Coffee With Alphabet Stew!

Welcome to another Weekend Coffee Share.

At last, I feel capable of giving you my full attention, instead of having a head full of alphabet letters corresponding to dead Poets. May 1st… the April A-Z Blogging Challenge is over for another year, although for me “over” is rather semantic. These letters have now been re-classified DRAFT and I will be adding a few more poets, editing and then it’s P for PUBLISH.

By printing these plans in black and white, it’s my way of converting dreams into action and moving things forward. I have been working on the Book Project in various guises for 9 years so I am very excited and relieved to get this far. Don’t know how many words I’ve polished off so far but I finally have a solid manuscript. Phew!

As the challenge drew to a close and the family and dogs were feeling well and truly abandoned, I’ve stepped out of my cave and touched base with the real world.

This week, the kids returned to school. This means I have more time to write uninterrupted during the day although I’m back in Mum’s Taxi so not completely liberated.

Jungle Book

Friday night, we went to see Jungle Book at the movies with the kids’ Scout troop. You might not be aware but the Cub Scouting Movement has very close ties with Jungle Book.  Baden-Powell, who the Scouts Founder, was friends with Rudyard Kipling and asked him for the use of Jungle Book’s history and universe as a motivational frame in cub scouting. In 1917, junior members became known as Wolf Cubs.

Anyway, we all enjoyed the movie. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the 3D version but the scenery was breathtaking. I doubt I’ve ever watched the full movie before so that’s a good sign, if you’re thinking of going. We’re not entirely sure how authentic it was and there were elements reminiscent of other movies. Geoff and I are both feeling we need to re-read the book.

If you’re a Kipling fan, you might enjoy his poem: If

We’ve also had a few family games of Boggle over the weekend. Our son is particularly keen and resilient. When you’re playing with four people, it’s hard to get much of a score and the kids have been lucky to get more than a couple of points. Geoff always doubles my score. Even though our defeat is swift and comprehensive, our fighting spirit has not been quashed.

dog beach zoom

Dog Beach. Photo Rowena Newton

This week, I need to get back into my beach walks with the dogs. No more excuses.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you’ve had a great week and I’m looking forward to finally catching up with you again.

The Weekend Coffee Share is hosted by Part Time Monster.  Please click here for the “linky”.

Best wishes,

xx Rowena

PS: I’m now watching a show called Bondi Rescue set with the lifesavers on Bondi Beach. They have a bagpipe player on who is doing a fundraising tour. They just showed the lifeguards trying to play her bagpipes and the sea gulls leaving the beach in droves. The sound was woeful! Also, had the first episode of Masterchef tonight and I blame that for scoffing 2 Tim Tams in quick succession!


15 thoughts on “Coffee With Alphabet Stew!

  1. Rhio

    I love Masterchef! It’s one of my favourite shows. I’m always super impressed that people can construct such a masterpiece that you can eat!
    The boggle night sounds fun, I haven’t played that in a long while.
    Hope you manage to get to the dog beach, and have a great week lovely x

  2. Norah

    Hi Rowena,
    Congratulations on completing the A-Z Challenge. You did well. It tired me out just thinking about it. I saw your posts pop into my inbox on a daily basis but unfortunately I didn’t have time to get to them all. I’m pleased to hear that you have now wangled them into a draft. That’s an awesome accomplishment.
    Enjoy having more time to write in the coming weeks; and to think as you ferry the children around.
    I love word games, and Boggle is definitely a favourite, though I haven’t played for a while. Have you played “Take two”? It is quick and pits everybody fairly evenly against each other. It is played with a set of Scrabble letters.

  3. Amy Putkonen

    Hi Rowena,

    I popped over from the coffee chat. Seems like there are a lot of fellow A to Z bloggers in the #weekendcoffee! Cool. I also did the A to Z. I don’t think I saw your posts, but there were a LOT of us in there!

  4. roweeee Post author

    Thanks Amy for popping by. I’ll check some of your A-Zs out tomorrow. It’s good that a few A-Zers are in our coffee share so I can catch up on some posts. Didn’t read as many as I’d liked. xx Rowena

  5. Catherine Cheng, MD

    YAAAAY Rowena!! 😄 Your A to Z posts were so creative, and I could feel the love with which you wrote them. I remember on a previous comment you wrote that you felt ‘in over your head.’ That was so reassuring to me, that someone else shared my experience. This was my first A to Z; it was SO fun!
    I’m very glad to have met you through it, and I look forward to sharing more!! Best wishes in normal life–until the Challenge comes around again!! 😊

  6. bettylouise31

    Another person who completed the a – z challenge. Congratulations. I am not much of a movie grwer but you movie sounds good. I think of how much Campbell soup I ate until I learned that I am Gluten Intolerant. Now Campbell’s are a no for me. All have wheat.

  7. roweeee Post author

    Thanks very much, Kat. I’m going to keep up my letters to dead poets for awhile yet. I’ve definitely still got William Blake, Emily Dickinson & Auden to come. I’ve really enjoyed it.Pleased you enjoyed the posts and thanks for reading.
    I have crashed somewhat now. Taking things quietly this week. Take care xx Ro

  8. roweeee Post author

    My SIL and niece play that. We’ll have to give it a go. I am very encouraged that the kids are doing Boggle as it’s a soft way of working on their words.
    It is a relief to now have a DRAFT. This week, I’m going to begin the tedious part of returning it back to Word and collating it. I am actually looking forward to it and am quite curious about how many words I’ve written.
    I am taking my daughter for a bloodtest this afternoon as she hasn’t been eating and has had a few nosebleeds. She has ongoing troubles with a slow digestive system called gastroparesis and she’s barely eating. It is getting my goat by the throat at the moment! It’s going to be an ordeal just getting her fed, watered and there before we even think about a jab. xx Ro

  9. Norah

    Best wishes for your draft. And for your daughter. That doesn’t sound like a good place for her, or you, to be in. I hope the bloodtest can discover what ails her and provide a helpful solution.
    Have a good week. Will be thinking of you all. Take care. xx

  10. Daisy Smiley Face

    I’m still catching up on my reading and will check out some of your poet posts. What a cool idea! I’m sorry getting back to the real world has been difficult. I hate that part about being the writing zone… leaving it……

    And I love Boggle! Best game ever. 🙂


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