Drats! The Sunset Which Got Away!

Check out this breathtaking sunset!

It all but escaped my snap-happy finger, while we were driving down to Sydney. As much as we’re inclined to pull over to immediately capture that stunning sunset, we had the trailer on the back. Moreover, due to the an accident on the freeway, we’d opted for the “scenic route” along the rustic and rather windy Old Pacific Highway, and couldn’t stop. Out of sheer desperation, I managed to snatch this shot through the windscreen and you too can enjoy water droplets bouncing around like ping pong balls, wrecking what might have been a stunning shot.

Of course, I know I shouldn’t get upset about not being able to photograph a sunset. There are, after all, much more pressing issues in our world, and it wasn’t like I was trapped underground and couldn’t see it.

However, therein lies the problem. I could see that sunset in all its technicolour glory and felt the call of the wild. Such an incredible sunset isn’t something you just see through your eyes, but also through every part of your being…mind, body, spirit and it somehow becomes a part of your very being. So, to be able to capture that, it’s a bit like sticking your bubble gum to the bed post over night. You can come back and relive the experience later.

I also enjoy sharing a little taste of Australia with you. Through even this less than perfect photo, you can still appreciate an Australian bush sunset with those towering gum trees silhouetted against the setting sun. You can also sense the vibrant intensity of the colours…molten oranges and yellows slapped across the sky like generous coats of paint. It looks so good, I want to eat it! Yum!

However, as much as I’m disappointed about missing the sunset, I must admit that I think it’s good for me to just to stand back and appreciate the bigger picture now and then. Take in the vast enormity of an endless sky. Feel gobsmacked! Awe inspired! Instead of trying to work out how I’m going to frame it. Shove it inside a 6 x 4 box to contain it. By trying to constrain the heavens and stick boundaries around them, they lose some of their magic. Like wild animals caged at the zoo, they’re still great to look at, but it’s not the same as seeing them in the wild. Or, experiencing a sunset simply for its intrinsic beauty without trying to turn it into something it’s not…a photo!

These two opposing views, however, bring me into conflict with myself. How can someone whose love of photography could be described as a chronic twitch, ever happily let a brilliant sunset go and simply let it be?

I don’t know but every now and then it happens. I spot something and don’t have my SLR with or my phone and I have that experience, albeit reluctantly…a lesson in savouring the moment…!

Meanwhile, could you please pass me a Kleenex. I still have a bit of work ahead on acceptance! I’m still thinking about the sunset which got away!

What do you think about savouring the moment? Is it better with or without the camera?

xx Rowena

PS: By the way, if you like a good sunset photo, here’s one I prepared earlier.

sunset dove

Sunset Down the Road a few weeks ago.



12 thoughts on “Drats! The Sunset Which Got Away!

  1. Rambling Rose

    Raindrops and all – beautiful sunsets !! .. and a zillion times better than the ones sitting somewhere on my phone downloads – not looked at because the click has not done one iota of justice to the real thing. So I’ve given up on clicking sunsets … more or less. 🙂 Sometimes I still try but am now trying to experience this and other moments ‘live’. Allowing them to change me without trying to change it … to a photo like you have said so well. I think the memory too lasts longer cause they go deeper. So am trying not to ruin the present moment by clicking for the future.
    But there are still some things worth clicking … and then I get trigger happy 🙂
    Was thinking of the same thing tho recently at a family wedding. Everyone was clicking away when the bride arrived. Poor thing. She saw flashes and phones – not smiles and cheers. Technology has its drawbacks.

  2. New Journey

    I love them both…when you first look, really all you see is beauty….and for me that’s instant….then I start to take in the rest….the water, or rain drops, the trees/or tree outlines, both are really breathtaking…nothing like the beauty of a sunset or sunrise to set it all right again….in the desert one of my favorites times of the say is sitting on the deck and welcoming the sunrise to the sky…..many times it out does is counterpart…the sunset…..thanks for sharing a piece of your paradise with us…xxkat

  3. Life In Camelot

    Ha, same as you Rowena – torn between taking the photo and living in the moment. But so very glad to have so many photos to look back at all those wonderful moments…

  4. thecoffeebeanbrain

    I love sunsets! And that photo you took from your car is beautiful as the one with the good sunset. I relish in picutre perfect moments and I do take a photo or two. But the idea of just being in the moment kind of makes it especially your own. No one feels the experience like you do by just being there.

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