BB8… Welcome To Our World!

This week, we celebrated our daughter’s 10th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Miss!

So far the celebrations have been fairly low key as she’s just started at a new school and we’re still getting organised.


However, we did manage to get her BB8, the cute little droid from Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. He’s a fantastic toy, which you control via the touch screen on your iPad. As he glides along the floor, he babbles away in electronic gibberish, similar to R2D2. Not only that. He even writes you text messages:

“Aggressive life forms detected”…This was the dogs.

“Debris detected”. This was the waste paper bin.

“Unidentified humanoid life forms detected”…us.

“Distress signal detected”…BB8’s head had fallen off.

So, just like we welcomed Miss into the world ten years ago, this week she welcomed BB8 into her world.

I don’t know what it is about him but he’s absolutely irresistible…even to a serious technophobe like me, who still goes into daily battle with the TV remote!

Perhaps, it’s because he’s fun…loads of fun. Fun is good.

But is being “fun” enough? Don’t you need to have some sort of purpose, goals, function, destination and ideally all of the above?

I would like to think so but maybe I’ve over-rated their importance. Perhaps, I should thrown away my Clark Kent glasses, roll aimlessly across the floor while chirping incomprehensible nothings and when my sweet little head falls off, just wait for someone else to put me back together again?

Be fun-tabulous!

I don’t know.

After all, is that really how to win friends and influence people?

I didn’t think so.

However, when you compare my popularity with that of BB8, you know who’s winning and it certainly isn’t Madame Smartypants! Oh no! Not at all!

So what makes BB8 so irresistible and please don’t just tell me it’s all just marketing hype. I haven’t been anywhere near any of that !@#$ and I’ve fallen head over heels in love with the little guy.

There has to be more to it. Something deep and subliminal and also a bit sneaky so you can’t quite work it out. It’s definitely not a conscious thing. At least, not for me.

Of course, I could go and research how his carefully chosen features somehow trigger some sort of psychological response. He is small, vulnerable and his electronic mutterings do sound quite a lot like a chirping baby bird. All of this might trigger some innate urge to protect him…especially if you, like us,  have pets in the house who could well decide that he’s their kind of toy. After all, if you were a Border Collie obsessed with chasing tennis balls, wouldn’t a robotic ball just be your idea of heaven?


So, BB8 was very astute to flag the dogs as: “Aggressive life forms detected”.


Bilbo & BB8: “This is NOT a tennis ball!”

Meanwhile, my parents rang up to wish Miss a Happy Birthday. While I chatted with Dad afterwards, he mentioned how amazing it was that a kid could get a robot for their birthday. Then he added, almost apologetically, that when he was ten, we didn’t even have TV in Australia. With that comment, Dad suddenly aged and then I also remembered how the ice man used to get round in a horse and cart when he was a boy. That’s right. There weren’t electric refrigerators in Australia then either. As for computers, the closest thing could well have been the slide rule.


Miss on the phone to my parents.

I don’t remember a lot about what I received for my 10th birthday but my grandfather gave me an electric blanket for my 9th birthday. These were pretty new back in the 70s. Papa arrived at my party looking so chuffed with this huge box tucked under his arm looking like Santa (he wasn’t exactly slim!) I still remember my incredible excitement! My other grandparents used to send me $5.00 notes through the mail. $5.00 actually bought you something then!

All this reflecting wasn’t doing us any good. Although Miss was the one who’d turned a year older, it was actually my father and I who had suddenly aged, as we were brutally reminded that we’re not children anymore!

Indeed, it was far worse than that!

Somehow, we’d both become living dinosaurs…wonders to modern science.

I have no idea how this came about but it was definitely a good time for my head to fall off so I could bury it in the sand.

Another birthday? I really just don’t want to know!

How about you? Do you have any special birthday stories? Funny presents? Then and now stories? I’d love to hear them!

xx Rowena

20 thoughts on “BB8… Welcome To Our World!

  1. roweeee Post author

    Hopefully they’ll be able to animate me by then. hat may take quite a few wires and electrodes I suspect and even a remote control!

