Still Water … #Writephoto

I loved this character sketch from Van By the River.
You always hope there’s more going on behind the surface but sometimes what you see is what you get xx Rowena


Still Water Sue’s Photo Prompt

Still waters run deep. Or do they ?

He never answered her question. “What are you thinking ?”

Sarah tried. She had been looking lovingly into his eyes for a long time.

He gazed back. Tom was the strong, silent type. Just what she needed.

But she wanted to dig deeper.

He talked about his day, about work, about sporting events, about projects he was going to take on when he had the time.

Family issues, finances, current events, politics, etc. etc. etc.

Still. What was he thinking ?

It took a while, but she found out. It was a bit of a disappointment.

Nothing. There was nothing else in there.

Mostly, Tom was thinking about how to answer the question without losing her interest.

And also, how long he had to stay at this restaurant table before checking his e mail.

It didn’t work out for Sarah and…

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