Happy Easter: Church, Chocolate, Coffee!

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share and we wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Easter!

It’s already Sunday here in Australia. Would you mind please waiting for a minute. I’ve been to Church. Had a coffee but I need to bite into the Cadbury Crunchie Bunny that’s calling my name. Actually, that might be the other way round. After all, if I  was a chocolate Easter rabbit I wouldn’t be calling out to get eaten. Oh no! I’d quietly exit stage left without making a sound.

Yum! That’s soooo good. Nothing like biting a bunny’s ear off, although now that my daughter has live rabbits in her class room,  I’m supposed to be nice to rabbits. This is a crisis of conscience for me. As much as I love those cute fluffy bunnies as individuals, as a species, they’re not my friends. They’ve done catastrophic damage to the Australian landscape and are a pest. They do not belong here.

So what are you doing over Easter?

lady and Easter Egg

What do you mean I’m only after your Easter Egg?

So, far we’ve been hibernating. I was going to try to work in some kind of scientific or technical term for hibernation but while reading through Google, I only confused myself and thought I’d better stick to plain English. Being Australian, hibernation is a foreign concept. That is unless you include falling asleep on the beach, which could be re-classed as suicide these days. People have been hospitalised for sunburn after falling asleep on the beach. In the longer term, Melanoma loves Australians and looking at the way Aussies bake themselves, the feeling is mutual.


Oops! I almost forgot to mention that we went for an afternoon beach walk yesterday with the dogs. It was so good and I don’t know why I don’t get down there every day like I used to. It was right on sunset and while the sun doesn’t set over the water here, it was still very serene. We also came across three baby bronze whaler sharks lying on  the sand, which had been caught. We kept the dogs out of the water, not that they needed to be told. Lady occasionally goes for a brief swim but Bilbo not only stays out of the water himself. He also barks out to other dogs who are swimming and tries to round them up out of the water…without getting his own paws we…of course!


The kids at the beach- Easter 2016.

This week, I’ve been preparing for the Blogging A-Z April Challenge. My theme is: Letters to Dead Poets. Like so many participants, April has crept up behind me and grabbed me by the throat when I was busy elsewhere. So, this week I’ve been head down, bum up and hard at it.

So, you could say it’s been an intense week but a rewarding one because a these letters are now becoming a book and I’ll put more abridged versions up for the challenge as these posts need to be a quick read. After all, the challenge is more of a blog fest where fidelity has nothing to do with trying to get around as many blogs as possible hoping some of these relationships will become an ongoing concern.

Are you taking part in the A-Z Challenge? If so, please let me know in the comments and provide a link through to your theme reveal. Here’s a link to mine.

Tomorrow, we’re all heading off to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I’m really looking forward to it. This is the first time we’ve taken the kids to the Show.

Going to The Show was such a part of my childhood and I went every year without fail when it was out at the Sydney Showground which was out at the Sydney Cricket Ground. There are so many memories out there of the laughing clowns, Kewpie Dolls (which my husband just called crappy dools…Gee! No respect!) Dagwood dogs, Showbag Hall and walking around looking at animals and cattle, dogs, horses and seeing all those Christmas cakes and incredible embroidery. I can’t wait but at the same time, it’s going to be a huge day. It’s tiring for anyone but when you have a small engine, big events are daunting.


Bilbo is not so sure about the kids’ engineering exploits. “Hey, trying to fight the ocean is futile guys!”

So, how was your week? I hope you’re had a great one!

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Part Time Monster and you can click here for the “Linky“.

Love & Easter Blessings!


PS Just found a great article: Life Lessons of a Speeding Train.



16 thoughts on “Happy Easter: Church, Chocolate, Coffee!

  1. merrildsmith

    Hope you enjoyed your Cadburry bunny! 🙂 Your seaside walks look lovely. Spring has arrived, and everything is blooming here.
    I’m trying to catch up on my own work and other’s blog posts–sooooo behind on both!

  2. roweeee Post author

    I know what you mean about being behind. I’ve just sort of exited, which isn’t much of a solution but so many writers talk abut the need for solitude. That said, I’ve been working away surrounded by Geoff, the kids, dogs, chocolate and all sorts of noisy chaos. Good luck with catching up! xx Rowena

  3. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Betty Louise. The bunny still has his legs left but I doubt there will be much left after tomorrow. I really love walking by the ocean and listening to the waves and just absorbing the sea air and sunshine.
    Hope you are keeping well xx Rowena

  4. roweeee Post author

    You too. We’ve actually had some rain over the last two weeks and our grass is actually green. I can’t believe it!! No doubt Spring is blooming over there. Happy Easter xx Rowena

  5. Barbara In Caneyhead

    Fun to compare the different ways we celebrate Easter. We attended a play at church, ate dinner with the church afterwards and then there was an Easter egg hunt for all the kiddos.
    Should go on a rabbit hunt and smother fry some of those little pesties!
    Revisit the Tender Years with me during the #AtoZChallenge at Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

  6. Nancy

    Thank you for the Easter wishes. I am making my coffee rounds a little late because of my busy holiday (25 guests for dinner)! I hope you don’t mind. Your Cadbury bunny sounds yummy. Personally, I have Cadbury eggs that keep calling to me from the pantry. They won’t be there long.😉 I am taking part in the A to Z and while I haven’t done an official reveal yet, my theme is “Literary Women” a fun little jaunt through all my favorite female book characters. Admittedly, “X” will be a challenge! Enjoy your week and the Royal Easter Show!

  7. roweeee Post author

    Thanks for stopping by, Nancy. Take it from me, you’re not late. I’m still to pop through the coffee posts. I thought it was bad form to do too much blogging on Easter Sunday and yesterday we went to the Royal Sydney Easter Show. That was fantastic but so much walking and the crowds were full-on. We had the best fun on the Dodge Ems as well as checking out so many thanks. I have so much to post.
    Your A-Z topic sounds great and I’ll do my best to follow. I’m going to need to do up a list of blogs I’m following. X is well served with Chinese surnames and I have used it to refer to a very famous author and I found out he writes poetry. That was X enough for me…unknown.
    Take care and I hope you have a great week and you get through your challenge posts without too much stress. Mine have been quite intense but after a few days off, I’m going to approach things a bit differently. Abridge things for the challenge. Take care and thanks for popping by!
    xx Rowena

  8. roweeee Post author

    I’ll pop round during the Challenge, Barbara. I’ve never eaten anything other than chocolate rabbits. HOwever, our younger dog, Lady, came to us from a farm and she found a dead rabbit by the road and she skinned and ate it with great skill. Obviously, not her first rabbit meal! xx Rowena

  9. Robin

    I did not know that Cadbury Crunchie Bunnies exist and now that I do, I must have one. I indulge in the Cadbury Caramel Eggs which are seasonal and disappear after Easter (at least around here). Thank you for the walk on the beach and the coffee. It was lovely. I have been considering the A-Z Challenge and did come up with a theme I’d like to explore, but it may have to wait until next year. This April is shaping up to be a busy month, I think.

  10. roweeee Post author

    Robin, sounds like you and I both have a similar sweet tooth. I love the Cadbury Caramel Eggs too.
    It’s hard to juggle these challenges with real life and regular writing. When so many people are taking part, it’s hard not to feel pulled along by the tide but you are need to do what’s right for you and at your own time. So many people were taking up the NanProMo last November but it’s the end of our school year here and Summer and not heading into Winter and it’s probably our busiest time of year. So, I gave it a miss. Sometimes, you just need to let yourself off the hook.

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