The Brexit… Britain’s Latest Biscuit!

New from UK Biscuit manufacturer McDunk’s comes :”The Brexit”. The Brexit is a plain biscuit designed for biscuit lovers with a less sophisticated palate, who are sick of  Nice and having their biscuits sugar-coated.

Designed to be dunked in either tea or coffee, the Brexit can also be pulverized to make that most English of desserts, Apple Crumble and is versatile enough to use for crumbing meat and makes a flavoursome stuffing for roast chicken.


The Brexit is perfect for dunking in tea.

Since leaving the EU, the British Government has banned all foreign biscuit imports and Britons have been asked to do their bit to salvage the national economy by buying Brexits. Indeed, they’ve been implored to eat Brexits for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the Prime Minister has engaged Master Chef Heston Blumenthal from the famed Fat Duck Restaurant to produce a cookbook to teach the British public creative ways of cooking with Brexits.


So popular….the Brexit is gone in a flash!

In recent polls, the majority of Britons voted for the Brexit as Britain’s favourite biscuit, although the Scottish voted overwhelmingly against. They like their oats.

So Britain, enjoy your Brexit but be careful while your dunking it, to ensure that it doesn’t fall in! You wouldn’t want it to drown, would you?!!

Do you have any views on Britain’s exit from the EU? I haven’t been following the debate but I’m certainly interested in the aftermath and am looking to buy a few things from the UK while the exchange rate is good. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts and get a bit of discussion going. 

xx Rowena


36 thoughts on “The Brexit… Britain’s Latest Biscuit!

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    We’re nervously watching for all the fall-out. I suspect 401K’s will take a big nose dive; great timing since I just retired. *sigh* Hope the world doesn’t go belly up economically, we were doing so well with the recovery. Fingers crossed.

  2. Rowena Post author

    What do you think is going to happen? I haven’t been following it and have been thinking about matters closer to home after local paralympian Liesl Tesch was attacked at gunpoint in Rio and had her bike stolen. She is a partial paraplegic and goes between using a wheelchair and riding her bike and was therefore quite helpful to me. I’ve met her a few times and even worn her gold medal.
    I am rather concerned that the decision is indicative of a more isolationist and narrow-minded standpoint. Globally, we can’t afford to have Britain plummet economically either. I must admit that I am feeling quite removed from all this discussion about the EU. We are geographically isolated, even despite modern advances. These things are always “over there”. Or, at least that’s what we’d like to believe!

  3. TanGental

    I have no idea but I am really pissed that we are experimenting with our and Europe future for narrow xenophobic reasons. Scotland so I hear is planning to hold another independence vote
    I expect that to succeed.

  4. Rowena Post author

    It is a bit alarming when you stick your nose out and take a look at the global picture…ISIS,Brexit, Trump. I’ve lived through a relatively monotonous period of history. My grandfather lived through 2 world wars, the Depression, the Cold War and Vietnam, 9/11 and I think we’ve have to be naive to think humans have learned from past mistakes.
    I hope your 401K’s aren’t too badly affected. We seem to bounce back from these jolts fairly quickly these days, or perhaps I’m just not up on things. My husband works in IT for a university so we’re quite sheltered from the outside world.
    By the way, it’s just hit midnight here and I’ve having my cup of decaf tea, which I have before going to bed. Should be using my mug to warm up my fingers instead of typing. It’s currently 9.5 degrees Celsius here and a freezing wind. We have all sorts of cracks which are letting in the icy wind. It’s FREEZING!!! I’m leaving the dogs in and they’re curled up on their blankets. Curled right up!

  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I’m not that informed of this, however even I have an opinion!
    I’m not sure why they got together in the first place. Why take on the problems of other countries? I am opposed to socialism and it seemed that’s what they had.
    We have small issues like that here. We are supposed to be independent states and have less federal involvement than we do. For instance, Marijuana is legal in 2 states, but federally illegal. The Feds have just decided to ignore their own laws, as they shouldn’t have this type of power over individual states in the first place.
    Honestly, I’m all for Trump. Hillary is a criminal, IMO. I think having a non politician in the house will shake things up! How much worse can it get? My health insurance costs have quadrupled! And I’m healthy! Unless you’re on the dole here, life has gotten worse since Obama.
    You were able to pull a good rant or of me. I usually keep these opinions on the downlow.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Monika. I had a nap with my electric blanket on today and read for awhile. I’m researching Roald Dahl at the moment and reading his kids books and absolutely loving them. Just finished Charlie & the Chocolate factory and now I’m onto Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Fun! Fun! Fun!
    Hope it’s not too hot over your way, although it’s hard to think of heat for me at the moment! xx Ro

