Waffling About Perfection.

How long has it taken me to actually use my waffle machine for its intended purpose and actually make waffles?

I’m not telling. This is a blog, NOT a confessional!

While I’ve crushed, fried and crunchified boiled potatoes in the waffle iron before, I’ve NEVER ever made a waffle. Yet, tonight I finally walked the plank, jumped over the edge and straight into the raging waves only to find absolute calm…still waters!

The waffles worked. Were delicious! I succeeded!

So why have I put it off for so long?

Of course, you know why. You know the crazy reason why. I’ve been too scared. Scared I’d make a mistake and botch them up.

That’s right. I’ve been yet another a paralyzed perfectionist.

How about you? Are you also guilty as charged?

There’s nothing more annoying than a perfectionist who isn’t perfect…especially when it’s yourself!

Perfectionism is a sneaky, cunning beast. It doesn’t knock on your front door and announce its arrival. It doesn’t have flashing neon lights with ringing sirens either. Instead, it silently sneaks in through the back door and creeps up on you from behind and grabs you by the throat.

It also gets you busy. In the case of the waffles, it threw a bamboozling array of recipes at me, followed by a plethora of different waffle irons and that was before we’d even considered toppings. By this stage, there so  many rats going round and round in spinning wheels inside my head, for me to do anything.

Although it might be cliched, paralysis by analysis is real. Too many cogs spinning all at once and your exhausted, over-worked brain is blowing a gasket. Boom! Bang! Crash!

So, as I said, I made waffles for the first time tonight and they were great. Covered in creamy vanilla ice cream and maple syrup dripping off the fork…So yum!

Why on earth did I put it off for so long?


The Lutheran Church in Wollongong put this recipe book together in the aftermath of WWII. Having members from a multitude of European countries, some being enemies at home, the idea of the cookbook was to bring people together and sharing recipes is a great way to start.

We didn’t have a waffle machine growing up at home. Even though I ended up using my grandmother’s recipe to make our waffles tonight, she’d never made them for me either. I found the recipe in a Church cookbook she’d edited back in the 1950s. Of course, all the measurements were in “ancient” and had to be translated. I also wondered whether I really did have to separate the eggs, or whether I should use a simpler recipe, which just throws the ingredients together? I chose the complicated path, hoping for fluffier waffles and I used my egg beater as well. It’s also ancient.


As I was saying, we didn’t have a waffle machine growing up and I have to admit that making the waffles, was like magic. The batter looked just like pancake mix and I admit that as I spread it over the waffle iron, I doubted it could actually make a waffle and I had that child-like sense of wonder, when I opened up the machine, and found the sculptured waffles cooking inside.



I’m proud of my waffles. Not just because they were good, but also because in tackling that challenge, I crossed a new frontier…just like an explorer crossing a mountain for the very first time. I did it. I actually extended my wings and allowed myself to leave my cage and truly soar.

While making waffles might only be a small step for woman and nowhere near actually landing on the moon, all these steps add up and could ultimately build a ladder. You never know.

So, in case you want to follow in my esteemed footsteps, here’s Grandma’s Waffle Recipe:


My Grandmother’s Waffle Recipe taken from the “Around the World With Cooking” Cookbook.

Grandma’s Waffle Recipe

250g Plain Flour

Pinch salt

1 teas Baking Powder

1 generous cup of milk and a splash (270 mls)

2 eggs, separated.

50g melted butter.


  1. Start preparing the batter about an hour before required.
  2. Take eggs out of the fridge 30 mins beforehand and at room temperature.
  3. Sift flour & salt into a basin. Make a well in the centre.
  4. Separate eggs and put the whites aside.
  5. Beat egg yolks and add hald the milk. Pour into the flour and mix into a smooth batter, gradually stirring in the rest of the milk.
  6. Beat mixture and allow to stand for an hour.
  7. 15 minutes before the mix is ready to cook, beat egg whites until stiff. Put aside.
  8. Once the hour is up, add the melted butter to the mixture and then stiffly beaten egg whites and baking powder.
  9. Spray waffle iron with oil or butter and have it hot to make the waffles.


By the way, just to encourage you and humble myself a little further, when I went to reheat my cup of tea in the microwave, I found the melted butter for the waffle mix in there. That’s right. I’d left it out. This could explain why the waffles weren’t quite as crunchy as expected, but I’d instinctively added butter to the machine for the second batch.

Have you ever made waffles? How does your recipe compare to mine and do you have any tips and topping suggestions to share?

I look forward to hearing from you!

xx Rowena


My Grandparents.

22 thoughts on “Waffling About Perfection.

  1. Alyson

    Those waffles look delicious! I don’t blame you for using the waffle maker for nearly everything else though – I did the same with my panini press.

