Local Earthquake

Yesterday, we experienced a 4.0 magnitude earthquake about 100km off the coast. This was obviously a mild earthquake and there have been a few jokes and wise cracks going around town: “Was it good for you?” “I didn’t feel a thing!”

We don’t get many earthquakes around here. Here, in case you weren’t aware, is just North of Sydney, Australia on the NSW Central Coast.

The 1989 the Newcastle earthquake occurred in Newcastle, New South Wales on Thursday, 28 December. The shock measured 5.6 on the Richter magnitude scale and was one of Australia’s most serious natural disasters, killing 13 people and injuring more than 160.

I felt the ground shake during the Newcastle Earthquake and that my mother thought I was thumping across the room at the time. Thanks Mum!

Anyway, today I came across this meme on Facebook an thought it was very apt.

Have you lived through an earthquake at all? Please share your experiences.

xx Rowena

15 thoughts on “Local Earthquake

  1. vanbytheriver

    Only once, a mild one, in the Wasatch Mountain fault near Salt Lake City, Utah. I was in a movie theatre and it felt like we were being kicked by the row behind us. ☺

  2. merrildsmith

    I’ve never been experienced a devastating earthquake, although we visited San Francisco after the big one there in 1989. I’ve felt a few not serious ones here in the Philadelphia area–it’s a very strange sensation to literally feel the earth move.

  3. TanGental

    we had a 3 point something centring in Derby (about 100 miles north of here) at 2 am a few years back. Linda was up working on a project and felt the cushion wobble.

  4. amommasview

    I’ve only ever been in small ones. Nothing big. But it’s a weird feeling when you hear the rumble and feel the earth shake. I really don’t want to experience a big one!

  5. Rowena Post author

    That would have been a bit freaky. Not that I believe in ghosts but particularly when you’re up late like that, my mind wouldn’t be thinking earthquake. Probably more along the lines of going a little crazy.

  6. Rowena Post author

    My daughter had to research the 1906 San Francisco for school and read through a lot of first hand accounts and was riveted. There’s so much material available online now, which is also very distracting!

  7. tj6james6

    Twenty or more years ago I did. It was centered somewhere in New York city and I’m some 5 hours away.
    It was in the early morning hours. I was still just a teen at the time. The quake woke me up but I thought it was just the cat being his normal horny self, lol. I didn’t learn until later in the day what actually happened.

  8. Rowena Post author

    It’s interesting who or what people blame for a not so obvious rumble. MY mother thought it was me stomping around the house, even though I was sitting down at the time. Thanks Mum!

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