  7. Tails Around the Ranch

    You guys are having rain/cold, rain/cold, rain/cold while we’re having hot, hot, hot. Ugh. Only day 5 of summer and I’m beyond being over it. Counting down the days to Autumn! Enjoy the reads. Dahl was an interesting fella.

  8. Tails Around the Ranch

    Yes, we’ve definitely seen it all in the past 60 years, not all of it good. the break neck speed at which the world changes is sometimes frightening. Not much I can do on the 401, just have to hope and pray I don’t have to start supplementing my meals with affordable cat food-as a vegetarian that might pose a problem! 😉

  9. Rowena Post author

    I heard about Scotland. It’s all going to get very complicated and messy. The EU has been in place since 1975 and I started school in 1974, which really reflects that length of time. So many of us don’t remember what it was like before the EU. It’s like there’s a lot of itchy feet over there at the moment what with the refugee crisis, Greece’s economic woes and then there’s Trump over in the US. Not sure what’s brewing at the moment. I am relieved that we haven’t seen a resurgence of Pauline Hanson here, which is a good indication. Our federal election is coming up so we’ve got all that hoopla going on here. I’m not sure if it really makes much difference which side runs the show. They seem pretty much the same and they both say one thing and do anyone so their promises are worthless.
    Yet, we do need to vote responsibly. Brexit’s going to bring about huge changes and you hope voters really thought about it and researched the consequences.

  10. Rowena Post author

    I really like to hear what people have to say. I am quite isolated and I’m not getting out much at the moment. I really love how I can tap into public opinion and here what people right around the world think about an issue rather than only chatting to Geoff or my friends here.
    The marijuana debate here has taken some twists and turns lately and it has been legalised at least in places for medicinal use. It really helps kids with severe epilepsy and chronic pain sufferers, although I don’t have anything to do with it. My cousin’s baby has severe epilepsy and so we’ve had more of an interest in the debate.
    I hadn’t heard about living expenses going up under Obama but am not surprised. I would imagine that your Democrats are like our Labor Party who tend to spend more tax more and the LIberals try to reduce taxes by reducing spending. Both sides seem to talk about reducing expenditure on people with disabilities and that rattles me. I call it disability bashing. There’s a lot of talk about our asylum seekers living in inhumane conditions but you hear nothing about those living with chronic illness/disability. I hear that mostly through my cleaner. She seems some terrible stuff.

  11. Jim

    I’ll be interested s well on seeing the fallout on this. the first place that I checked was the exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Euro. the Euro took a bit of a nosedive. then I checked the exchange rate between the Pound and the Dollar. that took a bit of a nosedive.

    just to give you an idea what I’m talking about, I’m used to paying $1.19 – $1.26 for a Euro. shows that it’s now $1.11579 for 1 Euro.

    I’m used to paying $1.65 for 1 GBP. now shows it’s $1.37458 for 1 GBP.

    it’s a good time for a Yank to travel to Europe if this holds but I suspect both will recover once the vote shock wears off.

    I’m also curious how it will effect tourist and business travel. I’m used to seeing “EU Only” and “Non-EU” lines for customs and immigration when I arrive. will we now see “UK Only” and “Non-UK” when we arrive at Heathrow? will we now see Brits in line with we Yanks when we arrive in Amsterdam?

  12. vanbytheriver

    I’m surprised there is not more discussion about Brexit so far today. Maybe folks are just in shock over the outcome ? Our investments, 401 K are taking a hit today. I’m sure it will all level off in a matter of time. ☺

  13. Rowena Post author

    I imagine things have been very intense given the murder of MP Jo Cox and the violent stabbing that went with it. That was despicable!
    I have a different point of view being Australian and part of the Commonwealth. I’m a Republican and do wonder why we’re part of the Commonwealth. With Britain leaving the EU, I’ve read nothing about “oh but we have the Commonwealth.”
    I have wondered whether Britain was our link to the EU. A lot of questions for a backyard philosopher, especially when my mind has been elsewhere. A close family friend lost her husband two weeks ago at 45 The mother of the Janet was like another daughter to my grandparents and they’re very much family to us and came to my wedding. I know that bad things happen to good people but I’m back asking why they have to be that bad and I’ve throw Jo Cox into that equation as well. It makes no sense!!!

