Weekend Coffee Share 25th June, 2016.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

If you’re joining me for coffee today, you’d better forget having anything iced or frozen today and instead warm your frozen fingers around a coffee or join me in a mug of Hot Chocolate. I like my hot chocolate with whipped cream, a sprinkling of cocoa and marshmallows to dunk. Indulgent I know but I don’t have one very often so they’re quite a treat. I had my first one of these back in Koln or Cologne back in 1992. Another time…another place but still delicious!

Amelia violin

My daughter playing her violin.

By the way, I had the Hot Chocolate featured here on Tuesday My daughter was performing with the school choir and the string group at a lunchtime concert and as her school is a good 45 minutes drive from home, I just had to go out for lunch, a Hot chocolate and follow it up with tastings at the neihbouring cheese and chocolate factories. As much as Mum’s Taxi might cry “abuse” and “exploitation”, there are also benefits. By the way, after indulging on pork pie swimming in gravy with hot crunchy chips, my Hot Chocolate, cheeses and chocolate, I topped my splurge by visiting a huge charity shop “The Vinnies Warehouse” where I picked up a fabulous red Oroton handbag and knee-length black boots for a steal. The boots are a little tight but for $25.00, I’ll make them fit.


Ever considered going swimming in gravy?

I needed a huge pick-me-up this week. Awful things have been happening to good people I know and then I can extend those sentiments out to Beautiful British MP Jo Cox who was brutally shot and stabbed in the UK. She was a wife, a mum of two, a daughter, a sister.

However, it was matters closer to home that really rattled me. A family friend’s daughter lost her husband suddenly fa heart attack. He was only 45 and they had a 12 year old son…the same age as ours. As much as we’ve lived with my volatile health for the last 10 years, I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose your husband and Dad suddenly like that.  Steve Gee was a much loved and respected Sports Journalist and my heartfelt sympathies go out to his family and friends. Speaking of which, I need to write a card and think of what to say, which I’m finding challenging. Perhaps, “thinking of you” is enough but when we’ve come so close to experiencing a similar loss, I expect more from myself. What have I picked up from along the road? Hence, I have written nothing…other thasn sharing his memory with you.

This week, also saw our local Paralympic Gold Medallist, Liesl Tesch attacked and robbed at gun point while training for the Paralympics in Rio. I’ve met Liesl a few times and I actually wore her gold medal down the main street of Gosford during the International Women’s Day March a few years ago, when she was our Keynote Speaker and I was on the Status of Women Committee. I also met Liesl again when she spoke to members of the kids scout troop. They’re Sea Scouts and Liesl and her husband contribute behind the scenes. What helped me at the time, was seeing how she juggled her mobility so she used a wheelchair to conserve energy but rode her bike to and from work. This made me realise that using equipment didn’t make me it’s slave and I could use it to extend myself, rather than narrowing my options. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that at the time and since then, my health has improved significantly and I’m getting around quite well almost all of the time.

So, to hear about what happened to Liesl and  a team official, really rattled me and I did manage to get a card off to her.

I understand that bad things happen to good people and that our lives need a balance of flavours like a good dish…a bit of saltiness, sweetness, acidity, creativity, following the recipe and not just having everything sweet and sugar-coated all the time. I understand that in many instances, adversity is good for us and makes us stronger, more resourceful, compassionate and loving but at the same time adversity breaks, leaves our heroes fighting debilitating PTSD and loving people somehow consumed with hate. It’s not a predictable equation where you can put adversity in and know the person’s going to emerge like a beautifully wrapped package with a bow on top when it reaches the end of the production line.

scales Good-vs-Evil-Scales

While I haven’t been so bold as to go up to God and ask him what on earth he’s doing, I have been wondering whether he might have pressed a few of the wrong buttons. We all know someone mean, nasty and despicable who lives a comfortable life well into old age and karma never catches up with them. Case in point being Jack the Ripper. I guess the argument goes that they’ll be judged by their maker but even so, am I the only one who wants to see justice on earth and not only for eternity? I don’t think so.

So, you can see I’m a bit fired up this week but it’s doing me good venting my thoughts here and I know many of you have experienced tragedy and heartbreak and know these feelings much better than I.

