Walking Along Bleak Beach.

Yet another storm…

Once again, Mother Nature has ravaged our precious beach, savagely ripping our embattled Banksia trees out by the roots. I could feel their pain but as a mere mortal up against the sea, there was nothing I could do. No kiss of life was ever going to save them. It was all too late. As their bedraggled corpses lay discarded on the sand, I could only express my heartfelt sympathies after the fact.


High Tide…the rough surf has turned the foam into whipped cream.

Perhaps, I should write a eulogy or an ode? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when you lose someone you love to such heartless destruction?

I don’t know. What else is there?

Build Hadrian’s Walls to keep the Barbarians out? Construct an eyesore to preserve its skeletal remains?

Send the storms somewhere else?

Yet, we all know this isn’t just about the storm, don’t we?!!

That someone’s turned the oven up way too high and someone needs to turn it back down again before Mother Nature blows her stack completely.

When there’s so much more than my precious beachfront at stake, isn’t it about time we revisit how we cook?

I have no doubt and I can only hope that we’re not too late.

Otherwise, what are we going to say?

Am I willing to take the blame?

What about you?

What’s been going on in your neck of the woods? Do you hear climate change knocking on your door?

xx Rowena


Despite dangerous surf conditions and warnings, there’s always a surfer willing to risk it all for the thrill of the wave.



12 thoughts on “Walking Along Bleak Beach.

  1. trentpmcd

    Looks pretty bad. It’s not easy to stop beach erosion and there’s no turning it back. It would be nice to be able to turn down the oven. I hope soon cooler heads (no pun intended) will prevail and we can start working towards a more sustainable future.

  2. annabellefranklinauthor

    At the moment we’re basking in summer sunshine here in South Wales UK, but already the jet stream is threatening to come and spoil it – and last winter we had the worst storms ever, with 20 ft waves on our beach (previously unheard of) and bits of next door’s roof landing on my house!

  3. Barbara In Caneyhead

    I don’t know. The truth is, a lot of what mother nature does that we regard as catastrophe is actually her built in mechanism to clean and sustain herself. Like when Hurricane Rita hit us. The beach houses along the Texas coast on hwy 87 all washed out to sea. But the undercurrent also carried out all the sludge with it. Me and the kids went down that drive the next spring and for the first time in my lifetime the Gulf was a beautiful green instead of a nasty brown!! And the view!!! So much better without all the beach houses.

    I personally believe that the earth cycles through climate stages all the time. It’s just only in the past 100 years or so have we really recorded it. Still, there are many things and many ways we can help pass on more sustainable nature to the generations to come.

  4. Rowena Post author

    It’s intruing to watch how Mother Nature works and there’s definitely a strong cleansing process at work.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, derrick. The rain has stopped but it’s cold. which for us is a current daily range of 12-22 degrees celsius. Nothing like a whingeing Australian when the temperature drops!

  6. Rowena Post author

    An angry ocean really makes you really appreciate how powerless humanity is and that we can not control nature.

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