Alphabet Soup Week 3 #atozchallenge

My goodness! This has been an incredibly intense week through the A-Z Challenge but I’m absolutely loving it. Just wish the challenge didn’t coincide with having the kids at home on school holidays and feeling myself torn in half…especially when my theme is probing the very heights and depths of a bunch of incredible dead poets.

Jim Morrison’s Grave July 1992. Photo: Rowena Newton.

That’s right. In case you weren’t aware, my theme for the annual Blogging A-Z April Challenge is: Writing Letters to Dead Poets. These aren’t any dead poets either. They’re poets who have inspired me throughout my own life as well as a few I came across during the challenge. There were also a few poets I had to seek out to fill the usual difficult letters of the alphabet but they were carefully chosen as well. At one point, I found out my I had been an Italian fascist and I was really glad to bump him off in favour of Issa, the Japanese Haiku Master. I’ve only recently discovered Haiku so adding Issa to the challenge was like a piece fitting straight into the puzzle.

In many ways, I don’t know how I’ve suddenly ended up tackling a heap of really difficult conundrum type issues and exploring the kind of intellectually and ideological ground where angels fear to tread. I wasn’t a woman on a mission. Well, not that kind of mission, although I’ve long had a heart for social justice and have always believed in equality…and not equality at someone else’s expense either. Through my personal battles and the many people I have met along the road and through blogging, I have simple come to see as as people. Not more, no less.

I wrote about navigating through these issues during the week: Diving Deep into Dead Poet Creek.

Someone once pointed out to me that we all have red blood and that analogy has stuck. We each have “Red Inside”…not Intel!

Meanwhile, as I said, I’ve had the kids at home so while I been nutting out some pretty challenging letters, I’ve made cupcakes, gone for a walk to the beach with my daughter and the dogs and also had to wash one of the aforementioned dogs in the shower one night after she’d rolled in a very dead animal. My daughter’s been longing for me to take her shopping to K-mart but I just can’t disconnect myself from this to even think about K-mart and driving there. I’m not in the mood for K-mart. There’s too much in my head and I need to get it out. After all, I’m writing by the clock. This isn’t an indulgence. It’s my work!

My work needs to matter too even if it hasn’t earned a cent…yet!

How are you finding the challenge? I’d encourage you to write an alphabet soup post as well so it’s easier for people to catch up on your posts.

So, without any further detours or distractions, here’s my list of A-N:

Here’s the list to date:

A: AA Milne

B: Banjo Paterson.

Banjo Peterson Replies.

C: Lewis Carroll.

Lewis Carroll Replies.

Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl’s Reply.

TS Eliot.

TS Eliot Replies.

Robert Frost: The Road Not Taken.

Robert Frost A Reply.

Kahlil Gibran.

Kahlil Gibran Reply.

H: Ted Hughes.

Ted Hughes Reply.

A Surprise Letter From Ernest Hemingway.

Q & A With Ernest Hemingway.


A Letter to Issa- Japanese Haiku Master.

Issa: A Reply.


A Letter to Jim Morrison-The Doors

Jim Morrison Replies


A Letter to John Keats.

Keats Replies

A Letter from Rudyard Kipling including the poem: “If”

A Letter to John Lennon

A Reply From John Lennon.

Lao Tzu: A Poem about The Journey.

Dorothea Mackellar: Australian Poet.

Dorothea Mackellar Replies

Mary Stevenson “Footprints”.

A Letter from Mary Stevenson re “Footprints”.

Maya Angelou

Dr Maya Angelou A reply.

N:Oodganoo Noonuccal: Indigenous Australian Poet

Thank you very much for popping by. I hope you are enjoying the series and finding yourself well and truly nourished through their poetry and wisdom…and a little magic!

Love & Best Wishes,


family portrait

Our Family


2 thoughts on “Alphabet Soup Week 3 #atozchallenge

  1. Norah

    You’ve got some of my favourites in there, Rowena. I’m looking forward to getting back to them when I have time. Have a great week. One more to go!

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