Weekend Coffee Share 9th July, 2016

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

This week, I’m offering you a mug of alphabet soup. Not just because it’s Winter here and a mug of soup somehow seems to warm you up inside and out, but also because I’ve been reading Roald Dahl’s English Dictionary. So rather than actually swallowing our soup, I reckon we should fish out the letters and see what we get. I wonder if this counts as “Gobblefunking with words”? Sounds close enough to me!

Dahl Dictionary

The big news here is that the kids are on school holidays, which in some ways means that I’m not on school holidays but on the other hand, I’m not driving them around as much, so at least Mum’s Taxi is having a break. Next week, it’ll be getting the engine back into gear driving the kids to and from final rehearsals and at last performances of the Gang Show…a variety show put on by Scouts, Guides and their leaders. This year, it’s called “Once Upon A Time” and includes songs from Walt Disney, Dr Suess and Monty Python. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show and seeing what it actually is as well as seeing the kids. We’ve never been to a Gang Show before.

I am feeling much better today. I’ve had some trouble with a chest infection, asthma coughing etc and after being on antibiotics and taking all my asthma medications, i finally bit the bullet yesterday and bought a cough syrup with codeine and had a great night’s sleep. I actually feel alive today, which makes me realize I’ve been off for a few weeks. There might even be a spring in my step, even though it’s still Winter.

So, how are things going with you? Well, I hope!

My family history research battles continue. I don’t know how many of you have delved into family history research but I love it. Once you get through the people you know about, that’s when the detective work begins and for better or worse, I show no mercy. I am a detective/journalist at heart pursuing the story like a dog hunting down a bone. Thanks to the Internet, you can unearth so much buried treasure these days, although most of it is either birth, death, marriage notices unless your ancestors got themselves in a spot of trouble or had accidents of some sort. That is unless they actually achieved something.

Anyway, I’m trying to find out where my grandmother’s family, the Gardiners, actually came from. I don’t know whether it bothers you where your ancestors came from or why they moved from one side of the world to the other but it bothers me. I need to know, especially as my grandmother saw herself as Irish Australian but it could well be that she’s mostly English, which changes the story quite considerably. As it stands, our Gardiners could be English, Irish or Scottish and I want to find out.

After too many dead ends to mention, I’m hoping I’ve finally found John Gardiner’s death certificate. I thought I’d sensed a convict in the mix when I couldn’t find things easily. If this is our John Gardiner, he ended up changing his name to Gardiner-Garden after becoming a senior figure in the NSW Education Department. Whether he’s our John or not, he’s certainly a character and reminds me of Mrs Bucket from the English comedy show Keeping Up Appearances who called herself “Mrs Bouquet”. Nothing like covering up your tracks!

This weekend, we’re doing a bit of work on the house. We’re replacing our kitchen pantry and also adding new curtains to the lounge room. The pantry was a gift from some friends who are moving and I managed to pick up these New-looking Ikea curtains from the opportunity shop for $10.00 each. So, the lounge room is looking well dressed for $40.00. While it’s been great to pick up Ikea curtains for a bargain, the convenience is even better. We don’t have a big shopping centre close-by and it’s much easier for me to buy from the op shops than travel somewhere. Moreover, Ikea is about 2 hours away. So, my bargain was quite a win!!

These new curtains will really brighten up the lounge room, which has been feeling a bit dark and dull during Winter and this is where we spend most of our time. They’re a rosy burgundy colour with a real sheen in the fabric and they really shine in the light.

Getting back to the school holidays, the kids are currently stayed with my parents. My son went down a bit earlier, which left my daughter and I playing Monopoly and doing some cooking.

When did you last play Monopoly?

I’m not really sure whether I like playing Monopoly or not. However, the trouble is you need time to get through a game and usually our games peter out, rather than reaching THE END.

However, time is what you’re meant to have in the school holidays and you’re not supposed to be “too busy” when your much loved and cherished offspring desire some “Mummy Daughter time”. My daughter is big on this even though that phrase really makes me cringe. Cringing aside, I behaved and we played Monopoly. I am not someone who deliberately lets kids win, but I’m not a sore loser either. However, I am human and am not ashamed to admit I don’t want to bomb out and go broke on my first couple of runs around the board.

Early on, I made some joke about her living it up at Mayfair and Park Lane, while I’m slumming it over at White Chapel and Old Kent Roads. I should’ve kept my trap shut!! Sure enough, that came to pass. Fortunately, the game “ended” before she ventured into hotel management and wiped me out completely.  Phew!


My daughter’s Dish.

That was Wednesday. Thursday, she decided we were having a Mini Chef Mystery Box Challenge. We each had to choose 4 secret ingredients for each other to use in addition to an open pantry. This was a really fun idea…even if she was trying to throw me by selecting tuna, sardines, salt and Grain Waves for my mystery box. I fed the sardines to the dogs and we had a sexy variation of tuna mornay for dinner. So, here’s Challenged By My Mini Chef.


