Mother & Son…A Replay.

It’s not a wonder that parents of young children are tired. The real wonder is how they keep going at all.

When you take a closer look at this stunning, professional quality photo taken by my nearest and dearest, you will catch a glimpse on a harness on our Little Man. This wasn’t something we used often but with a very active toddler at a waterfront wedding and a very talkative mother, it was mandatory.

He had so much energy!


Little Man trying to escape.

For better or worse, that was now 11 years ago. A few weeks ago, he started high school.

A lot of water’s passed under the bridge…

xx Rowena

16 thoughts on “Mother & Son…A Replay.

  1. Norah

    Delightful pic, Rowena. It really captured the moment. Now we just have to learn how to capture the energy and store it until we really need it! 🙂

  2. roweeee Post author

    Thank you so much for putting me onto that, Merril. I am definitely going to go and see them. How incredible. You know how much I loved the diary and how Anne Frank has influenced me. I also was interested to watch an interview with Otto Frank where he mentions how he had no idea about some of Anne’s feelings. It was very sobering. he was such an incredibly wise man but I’d never want to walk in his shoes and go through that loss!

  3. roweeee Post author

    I’ve also been telling people about your snow-covered pier. It’s been really hot and for me probably Spring and Autumn are the best times of year to be outdoors when it’s not too sunny or too cold. The kids went out sailing today. My daughter finally got on a sail boat 3-4 weeks into her sailing course with cub scouts. She’s been terrified. She was out in an optimus and our son was on a Capri. quite a strong wind apparently around 20 knots I think. I have to get back out onto the water myself.
    I’m feeling a bit like you with more sun forecast as more snow. It’s actually raining at the moment so hopefully it’s cooler tomorrow. The humidity has also dropped which is a relief.
    Take care! xx Rowena

  4. Sailing a 34' Catamaran Named Chiron

    February can be have the worst weather of the year here but today we were able to get out without winter coats. It was nice not to freeze as we were about town, but there’s more snow predicted for later in the week.

    I’m glad your kids are sailing. What a great hobby to grow up with!

    This evening Charles is practicing his guitar while I research our next big sailing trip. 20 knots of wind is quite a lot for a little boat, I hope they had a great adventure and didn’t get sea sick!

    Are you familiar with Tiny Houses? Next weekend we are moving our land home into a Tiny Space, 500 sq ft, and I have been very busy with packing and sorting.

    Fair winds to you if you’re able to get out on the water!

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