Plant the seeds of literacy

Here’s a bit of an update on one of my favourite Australian children’s book authors, Jackie French. She has such vision! xx Rowena

Norah Colvin

About this time last year, I shared my excitement when Jackie French was recognised for her “long and distinguished career as a beloved children’s author” as Senior Australian of the Year. At the time she was halfway through her two-year role as Australian’s Children’s Laureate with the task of promoting the importance and transformational power of reading, creativity and story in the lives of young Australians.

If-you-want-intelligent children

Later in the year, in a series of posts celebrating Australian picture books, I shared more of Jackie’s work.

jackie french's books

Now the roles of Children’s Laureate and Senior Australian of the Year have been passed to others. Jackie has obviously been asked what she is now going to do with all her “free” time. In her newsletter she says, “if one more person says ‘now you can relax’ if (sic) will bite them like a wombat, the snappish…

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4 thoughts on “Plant the seeds of literacy

  1. roweeee Post author

    Kath, so sorry I didn’t connect you sooner. She’s fabulous with such a passion for children’s books. She’s written a few posts about Jackie French, who I love. Also, there’s a great one about the Hungry Caterpillar.
    By the way, I recently started doing the weekly Flash Fiction challenge at Carrot Ranch. Have you ever tried this? I was quite skeptical but have had amazing results. Here’s the link:
    Hope you are having a great week. My son has to write a Haiku this week. We were talking through Haiku over dinner and had a bit of fun with it. I’ll be posting that in the next day or so. I came off second best. xx Ro

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