My Dish.

If you’re looking for a bit of a laugh, here’s a post I reblogged from Cooking With Whiskers about making hats for your cat. I’ve sent the link to the kids so Grandma’s cat had better beware of the hats! Here’s the link.

After chatting about all of this, I almost forgot to tell you that we still don’t have a result for the Australian Federal Election. It’s looking like the Liberals under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will be returned but we’re yet to find out the final numbers. I just hope that the next 3 years doesn’t turn into an excuse for a political nonsense down in Canberra.Much needs to be done and we’re not paying our politicians to fight among themselves, although that might come as a bit of a surprise to them!

What have you been up to this week? I hope you’ve had a great week and I look forward to catching up!

This has been part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can click the  linky to read the other posts.

Best wishes,

xx Rowena



11 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 9th July, 2016

  1. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I hope you’re feeling better! Nothing like getting a good night’s sleep to feel better with.
    I heard about your election not being decided yet. I hear it may effect your countries credit rating? Which is in good standing, since you guys have not been in a recession. Pretty crazy.
    Our presidential campaign (circus) continues. Hillary was cleared of her email felonies, even tho many think she should be behind bars. Donald may be picking his daughter as his vice president. The entertainment continues….
    On a personal level, my week was nice and quiet. And the weekend weather looks pleasant. Can’t complain! 😆

  2. bettylouise31

    My brothers have researched our father’s side to the arrival of the first in New England. My Mother sude came from Canada. They arrived in Canada from France. I have Franch, Scots and English genes.
    I not looking to our elections this fall.

  3. Deborah Weber

    What a fun post – monopoly and mystery box challenges sound like just the ticket for holidays. A bit of cat hat fashioning sounds quite wonderful as well. I once won a contest with a photo of a hat I made for one of my cats – unfortunately it was years before said cat forgave me for what he considered to be a grave offense. Hope you continue to feel better and wish you a happy week.

  4. Solveig

    Hey, I hope that you are better. Thank you so much for including me in your email the other day, I really enjoyed your little story 😉
    As for family history some of my ancestors did a lot of tracing so just with their work I can go back to 17 something on some branches. Others well I have not explored. But my grandfather is a historian and he is spending some time on the questions regarding his father’s past. So I guess he might be looking further into the family too. He told me a lot about my grandmother’s mother’s side of the family, saying that he knows absolutely nothing…
    I met some lovely Australians the other day, who actually invited me to stay at their home in Briabane if we ever travel down under.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Hi Solveig,
    Lovely to hear from you again. I have some very close friends who have just been to Paris and are now in London. These days I think of you as Paris and Geoffle as London. It’s lovely being able to personalise these places. Glad you met some Australians. We do like our travel, even though it gets quite expensive. I am about to post a photo of a breathtaking sunset I photographed through the car window…the sunset which got away. We were driving with a trailer on the back and it’s not easy to stop so we just had to keep driving. The sunset filled stunning valleys, silouetting the gun trees all while we drove by…ouch!
    Hope you’ve had a great week and I’ll pop round to your blog tomorrow.
    xx Ro

  6. Solveig

    The Australians who I met are travelling Europe for a month, Paris is their last stop. I guess the expense of the trip is why I have not come to Australia yet. Austria is so much cheaper and closer…
    Well when I think of Australia I think of you 🙂
    My week was amazing, so much sun!! I started with winter days and now summer, shade has become a rare commodity.
    Hugs, Solveig

  7. New Journey

    Well its Sunday morning here…so its almost Monday there…your weekend finished and mine almost over…the slow cooker is on, I mentioned all that in a different post of yours…the husband is watching tennis getting ready for the big final in Euro Cup, my cousin nd I are headed to the Farmers Market to see what we can find….then out into the yard to plant cactus that have out grown there pots… and repot them with other busting from there little pots…LOL can’t get my hands dirty enough….My husband is on count down before he heads home to the dessert. He can’t wait…his ole knee is really screaming from the cool weather along with his lungs..I still have 3 weeks until I head home, I will be heading north to Washington to see my sister with my daughter….just a short 16 hour drive…LOL but it will be fun…I do love a road trip……I hope your feeling well….and the cough is gone….enjoy the week…kids back in school…XXkat

  8. Rowena Post author

    I was in Paris in the Summer of 1992 and I still remember the heat. I was there for 6 weeks through July and August. There were people sunbaking beside the Seine. It was warm and sunny here today and then Winter returned in the afternoon and we have a couple of cool days ahead.
    Hope you’re having a great week!
    xx Rowena

  9. Rowena Post author

    We finally have an election result and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is back with what is considered a majority government. Must be a very slim majority!
    Your elections are looking very intense. Quite scary!
    Hope you’re having a good week and enjoying your Summer.
    xx Rowena

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