Discovering Traditions: May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

Tonight, I have been trying to catch up on my blog reading and found this delightful post about the tradition of Making Wreaths in Greece by ML Kappa. Hope you enjoy it! xx Rowena

Solveig Werner

Discovering Tradition

Today, is the first of May, a day that is widely celebrated and that has various traditions attached to it. I am happy to have M. L. Kappa as my special guest for Discovering Traditions. You can find a list of all guest post that have appeared on my blog so far here, and you can find the previous guest post for Discovering Traditionshere.

May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

FullSizeRender May Wreath by M.L.Kappa

One of the most fun Greek traditions is the making of the May Wreath. We call it Μάης (pronounced Màïs).

May 1st is universally known as Labor Day since 1886, when the Chicago Syndicates rebelled, asking for better working conditions. But celebrating it is not actually a 19th century tradition—it has roots in Antiquity, when festivities were held in honor of Demeter, goddess of the harvest, and

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6 thoughts on “Discovering Traditions: May 1st and the Making of the Wreath by M.L.Kappa

  1. gaiainaction

    Lovely post Rowena, I’ve seen them there hanging from the houses while I was in Naxos 1st of May. Also when I was growing up in Belgium my dad would always give a bunch of Lilies of the valley to my mum on 1st of May, seems that was a tradition back then.

  2. New Journey

    Great post, brings back memories when I was very young, the local schools had a traditional May Day Pole, first the pole was as tall as a telephone pole….then it was adorned with really long beautiful, colorful ribbons, and a flower wreath was put on the top…the girls who got to hold the end of the ribbons and dance around the pole to eventually cover the pole all wore beautiful costumes with flower wreaths in their hair….oh my….a memory I had forgotten until I read your post….thanks my friend…I love how this community helps u remember memories long ago forgotten….xxkat

  3. roweeee Post author

    We had no may pole dances here as we headed into Winter. Mind you, in Sydney our Winters are pretty mild. There’s about one month when it’s “cold” mainly because our houses aren’t built for the cold.
    I really enjoyed that post and am now following her. I also enjoy reading about living in other countries from the inside out. xx Ro

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