Poem: Night Music.

Outside my window,

there is no moon.

Through midnight’s murky darkness,

the branches twist and turn,

sharing their whisperings,

rousing me from the very depths

of sleep.

I hear voices.

There’s somebody out there.


The leaves are rustling,

whispering their precious secrets.

Something important

or perhaps it’s just

some silly shopping list.


Yet, in the wind,

their chattering sounds serious.

Forgetting all about the leaves,

I can not sleep.

I can not sleep a wink.

The shadows are growing

larger and larger.

Infused with evil,

they’re haunting and tormenting me.

Drawing closer and closer,

they’re now whispering in my ear:
“We’ve got you now!”

Their putrid, rotting breaths

sticking to my skin like toxic slime

I can not peel off.


On the very brink of death,

I run,

diving into Mummy and Daddy’s bed.

An impenetrable fort

immune from all beasts.

I am safe at last.


The beast deflates.


It was all just branches

dancing in the wind,

brushing against my window pane…

night music.

Our son had to write a poem for English at school…”Through My Window”. He’s about to turn 12 and is in his first month of High School. As much I have been thinking about this exercise to try and help him, I also appreciated the topic myself. It was an excellent writing prompt.

There are so many different perspectives he could pursue. I know he actually loves going to sleep with the curtains open so he can watch the sunset but when he was younger and the wind was blowing  through the tree out the front, he would think someone was out there and get scared…a natural reaction for young kids. I still get scared myself in big storms when all sorts of things go bump and thump in the wind and the house feels like its about to fly of to the Land of Oz.

There is a fig tree growing outside his window. It’s an overgrown pot plant the kids call their climbing tree. They have shared occupancy with a succession of native pigeons who have nested there. A few years ago when the kids were about 6 and 4 they ran inside each carrying a baby bird saying they needed to look after them. I promptly told them that’s what the birds had parents for. Obviously birds can’t look after their own young…!

For two days, we were feeding those baby birds while trying to re-home them with their parents. While it was kind of fun and an experience we’ll never forget, I was so stressed trying to make sure those baby birds didn’t die and somehow made it back to Mum and Dad. We even stuck their flimsy nest in an ice cream container when we put it back in the tree. I remember waiting and waiting for any sign of their parents and listening out for their “coo”. It really was incredibly stressful.

Eventually, our story had a happy ending, although it seemed to take forever. Here’s the full story here:

Pigeons still nest in that tree and you can see the parents nesting through our son’s bedroom window.

xx Rowena


9 thoughts on “Poem: Night Music.

  1. roweeee Post author

    He was quite definite about it being golden. I was talking with him about possible similes and got nowhere. I haven’t heard of M R James’s ghost story ‘The Ash Tree’ Is it good? How long is it? xx Rowena

  2. Norah

    Lovely poem. Is it yours or son’s? Smiled especially at the part about jumping into Mum and Dad’s bed, “impenetrable fort, immune to all beasts” (unless Mum and Dad are scared too).
    I enjoyed the story about the baby birds too. I’m pleased it had a happy ending. Not all creatures want their babies back after being “contaminated” by humans!
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Hi Norah,
    That was my poem but I’ve since posted his poem along with a post about my daughter’s birthday and the arrival of BB8…the Star Wars robot, which has won our hearts.
    I’ve since found a post I wrote about the baby birds at the time: https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2013/03/12/bird-rescue/
    I also thought you’d appreciate this post about when a bird flew into our house and got stuck and was flapping nad flapping it’s wings totally freaking me out. Here’s the link:
    Hope you have a great weekend. I am having trouble sleeping at night and have reverted back to sleeping during the day. It’s so peaceful after every one has gone to bed.
    Tonight Geoff and I were looking up things for our daughter’s project and she wanted to be left alone. It was all about natural disasters and Geoff and I both loved geology and who doesn’t love fire? She said she’s never going to finish it with our input and even though she’s grasping the complexity, she is in Year 5 not at university. I am also wanting her to expand her thinking and flesh things out a bit, which her teacher mentioned to me last year. I’ll have to behave myself tomorrow.

  4. Norah

    I have since seen the post with your son’s poem and realised this one was yours. It is still lovely. I’ll try to get to those other posts soon. Thanks for linking to them.
    I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble sleeping. It must be all that homework keeping you awake! 🙂 I hope things settle down for you soon. It is lovely to be able to work, or think, at night without any distractions.
    Take care. Have a great weekend.

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