“What a World, What a World,” cried the Wicked Witch~

Welcome to the wonderful world of Butterflies in a Northern Spring. Beautiful!

Thank you Cindy Knoke for this incredible insight. I absolutely love butterflies and would just love to shrink so I could perch on top of their wings and fly!

Maybe one day!

xx Rowena

Remember, she said this when she was melting. (Orange Julia)

She was too selfish,
to care about anything beyond herself (Orange Julia, Blue Morpho, Cydno Longwing)
and so she melted. (Side-Striped Hairstreak)
Poor wicked witch.
She could never find joy in a butterfly. (Monarch, Longwing)
Joy finds those, (Postman)
who care about nature, (Gulf Fritillary)
and all her creatures. (Cattleheart)
May our beautiful butterfly world bring joy to you~ (Starry Night Cracker)

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10 thoughts on ““What a World, What a World,” cried the Wicked Witch~

  1. New Journey

    they are beautiful….were all these in your back yard?? We have a bright beautiful yellow one fluttering around these days….it is such a contrast to the brown sand, green cacti and the beautiful red bougainvillea that grows wild around here….but that is the only one I have seen….thanks for sharing…happy weekend to you my friend….xxxxkat

  2. roweeee Post author

    Yes, I was definitely in love!!
    By the way, I read a book during the week about therapy dogs and thought Lady might make a good therapy dog, she’s pretty mellow most of the time. She joined us at my daughter’s birthday party yesterday at a local cafe and the kids adored her. They were leading her around until at one point she looked very confused and remembered when she said hello to us and thought she was off for a walk and a drive and ended up on a permanent holiday. One boy was trying to walk her around and she just sat down next to Geoff and that was that. I also think she was a bit out of kilter without Bilbo there. WE didn’t take him because he’s more introverted and not always friendly. He might be the brains of the operation but Lady is the socialite. Hope you’ve had a great week xx Rowena

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    No doubt Lady would be a welcome love visiting patients or ‘reading’ to kids. Assuming the snow melts quickly, it’ll end up being a marvey week-the wind is no longer blowing! ❤

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