a weekly linkup hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster.

xx Rowena
























































































































































































































































12 thoughts on “Coffee With Love!

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    ღ I think spending Valentine’s Day the way you want to makes it special, be it wining/dining, schlepping kids to fun events they’ll enjoy or angles and roses. All too often, holidays become an avenue merely to sell greeting cards. πŸ˜‰

  2. Alex Hurst

    What a fun post! The decorations in Sydney are gorgeous! I always see skyline photos, so it was really fun to see some “in the town” shots. πŸ˜€ I’m sorry you don’t get to have a romantic Valentine’s Day, though. That’s really too bad.

    (FYI, there is a ton of white space at the bottom of your post! Almost couldn’t find the comment box.)

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  4. Diana

    Looks like you had a lot of fun at Matilda, and those decorations are gorgeous!

    I’m not a huge Valentine’s Day fan either, but it does have its little pleasures. We ate pancakes in bed, but no fancy gifts or big to-do’s. Of course, for us Valentine’s Day comes in the midst of holiday-ing, as we’re usually still enjoying Mardi Gras at this point and my birthday is this week, too.

  5. Nancy

    Firstly, I must say that your daughter is simply lovely! She reminds me of a pixie. I think if she is anything like Matilda she will master that instrument in no time and take the music world by storm!

  6. roweeee Post author

    Thank you very much, Nancy. I think you’ve described her very well. It’s funny because I said to her night that she has a better chance of getting into a musical playing the Baritone than singing or dancing simply due to statistics. She is fairly quiet when she’s not yelling and it’s almost like this huge horn is giving her a voice.

  7. roweeee Post author

    Happy Birthday, Diana. Yes, I read your post over at Solveig’s and felt so excited to be able to read that first hand account. That’s what I love so much about blogging…being able to experience so much more of the world through the eyes of locals. It’s brilliant!
    Look forward to hear more about your fabulous week! xx Rowena

  8. Jennifer

    Love the picture of you and your daughter in front of the Matilda sign and the one of the pictures reflecting in the Baritone. If taking reflected pictures in brass instruments is not a thing, it should be.

  9. Robin

    Sounds like a great week. I was struck by how big the horn is next to your daughter, and I wouldn’t be able to resist photographing reflections in it, either. πŸ™‚

  10. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Jennifer. Photographing reflections is something I really love…especially when they distort. I’m looking forward to experimenting further photographing into the horn.

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