Alphabet Soup: #atozchallenge Week 2

If you are currently doing the A-Z Challenge, why don’t you join me and post a weekly Alphabet Soup, providing links through to your posts to date. That would make it much easier to catch up on missed posts.

My theme is Writing Letters to Dead Poets, which has actually resulted in replies…much to my surprise and delight! The replies are generally quite short and more to the point. These are replies from the poet’s themselves. Or, more precisely “the muse”…not comments!

By the way, these letters have emerged into a philosophical conversation where, depending on the poet, I’ve gone into their bio as well as poems which have inspired, challenged and comforted me along my own path through the wilderness.

You don’t need to understand poetry to follow these letters. While they delve into rather deep questions, they’re hardly a cryptic crossword. After all, I am very much a bear of little brain.

Here’s the list to date:

A: AA Milne

B: Banjo Paterson.

Banjo Peterson Replies.

C: Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll Replies.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Reply.

TS Eliot.

TS Eliot Replies.

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken.

Robert Frost A Reply.

Kahlil Gibran.

Kahlil Gibran Reply.

H: Ted Hughes.

Ted Hughes Reply.

A Surprise Letter From Ernest Hemingway.

Q & A With Ernest Hemingway.

Thank you very much for popping by. I hope you are enjoying the series and finding yourself well and truly nourished through their poetry and wisdom…and a little magic!

Love & Best Wishes,


18 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup: #atozchallenge Week 2

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  2. roweeee Post author

    It’s been phenomenal and I know I’m travelling right along the edge of going too far. I’ve been delving deep into this sort of well. The muse? All these replies from the poets just pop into my head.
    Mind you, my capacity for interacting with the real world is rapidly diminishing. I’m like Winnie the Pooh flying away with my blue balloon.

  3. roweeee Post author

    I also thought that people have their favourites and they can pick and choose.
    I was supposed to be keeping these posts brief but they’ve extended themselves. Good though in terms of putting a book together! Thanks for reading them and for your encouragement. Much appreciated! Hope you’ve had a great weekend. I went to a lunch with Thomas Keneally and his daughter yesterday. They’ve just published their first novel together. I’ve written a brief blurb in my coffee post but will write more once I’ve read the book after the challenge is over. xx Ro

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  5. Norah

    I think I read your coffee post. Unfortunately I don’t have time to read all your posts, but I’ve a few still in my inbox waiting until I have the time. 🙂

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  7. roweeee Post author

    I don’t expect people to read all the posts. At least, not now. They’re not short and many require quite a lot of thought to really get the full benefit too. I ordered Roald Dahl’s biography today and am looking forward to reading it.
    Hope you’re having a great week> Take care xx Rowena

  8. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, I’ve been amazed at how this theme is working out for me. It’s very exciting as I’ve been struggling to put the pieces together for 9 years and these poets ahave provided a framework for telling my own story while exploring theirs.
    xx Rowena

  9. Norah

    I think I may have read Dahl’s (auto)biography, many years ago. And some (many) of his story stories. They’re very dark.

  10. roweeee Post author

    I’m not surprised they’re dark. He went through hell. I’ve ordered his biography so I’ll keep you posted but the excerpts I’ve read so have been fantastic!
    Tomorrow, I will be halfway through the challenge. It’s so much fun but a lot of work within very tight time constraints but it’s pushing the grey matter and that combination is working really well for me.
    By the way, don’t know if you’ve been watching the show about Heston’s The Fat Duck opening in Melbourne and my mouth is watering. It’s so creative! They just had a mini Golden Gaytime but as a savoury…Wow! Rather distracting too! xx Ro

  11. Norah

    I’m pleased you are enjoying the challenge. It certainly is a lot of work. I’m impressed that you are able to produce so much, so creatively, in so little time. Well done!

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