Pelicans Sleeping

Tonight, Geoff and I went out for dinner at The Entrance, about 2 hours drive North of Sydney on the NSW Central Coast. Our daughter goes to school nearby and had a party to get to. So,  Geoff and I headed out for dinner.Snatched away some time together, especially as our son is away at a Scout camp.

The Entrance-NSW

I have to be honest and say we were the only people out photographing The Entrance after dark on this chilly Winter’s night. The pair of us are pretty hopeless and can’t leave the house without the camera and the reflections on the water were very alluring.

Much of the place was closed but we did notice a throng of young people hanging round outside the restaurant after dinner playing Pokamon Go. They actually brought some life to the place.

To be honest, The Entrance wasn’t a thriving metropolis tonight and it was rather spooky walking round in the dark before dinner passed the closed fairground equipment but, as I said, it’s Winter and so many beachside areas shut down during the cooler months.

Storm Boy

Storm Boy

When I was about 7, we went on a family holiday at The Entrance and I haven’t forgotten the magic of seeing my first live pelicans. This was around the time that a famous Australian movie, Storm Boy, was released. I highly recommend it, even though it completely broke my heart and had me in tears.

The Entrance at Tuggerah

The Entrance at Tuggerah’ – RAHS/Osborne Collection

My Dad’s family has lived in Sydney since the 1850s and generation after generation had holidays up at The Entrance and even though there is a real blend between the old and the new, there’s still that sense of timelessness. That the tides keep moving in and out. The pelicans keep paddling by and people are fishing, swimming, walking along the shore. The only difference is that these days, the Pokemon have moved in.

Have you ever been to The Entrance? Or, perhaps you have a favourite seaside place you love to visit?

Hope you are having a great weekend!

xx Rowena

4 thoughts on “Pelicans Sleeping

  1. Eli Pacheco

    I love places like this, where time stands still (except for the Pokemon). My pick would be the Battery in Charleston – it’s not a beach with sand, but it’s seaside, and feels right. Beautiful post.

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