Speaking of stress, last night we heard that Britain is Brexiting the EU. I don’t know what all this means and I guess it remains to be seen. I’m Australian and going back, there was some tension about what Britain was doing joining the EU and what that meant for the Commonwealth. I guess those questions will resurface to some degree. Our current Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is an outspoken Republican and we have a Federal election on July 2. There have to be some local ramifications and I don’t know what Brexit means for Australian exports to Europe. It seems the stock market isn’t happy at the moment but hopefully it will bounce back. That obviously has global ramifications.

Anyway, I wrote a post about Brexit last night: The Brexit: Britains Favourite Biscuit. It’s not intended to be a funny piece and falls more into the realms of satire.


Roald Dahl at work in his Hut.

After dealing with the heaviness of the last week,I’ll move onto what I’ve been reading and ask if any of you are huge Roald Dahl fans? You might recall that for the A-Z Challenge I wrote a letter to Roald Dahl as part of my series of Letters to Dead Poets. This has triggered a Dahlfest in my own bookshelf and I’m currently making my way through his biography while reading through his children’s books. I have already read Matilda, James & The Giant Peach and this week I finished off Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I’m now reading Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator. I’m pretty sure that I read both Charlie books as a child but my memories are very dim. I certainly loved the movie starring Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, although there are some obvious discrepancies with the book. Who hasn’t wanted to find their own golden ticket and tour Wonka’s factory and own it at the end?!!

So, travelling along a chocolate river in my dreams has paralleled those more intense questions this week and we’re having a quiet weekend with the kids off at Gang Show rehearsal for Scouts. Performance are only a few weeks away. This means that I’m still rugged up in my winter PJs and dressing gown and I have no intention of going anywhere today. At a chilling 12.9 °C, it’s almost too cold to breathe! (Okay! You can start playing your violins for me now!)

So, how has your week been? I hope it’s been good and look forward to catching up!

Thanks for popping by! This has been part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can click  for the Linky to read the other posts.

xx Rowena

25 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 25th June, 2016.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    So sorry for the loss of your friend and the other inexplicably negative things that occurred this past week. Hopefully the hot chocolate will reinvigorate your heart and soul for better times. ღ

  2. Nancy

    Some weeks it does seem harder to find the positive people and things in the world. I’ve noticed that myself and am considering giving up reading the morning paper because I come away feeling sad and worried about the state of humanity. I am sorry for your friend’s difficulties. I hope she recovers quickly.

    My favorite Roald Dahl book is “The BFG” and I am tickled to see that it has been made into a film. I am looking forward to seeing it. Hope you have a good week. Thanks for the coffee!

  3. Rowena Post author

    Nancy, Thanks for joining me for coffee. I relate to so much of what you wrote. I’m not actively avoiding the news but I’m not chasing it either, although I am quite interested in Brexit and what that means.
    I haven’t read The BFG yet but it will probably be my next Dahl book. I understand that Dahl himself was the BFG…he was certainly tall enough. I’m also looking forward to seeing the film and taking the kids along.
    Hope you have a great week.
    xx Rowena

  4. Nancy

    I didn’t know that about Dahl! One of our third grade teachers reads “The BFG” to her class each year. That is how I first heard of it. The students love the book and I think it’s great that they get so caught up in what would be considered “an older” book. It also carries a strong message of acceptance which is always a good thing!

  5. Rowena Post author

    It certainly helped. After spending yesterday in my PJs and not going out, Geoff decided I needed to go to the shops today and then we went up to the scout hall to pick up the kids. It’s a lovely walk through the bush and the path is even so not a trip hazard. I really enjoyed walking through the bush surrounded by tall eucalypts and that smell of the Australian bush. It has a subtle eucalyptus scent mixed with a slightly musty scent of decaying leaf matter. Not a lot of flowers out at the moment but still serene.
    Unlike Bilbo scratching the door to go outside into the cold! Bedtime for him after that! xx Ro

  6. Suvi

    Well that pie sure looks good, and so does the gravy – the thought of dipping chips in it is just mmmmm..