  2. Suvi

    I have never had a waffle iron actually! I love waffles, so maybe it’s for the best 😂 How lovely to find your grandma’s recipe to use 💕

  3. tj6james6

    I speak/read ancient, lol. I’m from the Deep South *shrug*.
    My waffle recipe is really easy.
    1. Buy a box of add water pancake mix.
    2. Dump some of the mix in a bowl.
    3. Add water.
    4. Stir until no lumps left.
    5. Dump some in waffle iron.
    6. Cook until done.
    7. Enjoy.
    No, I did not leave out measurements, lol. I rarely use them since I cook, rarely, by intuition and how it looks
    Crepes is something I want to tackle at some point. Perhaps this winter when the temps aren’t high enough to cook your brain when you’re standing still.
    Toppings? Syrup, why taint something so wonderful with anything else?

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much foradding your recipe and very good dose of humor. I had a great laugh. I had syrup on mine but my daughter filled hers with chunks of milk chocolate an dit did look mighty good!
    xx Ro

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Derrick. It wouldn’t surprise me if many writers do. My procrastination must fuel much of my writing.

  6. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Norah and it’s great to catch up again. I’ve had school holidays, performances and this history research which is driving me mad. I just thought I had to keep going with it until I found him so I didn’t have to start all over again but reality is starting to catch up on me. Hope you had a great weekend! I went to my daughter’s mid-year casual dance concert yesterday and we stayed until the end when the youth performed and it was fantastic! I am booking myself in for an adult ballet class, despite finding out my broken foot hasn’t healed and I’ll probably be needing surgery. I have no expectations of myself as a dancer so it’s easier to have a go. If I can hold my hands nicely at the end of 6 weeks I’ll be happy! Hope things are going well for you!
    xx Ro

  7. Rowena Post author

    It’s funny because my brother has also been making her waffle recipe and yet, as I said, I can’t remember her making it. Recipes are like that though. You go through phases with them.
    Now that you mention eating the waffles, I’m not it’s such a good development, although the waffles themselves are fine and don’t have sugar. It’s just what you add on top.

  8. Norah

    What a busy life! I’m pleased you’re pushing through – despite the broken foot! Have a good week. 🙂

  9. tj6james6

    You’re welcome 🙂
    Chocolate makes almost anything scrumptious! I could go for a good dose of it just about now, and there IS a chocolate bar in the fridge which is calling my name 😀
    That and the coffee I need to warm up. Breakfast of champions!

  10. Rowena Post author

    Cadbury has put out a Milk Chocolate bar with Oreo and I really like it. We’ve had semolina pudding for dessert and I jazz it up with some chopped macadamia nuts, cinnamon and a drizzle of honey. It was real feel good comfort food and pretty healthy too. Yum!

  11. Rowena Post author

    Things have become quite hectic and I’m not working at the moment. Just trying to keep up with my daughter…and at times my son but he’s a bit older now. Being involved in the creative arts takes a lot of effort and a dedicated support crew. Take care! xx Ro

  12. New Journey

    My brother in law makes waffles and looking forward to eating some up north….light and fluffy with fruit on top….yummmm yours look great…kat

  13. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Kat. Sorry, it has taken me so long to reply. It was my birthday last weekend and I was working on a short story during the week for a competition deadline on Friday. It was historical fiction and so it took awhile to build up all the layers to get that authenticity. Then, I had quite a job cutting back to meet the word limit. Phew! It’s done. I am working on a factual account of the murder which occured in 1903 which I can post.
    Hope you’re going well! xx Ro

  14. New Journey

    never apologize for enjoying life….I know your there…and extremely busy…a mom of 2, a wonderful wife, a writer….that’s just to list a couple hats you where as each one has at least 5 sub-jobs to go with them…LOL kat

  15. Rowena Post author

    Kat, lately I haven’t even been busy…just lost in space, although the last week I was beavering away. We had a great dinner out tonight at a Spanish restaurant and I had paella with muscles, baby octopus, squid etc. it was cooked to perfection. Thanks to the decor and the music, I felt like we were in Spain and it was such a lovely break. Then we received a phone call from someone who had found Lady talking herself for a walk and we were an hour away. They managed to get her back in through the gate and thank goodness she stayed there! She is getting out everyday at the moment. Houdini. She is just lucky that she’s so friendly and cute! xx Ro PS We blame the Cavalier element for this behaviour. Bilbo who is all BC was still at home!

  16. New Journey

    Glad they were able to get her in the gate…she just has one of those “lets go visiting” spirits….and yes good old BC are home bodies….LOL glad you had a wonderful night out…we just got back from one of the 3 big casinos in our area…they have a wonderful Mexican breakfast buffet…my favorite….and hubby won $87 on the machines….LOL its 109 out now so we are kicked back in front of the Olympic…..watching the swimming heats….xxkat

  17. Rowena Post author

    Alyson, sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment about the waffles. The latest development with the waffle machine…the other night my daughter make a toastie in it with just cheese and white bread. Have you ever tried that? It turned out really well. The bread was quite crispy and it had great novelty factor. I think it would also be great with some thing slices of ham inside too. Just had to watch the thickness so we could get it closed.

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