Theme Reveal: Blogging A-Z April Challenge


April was so far away

like a distant star in remote galaxy.

But time has flown

faster than an eagle

and now the theme reveal

was yesterday!

While I’m still beavering away on other projects, April has snuck up behind me like a thief in a dark alley and grabbed me by the throat.

“What is your theme?” It asks in its menacing, threatening tone.

“But it’s not April yet,” I reply.

“What is your theme?”It repeats, more forcefully. There is no way out.

Feeling like a kid bluffing their way through a half-concocted assignment, I’m trying to request an extension but time waits for no one…especially dithering writers who are trying to rise above their station with seemingly clever theme ideas which don’t quite come off.

I mean, let’s be honest here. Who really has a bone fide, stimulating and equally riveting subject for each and every letter of the alphabet? You can’t all tell me that you have something riveting planned for x and z and that you don’t have at least one “forced” or dreary consolation “prize” just so you can conform to the rules and deliver!

Inspired by the iconic movie Dead Poet’s Society and Rilke’s Letters to Young Poet, my theme is:

Letters to Dead Poets.

Although to be fair, I couldn’t leave out two brilliant Australian poet’s and philosophers who are very much alive…Michael Leunig and Nan Whitcomb. Moreover, just to be difficult, I also added in an artist who I believe very much had the soul of a poet…Vincent Van Gogh. So, you could say that I’m cheating or that my theme should really read:

Letters to Dead Poets With Exceptions.

I have also chosen a bit of flexibility when it comes to fitting these characters into the alphabet.

You see, strictly adhering to the rules has never been my thing. My criterion for these poets, rather, is that they have had a significant impact on my life at some point, helping to make me the person I am today. That they have spoken to me. Not just in a cerebral sense but deep inside, like a watchmaker breathing life into those secret inner parts and making me tick or at least keep ticking often during some very challenging times when it was tempting to give up. These poets were my personal friends, mentors, motivators and life savers. As such, they were too good to be kept to myself. They had to be shared.

At this point, the project is still rather fluid. I don’t want to fence it in. Rather, I want to see where it takes us because it really could take us somewhere very exciting. After all, when you immerse yourself in the words and ideas of some of the greatest poets and thinkers of all time, you have to emerge changed in some way. It’s a must.

So, I ask you to join me on this unchartered, experimental journey back through the poets who helped make a poet…just like grain upon grain of sand being deposited on a river bed, their words and ideas have accumulated, been inhaled through my eyes and planted somewhere deep in my soul, sprouting leaves and roots which have grown up into my own voice.

I still don’t know how it’s all going to work out but please come a along for the journey!

xx Rowena





21 thoughts on “Theme Reveal: Blogging A-Z April Challenge

  1. roweeee Post author

    Thanks so much, Ula. I am a bit concerned I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. My idea is to immerse myself into each of these poets and I’m counting on inspiration. As much as I coouold write facts about them, I really wanted to take more of an unstructured approach. Let them and the moment move my pen, which is very unlike me but I’ve done a few things like this before and they worked surprisingly well. I am currently reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book on creativity and it really encourages this type of thing. I’ll pop round and check out your theme xx Rowena

  2. Michelle Wallace

    Letters to Dead Poets? Wow. Interesting. You’ve piqued my curiosity… 🙂
    I’m eager to see how this unfolds.
    (I also read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book…it’s fabulous!)

    I’m showcasing blogger books & book reviews…plus there will be loads of giveaways!
    See you around on the A to Z circuit!
    Writer In Transit

  3. roweeee Post author

    Sabina, I got stuck into writing the posts yesterday and it has way exceeded my expectations. I came up with the idea about 3 months ago and aside from writing the list of poets, hasn’t got started, despite wanting to have all the posts ready beforehand. Last year, I wrote them each day and in addition to reading other posts, it was too intense. I’m now just under halfway. I thought each post would gain a momentum of it’s own but couldn’t be sure until I got started. I definitely could not have planned the results and I can’t wait to see what continues to unfold.
    Take care xx Rowena
    PS Go see Dead Poets Society. I had to buy the DVD. That movie was so me!

  4. Nilanjana Bose

    hello, here from the A-Z reveal and must say your take is unique and truly creative. Will be stopping by in April..all the best for the challenge

    Ninja Minion, A-Z 2016

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  6. roweeee Post author

    Hi Nilanjana. Thanks so much for popping by and the encouragement. Sorry that it’s taken me so long to reply to your lovely comment but I’ve had technical difficulties assessing my comments. How is the challenge going for you? We’re just over halfway and I’m thinking the next half of the alphabet is going to be a bit easier but I haven’t prepared as many of the posts. So, easing up is looking like wishful thinking.
    Take care!
    xx Rowena

  7. roweeee Post author

    Hi Michelle. Not sure if I replied to this comment or not. How are you finding the challenge so far? We’re just over half way and I think I’ll be lucky if the family are still talking to me at the end of it. I think I’ve been classed as a ghost.
    xx Rowena

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