  2. Lisa Hill

    I loved reading this, it reminded me of my son’s birthday many, many years ago when we were buying him Star Wars merchandising from the very first film. He would have loved a BB8, perhaps he still might liked one now…he’s still got a playful sense of humour:)

  3. Norah

    I would love one of those robots! Sounds awesome! I guess if you want to find a purpose it might be in the way it’s controlled by the iPad, but what’s wrong with some fun! You can’t have too much fun, I always say. If you not having fun; well, you should be! Is my grandson’s seventh birthday in September too long to wait? Maybe. I’ll have to think about it.
    For my tenth birthday I got a baby brother (born 4 days before my birthday so Mum was still in hospital with him, no going home on Day 1 back then!) and a book of “Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass”, which I didn’t like. Dad made a big pot of cocoa which was shared with my brothers and sisters and a friend from the neighbourhood. My grandfather, I can’t remember if he was staying with us at the time, had told me how exciting it was to reach double digits. I hadn’t thought about it before then.
    What a wonderful milestone for you all. The bigger the number the better the celebration. Enjoy! 🙂

  4. roweeee Post author

    You are never too old for BB8. He is fabulous. I can even operate him. Well, at least somewhat. I’m sure your son would still love it. He must be somewhere around my age. I am 46 and still remember going to the first one which was simply Star Wars and didn’t have a number.

  5. New Journey

    I have to be honest, when you wrote to me you mentions BB8…I had no frigin idea what you meant, so started my imagination…LOL babyboy8, did she mean BBC?, big better (at) 8, then I finally googled it and the only thing that came up was the Star Wars robot…I thought surely she didn’t mean that….LOL well you did and it sounds like fun…nothing wrong with having fun in our life….and my on my can kids birthdays age us…LOL my baby is 29!! my youngest niece just turned 12!! where does the time go…one minute were the youngest, next were the oldest….and you beautiful daughter is absolutely gorgeous at 10 ! My mom and dad lived through the great depression in there youth.. then Hitler, they too had ice delivered on wagons put in the ice closet, grew all there own food, and butchered the meat they ate…shopping was something for toilet paper and basic needs…I remember the old wringer washers…churns for ice cream and butter….oh my I am aging myself…LOL Happy Birthday little Miss….you did good mom!!! xxkat

  6. Lisa Hill

    Yes, he is! Star Wars was the first film I ever took him to, and he stood up at the end and clapped (which people didn’t do at the pictures in those days). I have remained a Star Wars in all the years since then and The Spouse and I have just watched the entire series on DVD so that we are ‘au fait’ for when we get round to seeing the latest one. (We are readers not movie-goers, so we are not very good at remembering to go to see things we are interested in. But we will see it on DVD if it ceases screening before we get there).


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  9. Nancy

    BB8 is super cute and I think just being fun is good enough! Your daughter is pretty cute too. Love her freckles. I am also feeling nostalgic looking at your phone with a cord!
    As for birthday memories, my bday is a week before Christmas so the memories are all mixed together as a kid. My most favorite grown up birthday was the year Hubby and I turned 40 and our families gave us a cruise to Bermuda!! It’s been pretty hard to top that.

  10. roweeee Post author

    Wow, Nancy! That cruise sounds incredible. That would be hard to beat!!
    By the way, I have a couple of old phone for nostalgic purposes. I bought a 1940’s bakelite phone like the one my grandparents had and a 1970s one with the rotary dial. I still use a phone with a cord in addition to our cordless phones so there is always a phone we can find and access. Things at our place get a bit crazy!
    xx Rowena

  11. Nancy

    I love that. I wish I still had my mom’s old dial phone (although I wouldn’t want to actually have to call someone on it. Those dial phones were torturous!)

  12. Minuscule Moments

    Rowena I saw that little guy in the shops and thought he would make a lovely present, maybe for my sons 12 birthday coming up. I catch myself saying all the time how lucky our kids are. The stuff they get and the things they can play with are amazing. I wonder though for us oldies, did we have to use our imagination a little more with out toys and games than these kids do? Anyway I guess they still get inspired buy technology and some marvellous companies are making lots of money off us.

  13. roweeee Post author

    Kath, your son would love it. He is fantastic. However, if he is quite rough with his toys, Ollie is a better option. He’s pretty indestructible. We looked at a few online videos and let the kids decide.. Our son went or Ollie and our daugter initially went for Sphereo as it;s waterproof but after seeing the Star Wars movie, chose BB8. Hope you are having a great week. It’s been pouring here and the road the high school is in floods. I never thought driving our son around the corner to school would be a challenge. Meanwhile, yesterday arvo, our daughter missed the school bus so that was an unplanned trip to Wyong. Fun! Parenthood comes with some unexpected challenges! xx Ro

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