Boarding the Coffee Express.

Today, we’re having a bit of a quickie. Coffee on the run. I’ll be able to have a more leisurely chat during the week when we’re not madly trying to get ready for the coming week. It’s Sunday night here and our weekend is almost over while for some of you, it’s just beginning.

Yesterday, marked the 1st Anniversary of 1000 Voices for Compassion, a blogging movement working together to nurture the very best in humanity. It rose out of terrorist attacks Paris and has subsequently supported diversity and acceptance, creating a blogging village with such a strong sense of belonging and acceptance. Here’s my anniversary post: I strongly encourage you to get involved! Be part of the change!

A few months ago, our hard drive had a serious fail and I’ve slowly been cleaning up the files. It’s been quite daunting both due to the enormity of the task but it’s also quite emotional as there is clearly a gap. Stuff is missing. Given my usual avoidance tendencies, waking up to the potential severity of the problems isn’t something I’ve wanted to face. However, I was looking for some sailing photos and ended up doing a major overhaul where I saw so many beautiful photos of the kids when they were small:


Bilbo + Amelia

School has been back for a few weeks now. While I would like to say we’ve settled into the new routine, reality is only just starting to hit. The initial novelty is being replaced with last minute homework projects and a pretty grueling schedule of activities.Yet, the chaos is lifting and I’m starting to see clear blue sky and a time where I’ll be able to put down my own roots and know what I’ll be doing this year.

This week I felt drawn to write about the need to protect the privacy of children from an unlikely source…their parents. How many blog posts and print stories have you read where parents name, photograph and then go on to discuss their private issues for all the world to see…Autism, Aspergers, bed wetting, over-eating. If anyone else put out these details about any child, they’d be in court but for some strange reason it’s okay for Mum and Dad. Odd! Why is the media paying for these stories? Read more Here.

Speaking of children, this week I also heard a beautiful song Infinite Child and had to share it and the inspiration behind it. Almost 4 months ago, a 10 year old local boy was tragically run over and died and his brother, Fletcher Pilon, sang this song as a dedication on Australia’s Got Talent.

I am still finding it odd that the weekend flies past so quickly and we’re getting ready for another week before we’ve even caught our breath. Those Summer holidays were so good. Why did they ever have to end? Yes, I know my eternal Summer would leave most of you in a Narnia-like perpetual Winter and it has been too hot here much of the time. Yet, it’s so relaxing to just be and not have to be somewhere! Not that I don’t work hard but I do like being a free spirit. Turn time off for a bit. You know how long that lasts of course…hence the fantasy!

How has your week been? What have you been up to? I look forward to popping round to catch up!

This has been part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster Part-Time Monster. Here’s the Linky.

xx Rowena





15 thoughts on “Boarding the Coffee Express.

  1. Deb

    I agree…the weekend does fly by much too fast and the work week is here before we know it. It is Sunday morning here and the weather is supposed to warm up today somewhat. I’m looking forward to spring here when our brown grass turns green!

  2. itsathought2

    I find it strange how much some parents share about their kids too.

    I guess its part of the overshare culture of the virtual world – but it feels a bit off. The kids don’t have any say. I feel like they need to be protected until they can decide for themselves.

  3. Diana

    I’ve mixed feelings about the things people reveal about parenting on the net. On the one hand, it’s good that we can talk about parenting and start make steps toward telling our complete stories, including those that aren’t so pretty. On the other hand, it is important to remember that kids are autonomous beings with their own rights to privacy and consent. It’s a delicate balance.

  4. New Journey

    All I am doing after the first cup of hot coffee is ice coffee…not as hot as your home, but in the high 80’s here….guess that’s a good thing since we are adapting to the heat and low humidity…I have been searching for moisturizing hair products, and skin products…lol I have even resorted to seeking out Yumians and asking for there advice…LOL most of them look at me like I am crazy woman…your 1000 voices for compassion is a wonderful community to be a part of….hope your Monday was fantastic…..great post….kat

  5. roweeee Post author

    I did the publicity for my kids’ school for 7 years, which had very tight media controls and I guess it was partly the contrast between what I could publish versus the parents, which made me think. I do think there need to be tighter controls about what parents can say in paid media. People like the juicy nitty gritty details but you can infer some of these without having to spell it out. I’ve just finished a memoir which was very graphic. Probably wouldn’t have bought it if I’d known up front but am pleased I read it and enjoyed it. I am not sure whether all those details were needed but it’s was a story of horrific childhood abuse and neglect and it’s hard to know how you can convey that without being explicit. We do need people who can share those grim details to prevent this sort of thing happening to kids. At the same time, it was her writing about her life not her Mum telling her story when she’s 8 years old and has no say. It’s an age-old problem juggling what to put in and what to leave out xx Rowena

  6. bettylouise31

    I am often amase as I read some of the blogs what people write. It is so easy to find someone and their personal history without all the details. Nice you locate some files of your children. Have a good week.