    I know I’ve enjoyed Dahl’s books as a child but cannot really say I recall anything about them. I have watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (w/Johnny Depp) several times with my children though. It’s such a colorful movie, I quite like it.

  7. marilynwrites

    I love hot chocolate exactly the same way! Sorry to hear about the loss of your family friend and the unpleasent things that have been happening around you. Hope the new week brings better luck. And I loved reading Dahl as a child – so quirky!

  8. jademwong

    It seems that Life insists on being a rollercoaster. You can’t have the ups without the downs and the crazy loops. I send you condolences and best wishes from a stranger in the blog-o-sphere and I will gladly clink my hot chocolate mug against yours. Here’s to a smoother ride come next weekend.

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Jade. I agree with what you say about the rollercoaster. This can be very intense and painful at times, but there’s also the promise that the trajectory is going to change and when we keep hanging in there, that the direction will change.

  10. New Journey

    The world is crazy……I can only hope that it starts to calm down….but I am afraid its not headed in that direction….at least until after the elections…..sad time for so many here on this planet….however I am keeping my head high and making the best of each day…much love to you sister on the down under side of the planet….keep warm…sending you warmth through my heart…..LOL KAt

  11. Joanna Lynn

    Ronald Dahl holds a special place in my heart since my oldest went through a long period where his books and the movies associated with them were a main focus to him. He loves to write, so he was doing a lot of parodies of his work.

    Sorry about the losses.

  12. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Joanna. It’s great to meet up with another Roald Dahl enthusiast. I am currently reading his bio and it’s fabulous and there are excerpts on the Internet published by The Telegraph. I went a bit crazy last weekend and order a Roald Dahl Dictionary and Revolting Cookbook. I found some great facts in the back of his more recent books but am yet to check out his web site. Did you read my Letter to Roald Dahl? https://beyondtheflow.wordpress.com/2016/04/05/d-roald-dahl-letters-to-dead-poets-atozchallenge/
    I didn’t realise he’d been through so much. He is a great role model for anyone going through adversity.
    I’ll pop over and check out your blog.
    xx Rowena

  13. Joanna Lynn

    I didn’t realize he’d been through so much either. It was a great letter you wrote. I find it sad, though, that he cheated on his wife with her friend, which ended the marriage. My husband had affairs as well and it’s heartbreaking to read when it happens or happened to someone else. He accomplished much in his life, though, even through so much adversity. It is admirable to see such strong will and determination to keep moving forward and fighting for a full life.

  14. Rowena Post author

    I’ve know a few people who’s husband’s have been having affairs with her best friend and they’ve had the two families going on holidays together and then bingo…such an unconscionable breach of trust! Fortunately, my husband and I haven’t been through this but I remember what it was like when my many friends ran off with a guy I was interested in. That was bad enough! Couldn’t imagine that happening with my husband. We’ve been married for almost 15 years. Ouch!
    By the way, the Roald Dahl Dictionary is fantastic. It has quotes from his books and Quentin Blake’s illustrations. As a 46 year old, I loved it. Indeed, I’m looking forward to reading the dictionary!
    xx Rowena

  15. Joanna Lynn

    It sounds like you have a good guy! I’ll have to check out the dictionary. Are you going to see the movie “BFG”? It’s coming out here in America soon.

  16. Rowena Post author

    Definitely, Joanna, although I need to read the book first. Apparently, he sent his own sandal round to Quentin Blake as the model for the drawing of his shoe. I think I picked that up from his biography or the back of a book.

  17. Minuscule Moments

    Sorry to hear about your friend Rowena, so hard to deal with life’s challenges. I don’t watch the news every night any more it gets me down. I try to think about the good in this world even when there is so much violence and hate about. I even narrow it down to my area and think about how many bad people live around me and it feels a bit better. Hope your holidays were great. I have had no time to read posts and so I try to drop in on one or two here and there as I madly scramble to finish illustrations on my book. I don’t want another year to slip by with it unfinished so Im not on social media or blogging much.

  18. Rowena Post author

    I understand the need to pull back and you can’t do it all. Good luck with the book and it will be worth pulling back to get it finished. xx Ro

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