  14. Rowena Post author

    I had a look online last night after the announcement and found a bunch of funny tweets as well as more serious reflections and articles. I do find it quite intriguing and certainly is a big shake up. I’m hoping the outcome will be interesting and not a disaster. Australia is part of the Commonwealth so it will be interesting to see whether the Commonweath gets a mention. We’re like Britain’s forgotten children.

  15. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for your input, Jim. It’s really great how everybody adds something new to the discussion and you get to think about things you hadn’t considered.
    I’m quite interested in the fate of expats who will be affected by the changes. Some of these people have been living in other countries for decades and might find themselves in trouble. I’ve read about concerns of Brits living in Berlin and at least one got a German passport. I have European friends living in London and British friends who live and own hotels in Spain so it could get very messy and terribly disruptive.
    I also wonder whether Britain will look to the Commonwealth for closer relations. I’m a republican and currently wonder why were part of the Commonwealth. It’s like Britain married the EU and left us behind, despite a few meetings etc. It was the US that saved us in WWII and Britain that led us to the slaughterhouse at Gallipoli in WWI. Not that we think about these things at a conscious level usually but Brexit has had me thinking.

  16. Rowena Post author

    Perhaps, you’ll be going back to growing your own. My grandfather was a Lutheran Pastor with four kids and back in the day, they were very poorly paid and he grew their own veg. That was something he’d always known and I think he enjoyed his garden but there was a very strong economic need.

  17. TanGental

    I do believe it is important to divorce jo cox’s murder from the referendum. The first is senseless and happens everywhere all the time. The latter is a sign of our post crash tomes when a lot of people feel decoupled from any political class. To have a vote where one option is to take back our country from an unlistening elite is attractive. It says yes we have a voice and a lot want you to listen
    You didn’t post 2008. You just let the world stay the same for you and the banks while you gave us austerity. The euro vote is a proxy kicking of all those in power and like me comfortable in our rich cities. It felt yesterday like someone I cared for has been diagnosed with cancer. Today it feels like we know the diagnosis so we need to pull together and get through this in the best way we can

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  19. Rowena Post author

    I am too faraway and uninformed to really look at Jo Cox’s murder beyond someone who was committed to doing good for others through being an aid worker and through politics. The person responsible doesn’t seem the full quid but I don’t know.
    I must admit I bought a stack of books on Book Depository today…most connected to Roald Dahl.
    I think the results of referendum do show that we need to think responsibly about how we vote. You could registered a sense of opposition not expecting or perhaps really wanting something to get up but all those singular votes add up.

  20. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I am completely sympathetic towards the folks that need care and our elderly. I feel we (U.S.) still do a pretty good job taking care of them. For now, our social security is ok, but in dire need of overhaul.
    I have a problem with the able bodied folks that take advantage of the system. They can walk, talk and do everything I can, but choose not to. The government forces companies (phone, cable TV, internet) to give their services to the poor for free. Then the company charges me a $5 “service fee” onto of my bill. I don’t think TV is a necessary. Internet can be given by free WiFi. Phone.. ok, that’s needed.
    I just get frustrated when I see a person on the dole with $500 sneakers, an iPhone 6 and driving a Cadillac, while I’m busting my ass to wear $30 shoes, have a 2 year old phone and drive a 10 year old car!
    Yes, our gov parties do sound simular. I’m actually a Libratarian. “The Libertarian Party advocates natural rights, smaller government, non-interventionist foreign policy and fiscal conservatism.”
    However, since there’s not many of us, I tend to vote Republican.

  21. Jim

    I somehow always manage with some Aussies when I’m traveling on tour. they’re a good group of people, full of beans and laughter.

    hey!!! I want your tea service. what is that? Royal Dalton?

