L-John Lennon: Letters to Dead Poets.

Dear John,

How are you?

You are at peace and perhaps I should apologise for so rudely interrupting your thoughts, your dreams and even mentioning the past. Yet, how could I not say something? Say what I want to say, without acknowledging what happened. How your life came to such an abrupt and violent end, when you were peace. I have been reminded of your quest so many, many times as more and more lives are swallowed up by war and hate and wish you were here. That you could’ve spoken out about what’s been happening in Paris and throughout our world.

Still, not knowing what to say, I’ll keep my words uncharacteristically simple:



After a pause and a few deep breaths, I apologise if I am moving forward too quick but I am writing to you as part of a series of Letters to Dead Poets. Each of these poets has touched my being in some way and I’m extending these moments into something of a journey, a conversation and even a difference of opinion. It turns out, that in so many instances, we don’t see quite eye-to-eye after all and I’ve been seriously challenged by what I am finding out along the way.

Anyway, although there are so many, many questions I could ask, I have a relatively simple request.

Could I please borrow your glasses?

I’d like to see the world through your eyes. See your vision. I know it wouldn’t be the same but I wish I could see better. Have your x-ray vision straight through the surface and into the soul.

Indeed, isn’t it ironic that someone short-sighted had such remarkable insight? Could view things unseen, hidden deep inside the soul and somehow unravel them. Explain those intangible inner mysteries the rest of us can’t even begin to perceive.

How did you do it? What made you who you are? Why weren’t you just like any other John?

Do I really want to know?

Or, would seeing through your eyes ultimately have me walking in your shoes and indeed paying the ultimate price?

Can I really afford to take that chance?

Or, would I be better off simply driving Mum’s taxi and sticking to the local roads and not venturing beyond the comfort zone?

These are not simple choices for me, especially as something tells me that I already left the main road a long, long time ago. That once you have know the road less travelled, there is no turning back.

Beatles Ticket

Thank you so much for being there. Not only now, but throughout my life. I still remember my Dad playing The Beatles on our recorder player as a child. Both of my parents were among the screaming crowds at Sydney Stadium when The Beatles famously toured Sydney back in 1964. They didn’t know each other then but they were there.

Beatles Aust tour

There are so many, many memories shared along the long and winding road cut painfully short.

I know it is no exaggeration to say, that all the world also wishes you were here, especially your beloved.



John Lennon’s bloodstained glasses, tweeted by Yoko Ono on what would have been their 44th anniversary. (Pic: Twitter @yokoono)

Indeed, Yoko Ono tweeted a photo of your blood-splattered glasses on what would have been your 44th Wedding Anniversary along with these very grim statistics about gun deaths in USA:

Over 1,057,000 people have been killed by guns in the USA since John Lennon was shot and killed on 8 Dec 1980. twitter.com/yokoono/status…

31,537 people are killed by guns in the USA every year. We are turning this beautiful country into war zone. twitter.com/yokoono/status…

— Yoko Ono (@yokoono) March 20, 2013

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that your glasses bore the scars of your death, although I didn’t know. Perhaps, I should retract my request and yet your glasses were but a symbol. A way of my expressing my desire to be a better person and a more compassionate and empathetic human being.

That’s all.

Love and best wishes,


PS:  I apologise for viewing you through my own rather rosy-coloured glasses and perhaps forgetting your humanity, your faults and mistakes along the road. It’s just that you could express things so succinctly, that it’s easy to forget the realities of living and how difficult it truly is to for anyone to truly walk the talk.

Indeed, my kids are currently on school holidays and I’m busy talking to you when i should be entertaining them. Yet, I’ve fallen into the reflections of my reflections and am struggling to connect with the world I’m in. I’ve somehow wondered into Wonderland but am wanting to explore as much as I can and write it all down before I return to the real world. Before the door is locked and there is no return. You can not ignore the muse.

8 thoughts on “L-John Lennon: Letters to Dead Poets.

  1. New Journey

    my favorite so far….I had the pleasure of meeting John and Yoko in Olema, Calif, he was doing a concert at Stinson beach and they came to eat at Jerry’s Farm House where I was a waitress way back in my high school years….he was a gentleman and very kind, and yes he had his little round glasses on with a pair of bell bottom pants with embroidery on them….Yoko with the big hair was kind of a bitch…not very nice….LOL he invited me sit down and I talked with him about his concert and how he was enjoying the west coast..he thanked me for giving his space for dinner and not bothering him….he gave me back stage passes to his concert….I was working that afternoon for a friend who was home sick, and a true Beatles fan, she had posters up and more memorabilia than I would of ever thought of having, so in good conscience I gave her and her mom the 2 tickets and let them go make memories of a life time….you could tell he was good man, peace emanated from his very core…..glad you were able to communicated with him…I know he is smiling down on you….kat PS I didn’t mention the 4 huge body guards that sat at the table surrounding him…LOL

  2. roweeee Post author

    Wow. What an extraordinary story and you were so kind giving those tickets away. Good heart! It’s very encouraging when people live up to the image in real life. He seemed to be very open to talking with fans and they used to hang outside his place for autographs, which I guess controbuted towards him getting shot at close range. You must have been devastated!!!!! I was the same age as my daughter when he died. That put it into perspective!
    Loved the sound of the body guards. Could really picture that. You’ve added so much to the story and can’t wait to tell the family in the morning. Well, later this morning! xx Ro

  3. New Journey

    I was the ripe ole age of 23 when he was shot….we had every album on reel to reel tape when he died…we started a full week long of mourning at our house, seemed someone was there stopping by to just sit and listen after the word was out what we were doing…..yes we were all very sad….such a useless death…..glad I could add to your story….even though his encounter with me was but a mear blink of the eye, he was the nicest person….

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