Cold Dogs!

Many of you will be familiar with my two dogs, Bilbo and Lady and we’ve been following their intrepid adventures going sailing, kayaking, trying to rescue lost tennis balls from raging seas.

While not quite as exciting or newsworthy as their adventures on high and low tides, the dogs have been chasing the heat lately as Winter sets in.

As you can see from the photograph, Bilbo is hardly a small dog but try telling him he’s too big to be a lap dog. Oh no! My husband and I will be tapping away on our respective lap tops after the kids have gone to bed, and then we feel this white paw reach up and another. Before we know it, the dog has parked on our laps and we’ve juggling cables and laptop to make room before they inadvertently send dreadful messages to all my recipients at once.

Anyway, once the temperature plunges to 15° Celsius around here, it’s deemed “freezing” and even the dogs agree. Bilbo not only snuggled into Geoff’s lap but really dug in the other night:


Cold Dog.


Not sure how she usurped Bilbo, but Lady also welcomed a warm lap.


Complaints to management! Bilbo’s not happy about being rendered a floor dog!

Actually, Bilbo also seems to find a spot near the heater! Funny that!

Meanwhile, my cries of “freezing” have been met with derision on Facebook. You call that cold?

These were some of my responses:

“-5 overnight here in Orange and still -3.3 coming to work at 7 this morning. Now that’s chilly”.

“Northern New England is -6°C at the time of this post.” (This is NW NSW near Armadale).

My husband, Geoff, grew up in rural Tasmania where you had to board in Launceston to complete your last two years of school. He tells great stories of sticking a  glass of water on the window sill overnight where it would turn into a freezing slushie and you really had to be on your guard. Not my idea of a shower on an icy Winter’s morning!

So, what’s your weather doing today? I must say that it looks like our cold snap has eased today and it’s bright and sunny outside today and about 16-18°C. I know that’s “Summer” in other parts of the world and I’m feeling so much better!

Take care!

xx Rowena’

16 thoughts on “Cold Dogs!

  1. Sue Vincent

    I can never see pictures of Lady without being struck by how closely she and Ani look like each other… even down to the bits of white on chin and paw and the red in the black coat. Uncanny. xxx

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    The fur kids are so adorable! Geoff looks pretty toasty with Lady as a blanket.
    It’s been 95F/35C here the past few days, but relief has arrived with 71F/21C. It should be a nice holiday weekend at about 76F/26F. No rain either!
    You’ll never hear me complain about the heat. Cold? I’ve got full blog posts I get my aggression out in 😉

  3. Norah

    Yeah. It’s freezing in Brisbane. I think Sydney was the same. It’s cooler at my desk than where they measure the temperature. They say it’s 18, but feels like 15 to me! Stay warm! 🙂

  4. tj6james6

    Actually it’s kind of a cool, grey, jeans type of day here.It’s currently 15C.
    Of course, after the last few days the expected 21C is very welcome to reside here for a day or two since 31C with 54% humidity is far too hot for Canada.
    In fact, today’s weather was the summer norm when we moved here in 1975.
    It’s not the heat that I complain about, it’s the accompanying humidity that gets me every time.
    However, when I get cold everybody knows! lmao
    Of course, that could be because I rarely totally dress for the winter weather. My boots are collecting dust and my winter coat hasn’t been zipped in several years :).
    I’m my own tropical heat wave and it shows during cooler weather.

  5. Rowena Post author

    It’s great to speak with someone who shares my concept of cold weather. My daughter was dancing with her school at the Central Coast Dance Festival. We had to drop off and watched the second show. Wandered into a great cafe across the road which had a real inner city feel to it. They have shelves of books for people to borrow, swap, drop off etc. Had a lovely chocolate mouse served in a glass. Beautiful!
    The dance festival was fabulous. I love watching dancing. The opening number was a group of special needs kids and they really touched my heart. They were wearing stunning gold costumes with sparkly sequin skirts and my heart almost burst with an intense sense of schadenfreude. They did so well but are up against it.
    I’ve been wearing a woollen hat which does help but the cold still goes stright through me. Hope you’re feeling a bit warmer.
    xx Ro

  6. Rowena Post author

    We can get pretty high humidity in Sydney and high temps with it.
    My husband works at a university and tells me about seeing girls wearing jackets but having bare legs or wearing Summery clothes in Winter. Our son insists on wearing shorts and short sleeves to school and has lost 3 jumpers just to reinforce his point. Grr!

  7. tj6james6

    I have two boys and I don’t think either one even owns a winter coat!
    Actually, the one might since he works the back of a garbage truck and standing outside on the back of moving vehicle in -40 deg weather DOES get cold!

  8. colinandray

    15C freezing!!!!!!!! That is the first decisive sign of Spring around here. Actually we start thinking Spring with anything above 0C, but 15C is amazing!

  9. New Journey

    Brrrrr that’s cold sister!!! In Yuma, where we are not…its over 110″ but here in Sunny Calif…its a perfect 87′ really enjoying the time here…even using a blanket or 2 to sleep…lol but I miss home in Yuma, heat and all….LOL love the dogs…miss my Chika…but she’s running wild with a Frisbee in her mouth out of pain….keep warm….more hot chocolate…..with marshmallows of course….xxkat

  10. Suvi

    So funny that someone would say 15 C is freezing 😛 Here it’s a sign of summer to come! Today has been nice and warm, around 23 C. Shorts and T-shirts kind of weather. xx

  11. Norah

    Sounds like a lovely cafe in which to sit and wait. I was out for lunch today and it was beautifully warm in the sun. I walked back inside when I got home and the temperature dropped at least 5 degrees. It’s so cold at my desk. I tense up all day trying to keep warm.
    We’re dancing our days to warmer weather. Before we know it we’ll be complaining about the heat again! Enjoy!

  12. amommasview

    It’s funny to see how everyone screams cold when the temperatures hit 10C here. But I have to say, I do the same. The wind is just so cold and it just feels different. I should be used to cold (much colder) temperatures from back in Switzerland and yet I get freezing cold too here when it hits the 10C mark…

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