Clouds! Camera! Action!

Last stop…Scouts. Next stop…dinner?

Well, maybe not.

While Mum’s Taxi could’ve stayed parked in the driveway, instead it was reversing back out again and darting off to the beach. Never very good at sticking with routine, I was being led astray by forces beyond my control.


The Magic of Clouds.

The clouds made me do it.

As I was driving home from dropping our daughter at Cub Scouts, I’d spotted massive clouds on the horizon and I just had to capture the magic. It was right on sun set and anticipating the magic, my imagination was already painting incredible pictures.

That morning, we’d had incredibly heavy rain and localised flooding. So, the clouds promised to be good.

I popped home to pick up my camera.

“No, Mummy! Don’t go!” My son pleaded. “The last time you went, it hailed.”

Hail? Why did he have to mention the hail?!!

dog in the storm

The hail storm was about to hit. Not a good time to walk the dog. This wasn’t one of ours!

Although I didn’t want to think about the hail storm, revisiting my past sins could well prevent me from repeating past mistakes.

You see, today wasn’t the first time I’d spotted superlative clouds while driving around in Mum’s Taxi.

Indeed, after spotting these clouds while picking the kids up from school, I just ducked down to the beach for a few minutes with the camera. These clouds were too good to miss and I really thought I had a chance at capturing the big one. That mighty shot which makes even your most incredible photos look ordinary. This is the photographer’s equivalent of catching that prized marlin as eulogized in Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea.

In other words, it was NOT to be missed!

Having been caught out in thunderstorms with my camera before, I was being careful. As soon as I felt a huge raindrop fall on my shoulder, I immediately headed for the car. However, I hadn’t banked on the speed of the storm. It was already too late. I’d only just made it to the car when the storm hit. Hauled up in my tin can, the windscreen bore the full force of the storm’s brutal full-frontal assault. Yet, somehow it withstood the incessant pounding and I survived. While the hail was still falling, I decided to make a run for it and drove gingerly home through an icy wonderland to reach the kids. Our entire town was blanketed in ice.

By the way, we live just North of Sydney where it’s hot and we don’t get ice and snow! So, this weather was exceptionally exceptional!

I couldn’t believe how a quick five minute photo shoot at the beach had turned into a near catastrophe. However, the worst was still to come. The hail had pelted straight through our back roof like machine gun fire and it was now leaking like a sieve. Of course, this had to be the roof to my office and my PC was swimming through the rain and hail with the mouse in hot pursuit. The kids were extremely stressed as well and I had to do some quick thinking to keep our son from heading up a ladder to “fix” the roof. Thank goodness volunteers from the State Emergency Service came to the rescue and put up a tarpaulin. Angels come in an amazing range of guises!

So, when Mr J had concerns about me bringing on another hail storm, there was motive to his madness. Indeed, I’d told the kids that if I ever tried going cloud chasing again, stop me. I was starting to appreciate that once I’d seen all those billowing clouds, all reason disappeared. Under their spell, all I could do was blindly follow.


So without any further ado, I was off. My entire gripped with potential! I could sense the magic in the air.

Clouds! Camera! Action!

The clouds didn’t disappoint. Huge, towering castles of whipping meringue, they floated majestically above the beach, staring at their glamorous reflections in the shallows. I wonder if they loved their own reflections as much as I did?


They were absolutely mesmerizing and I didn’t have to ask if you could fall in love with a cloud.

I already knew!


Of course, all too soon, the light was fading transforming their brilliance into a world of silvery shadows, infusing their night music with Neptune’s melodies.

I wondered if Endymion and Diana were about to embrace but it was time to go.

Just one minor detail…was our dinner burning?

xx Rowena

PS I loved those clouds SO much, I couldn’t resist going back again this morning.The stream was produced by the storm, showing just how heavy the rain has been!

DSC_0094b morning

The Morning After, Ocean Beach.




21 thoughts on “Clouds! Camera! Action!

  1. Lori Carlson

    Spectacular cloud shots, Rowena! OMGoodness they are gorgeous! And that last one of the stream on the beach.. wow.. that must have been some storm! Isn’t Mother Nature awesome?!

  2. Deb

    The clouds are gorgeous and I have the same passion for them, only I don’t go running to the beach as I don’t have a beach close by….so I go out in the yard and capture them, especially at sunrise and sunset.

  3. roweeee Post author

    Clouds are amazing,aren’t they!! So serene. I’m not much of a morning person so I tend to specialise more in sunset shots! Hope you’re having a good week xx Rowena

  4. Norah

    Gorgeous cloud photos, Rowena. But oh, that hail! We could do without that! You were brave to go cloud chasing again.

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Norah. I’m just a sucker for clouds. It’s like the pied piper is calling me and before I’ve even considered the ramifications, I’m gone. I’ve reblogged a few posts tonight which you’d love. This bogger has written a series of interviews with animals which raise issues about how humans treat them. Very good.
    Had my daughter’s birthday party. I tell you an entire fleet of angels was looking after this. We ended up with 12 kids and they all hit it off well and had a ball. No cooking, a bit of house cleaning as my parents were coming back and so easy. I used to cook everything…my goodness! As much as I loved all of that, the stress is incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever told you about the curse of the birthday cake. I’m a great cook but I have a knack of stuffing up birthday cakes. It’s the birthday cake curse. So good to be let off the hook. This should really help her and the other kids settle into their new class and I met a few of the parents too. Small steps but they’re gaining momentum. Hope you’re having a great weekend xx Rowena

  6. New Journey

    Nothing by magic in those clouds…absolutely beautiful pictures….these are definitely worthy of framing….and I love the kids…no mom please don’t…….love it….kat

  7. Norah

    Thanks Rowena. Hopefully I”ll get to a few more of your posts during the week.
    I’m sorry to hear about the birthday cake curse. There must be a story or two in there!
    I’m pleased the birthday celebrations went well and that you are all feeling more a part of the school community. It would have been lovely for Miss to have grandparents there to celebrate too.
    The weekend is gone now. Enjoy the week. A long weekend coming up, and then the school holidays! Already!

  8. Pingback: Much More Coffee Required. | beyondtheflow

  9. roweeee Post author

    I definitely need a break but I’m not sure whether the school holidays were quite it. Our school holidays don’t tack onto Easter this year. We have a few more weeks to go.
    Another week starts tomorrow but a quieter week xx Rowena

  10. Norah

    I am a bit out of touch with school holidays now. Queensland holidays follow Easter this year. They are usually tacked on. I can think of only once when they didn’t. Enjoy. Relax. 🙂

  11. roweeee Post author

    Just hopped through the supermarket buying Easter Eggs. Yum! I’d imagine your grandchildren are looking forward to it.
    Not relaxing yet. Son couldn’t find any of his school books or PE uniform this morning and was in a real fuddle. I had to drive my daughter to her violin lesson so he was still here when I got back. I stopped off for coffee and cake after dropping him off. Could have had something much stronger but I very rarely drink and drinking during the day unless you’re socialising does seem a bit desperate.

  12. Norah

    It does sound like you may have needed some desperate measures though. Well done you for using restraint! I hope the rest of the day went well and you didn’t need to scoff all of those Easter eggs at once!

  13. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much. I got caught out in that storm and was parked down by the beach in my car when the hale hit. It was intense and was about 10 cm deep. I arrived home to find the room on the back of the house had smashed and we needed to get emergency services to put up a tarp. Quite an adventure.
    xx Rowena

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