  22. Barbara In Caneyhead

    I know two things: one, any time you belong to any association, there will be times you cannot do/act as you see fit and right because it goes against the association’s decision on the matter. Two, though the roots of the EU go back a long way, the EU as it is today started in the 90’s. Europe and attitudes in Europe has changed greatly in the past 50+ years.

    As a conservative, Texas American, I applaud England for having the guts to stand for herself. It reminds me of the England of the Blitz era.

    As a Christian, while I hold no ill will toward any peoples, I can say that that are many religions, cultures, views, idioms, etc. in this world that I could not hold to, support, encourage, etc.

    Barbara from Life & Faith in Caneyhead

  23. Rowena Post author

    It’s a tough one for me. I am verfy much a believer in equality and the cultural melting pot but while it’s one thing to venture out and exeprience that, there’s that line from the “Wizard of Oz”:”There’s no place like home.” It’s been awhile since I travelled overseas but I lived in Heidelberg in Germany for about 8 months back in 1992. I lived with a German family and went to an American Church and worked in a German plant nursery. I was the only Aussie around. It didn’t take long to realise that my sense of humour was more British and I didn’t gel so much with the American humour. I’m half German and I could see much of the German culture in my mother and came to understand her better. I also have Aboriginal extended family members and when I went and stayed with them, they also had quite a different sense of humour and I didn’t get their jokes.
    This all makes me feel that there’s a tipping point We like to feel at home in our own country and when immigration rises sharply and suddenly, that sense of home and your own culture can feel swamped. I also wonder if, once that sense of being swamped is felt, that tolerance of immigrants goes altogether. I went on an egg diet as a teen where I ate grapefruit and eggs for a few weeks and it took years for me to eat eggs again. I’d overdosed and so I had zero tolerance.

    Any thoughts? Thanks for getting me thinking! xx Rowena

  24. Rowena Post author

    That’s not my tea service. It’s a photo from a recent high tea I went to: However, I do collect antique and vintage china and just about anything else I can get my hands on. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Shelley but it’s Art Deco and I really love it.

  25. Rowena Post author

    I’ll have to look up the Libertarian Party. Souns interesting. We’ve got a fairly new party here called the Liberal Democrats whatever that means. I am intending to find out. I agree with you about subsidising the poor for what I don’t see as necessities. My phone is at least 10 years old. The car is a few years old but we also have a Morris Minor but that’s in a different league.
    By the way, a stray hat wandered by outside as soon as I started chatting to you and Lady of course had to bark. Bilbo must have made a mid year’s resolution not to bark at cats because he usually goes troppo!

  26. annabellefranklinauthor

    Ha ha! McDunk have also brought out Brexit breakfast cereal – little puffs of wheat in the shape of Nigel Farage’s head. Seriously, I think Brexit is a disaster. So many people believed the lies and voted to leave, and are regretting it now. Including my mother.

  27. mistybooks

    Well, I just blogged again. It probably won’t go down well, but hey so what. As a Brexiteer I am being demonised as a xenophobic little Englander. People are bemoaning the fact that they have lost their status as an EU citizen.
    Personally I quite pleased to regain my former position as a citizen of the world rather than a member of that federalist corporate club with no ambition other than to regulate everything in sight.
    So hey, blame me if you like people, but like you I believe I’m right and you’re wrong.
    Only time will tell.
    Incidentally I am all in favour of Australia freeing themselves from the Commonwealth if that’s what they want to do – I’m big into leaving at the moment. Try the blog – you might like it.

  28. Rowena Post author

    Thanks for being honest and taking a stand for your beliefs. I think most of us want to feel at home in our country of birth, whether we’re first generation or our family has been there for a long time. When you get an influx of migrants into any place, that sense of home is going to go. I don’t think that makes people racist but it does pose an argument for spreading immigrants around to ease them in. I’ve never lived in the EU and Australia is a long way away so I can’t really appreciate the situation well enough. What concerns me is that in the wake of terrorist attacks, there’s a global risk of radicals seizing power legitimately or through force. In Australia, One Nation’s founder Pauline Hanson and the party have had a resurgence and there’s Trump in the States. I just think we need to tread carefully.
    As far as the Commonwealth is concerned, I don’t know why it exists anymore but clearly I need to find out.
    I’ve checked out your blog and enjoyed it.
    xx Rowena

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