  7. roweeee Post author

    The worst thing about our hard drive is that my husband works in IT and I used to do marketing for a local IT company and largely wrote about the importance of backing up your data. Fortunately, my husband did salvage much of it but it had a problem with the directory so it scattered it. You can understand why I’ve been an ostrich about it! xx Rowena

  8. Melissa @ Ever Growing Farm

    Time is such a funny thing, isn’t it? I’ve found that, when I unplug, it goes by much slower than when I waste it away staring at screens…and yet, I spend so.much.time staring at screens…I fear my life is wasting away in the shadow of Facebook and whatnot 😉

    I understand your points about personal stories about children. While I find them helpful in some regards, I often cringe at the future adult who has had all of their “dirty laundry” hung out to dry without their knowledge or permission. I think one can share their experiences without sharing every dirty detail…but if rarely happens.

    Hope you have a great week, Rowena!

  9. roweeee Post author

    Yes, I totally agree. I posted my soon’s poem with his approval yesterday and he was only too happy. He wants to be “famous”. `I’m going to email friends and family the link to encourage him. I’m very proud of his efforts!
    xx Rowena

  10. roweeee Post author

    Hi Kat,
    Don’t know what’s going on with my filters but somehow a couple of your recent comments ended up in Spam. How weird is that!! You’re one of my most frequent commenters.
    I can just imagine you immersing yourself into a bath of coconut butter.
    We’ve had a big week with my daughter’s birthday and the arrival of BB8. My son had to write a poem for homework, which I’ve posted and I wrote two poems on the same topic…”Through My Window”. It was a great topic and I really enjoyed and was blown away by what he wrote as I really expected it was going to be very difficult to get him to do it and he actually can real creative flair.
    Over the weekend, we’ve been working through my daughter’s assignment with her. They really should give the parents their own questions when they provide excellent topics. She has had to write about natural disasters around the world talking about the effects and management strategies. She is 10 years old so they’re not expecting a university thesis out of it and when you’re having to write about bushfires in the Blue Mountains in Australia, earthquakes in San Francisco, tsunamis in Samoa, drought in Africa and floods in India.
    You shoud’ve seen her father and I yapping away last night and then today, I strayed across a National Geographic from 1981 covering the eruption of Mt St Helens back in 1980. That’s an awesome read.
    The Tsunami in Samoa was an interesting one. I immediately thought of the Tsunami warning system but they had an earthquake nearby and it only took 5 minutes for the Tsunami to hit so that was useless. They get so many earthquakes that don’t result in tsunamis that the locals don’t respond and move to higher ground. The very same monsoonal floods which cause homelessness etc in India is essential for agriculture so there are good and bad effects. Things are much more complex and if you are right where the action is happening, you’re probably going to be a gonner.
    There’s your education for the week. It has been very interesting.
    I wonder how kids go who don’t have parents involved in their learning? Miss said we really slowed her down but I’m also seeing that in her desire to get her work finished, she may leave out the details. This explains why she does so well on tests requiring speed but these results aren’t reflected in her classwork so much.
    I hope yu haven’t dried out to a crisp!
    xx Ro

  11. New Journey

    I love your passion for helping your kids…..your son is a gentle soul, I am not surprised that he carries the gene to write great poetry….sometimes, in my opinion, ask the kids to do the impossible for assignments, well it was that way when my kids were in school….I was like your daughter, I tried to rush through my assignments, I can remember hearing my mom telling me I am only telling half the story….I was lucky and had a mom that loved to get involved in my homework, especially true stories, she wrote one for me about Abe Lincoln, the teacher saw right through it, he wrote on the paper, mom A+, can’t remember if I got a fail or a D for being smart enough to let my mom do it….LOL my son seemed to do better when I wasn’t involved….don’t ask….a little tidbit on Mt St Helens…my mom and dad lived 7 miles as the crow flies from the Mt. they were home when it erupted….such a disaster….my dad stood on the porch and watched the huge cloud head toward them not knowing if they were going to live or die..scary for us kids who all lived far away and could only rely on the news as all phone lines were down…this was before the infamous cell phone…well I am off to read your recent post….I have been hearing on WP that a lot of people are getting spammed…I just check both places these days…electronical devices have minds of there own…LOL hope your keeping cool my friend, were in the low 90’s but no humidty…so not bad, but we do dry out…LOL more lotion…. ..xxxxKat

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