A Reply from Lewis Carroll #atozchallenge

There I was eating my Weetbix with its usual smattering of Pooh Bear’s honey, when a letter arrived on a silver tray. I must be getting used to strange happenings because I didn’t batter an eyelid, when the postman was a fish!

Of course, I knew straight away that the letter could only be from Lewis Carroll.

With most of us being bears of little brain, especially first thing on a Monday morning, I should probably recap. Even I am starting to forget which question I asked what poet. I hope that all makes grammatical sense. As I said, it’s first thing on Monday morning. No further explanation required…just more caffeine!

I asked Lewis Carroll about whether children should be allowed to go on such dangerous adventures, especially all by themselves without a responsible adult. Even though Alice’s adventures in Wonderland all turned out to be a dream, surely even such dreams are dangerous in themselves and should be discouraged! I’m sure some would even argue that dreaming should be banned!

So, without any more of the ado for which I’m renowned, here is his letter:

Alice Tea Party

Dear Rowena,

Thank you so much for your fascinating letter. I’ve been asleep for such a long time and so much has happened all around me. It’s all so exciting!

Anyway, you asked me about whether it was safe for children to have adventure, even in their dreams.

Well, to find your answer, I did what I did right back in the beginning. I went and asked Alice and all of a sudden the answer popped straight into my head:

Doors are meant to be opened. Otherwise, why is there a key?

It made sense to me so I hope it also makes some kind of sense to you as well!

Naturally, I am looking forward to joining you and the family for a tea party at your earliest convenience.

By the way, you forgot to tell me that airplanes have been invented. I’ve been darting all over the world and having all sorts of adventures. The strangest thing happened though. They wouldn’t let me take my knife and fork on board. How are you supposed to go on an adventure without a knife and fork? They’ve been everywhere with me. That’s been another one of those conundrums.

Aside from my troubles with the knife and fork, it’s such a thrill to be alive!

Carpe diem. Seize the day! Paris, Rome, London, New York…next stop Sydney!

I dropped my watch in a cup of tea

And now time can’t catch up with me!

That’s the first spot of poetry I’ve written so far!


Many thanks and fond regards,

Lewis Carroll.

I think I might go and drop my watch in a cup of tea as well. That sounds like such a jolly good idea!

Thank you so much for joining me on on this journey with Dead Poets. It’s definitely not the sort of journey which should be undertaken alone and I might be needing some help holding up m head. I’ve been learning so much. Gone on so many adventures re-reading their work , that my brain is growing exponentially and will soon burst through and start poking through my ears. Deary me, I hope it doesn’t start waving at everyone or I won’t get any work done.

So, the journey continues and tomorrow I’ll be back with D.

“No puppy dogs. That is NOT “D for dog!”

Best wishes and thanks or stopping by,

xx Rowena



13 thoughts on “A Reply from Lewis Carroll #atozchallenge

  1. itsathought2

    I think the modern tendency to protect children from all possible and improbable mishaps has led to a sad loss of adventuring. I loved my adventures as a child. I shall have to write about them, now that you have reminded me.

  2. markwoff

    This made me giggle, and think of Dr Seuss too.
    “The postman was a fish! With a letter on a dish!” That’s me for the afternoon now…

  3. jmh

    I love this post so much! It seems like exactly what Carroll would say.

    I’m glad you visited my blog so I could find you. 🙂

  4. Kat Morrisey

    This is fantastic. So, so good. I read it three times in a row because it just is so, so good! You really captured the spirit of Lewis Carroll. Just, awesome! Love your theme and can’t wait to reach more!

  5. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Kat. I read Alice & Wonderland on the day to read get into the post. Made such a difference. Take care xx Rowena

  6. roweeee Post author

    Julie, thank you so much for your enthusiastic encouragement. It really made my day. Somehow, this theme just seems to be pressing all my buttons at once, which is incredibly productive and encouraging but also need to stay grounded as well. AS much as I love flying away to imagination places like Wonderland, I am mindful of the need for balance and that I have cranked the dial right over the other side. I enjoyed your thesaurus theme and will pop back. xx Rowena

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  8. roweeee Post author

    Hi Mark. I have also been thinking of Dr Seuss while working on Lewis Carroll as well as Roald Dahl. You’d probably appreciate the letter to Roald Dahl. I was intending to focus on his humour but once I dipped my toe into his life story, the direction changed completely. He had an incredibly hard life and ironically wrote “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” right at the lowest of the low.
    xx Rowena

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