Olympic Coffee Share

If we were having coffee today, I’d be asking you: “Would you like Gold with that?”

After all, the the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are in full swing and today, I was watching the swimming live from the couch. Australia has taken out a bronze in archery but I was here in front of the box when Mack Horton romped home to take Gold in the 400m freestyle. Our Australian swimmers in the Women’s 4 x 100 Freestyle relay soon won Gold and also broke the world record. That really had me leaping from my seat: “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Mack Horton with Flag

Australia is currently at the top of the medal tally and I’ll enjoy it while it lasts. Of course, I put a lot of hard work into my training routine!

Here’s my Olympic coverage: Gold From The Couch.

Miss with Medal

Not that I’m showing off, by here’s my daughter wearing Cate Campbell’s Gold medal from London 2012. We met Cate at a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy “Fill The Boot”, which was run by the fire brigade. The last leg of Fill The boot was held at North Sydney Olympic Pool with Cate Campbell racing against X Factor host Luke Jacobz as well as swimming a demonstration lap. I’m not into swimming but even I could appreciate the difference. Knew I was witnessing the world champion in action. You can read more at:Β The Niceometer and Fill The Boot.

Family with Cate Campbell Xfactor

Mr, X-Factor’s Luke Jacobz, Miss, Cate Campbell and Me.

Meanwhile back at the ranch…

Milly Violin

Miss playing the violin at Open Day.


Last Wednesday was Open Day at my daughter’s school. The day began with a gala performance with our daughter performing with the senior choir, orchestra, string and dance groups. Proud Mum was watching through the zoom lens, taking photos. It’s my way of saying: “I love you”, even though she might hate it and no doubt that’s why she’s labelled me “embarrassing”. Afterwards, we went back to her classroom. The must-see was the robotic cars the kids have made for a race at Newcastle University next Saturday. Not as many artworks not that she’s getting older, but still a primary schoolroom.


Open Day at the high school for our son was cancelled due to the rain.

Writing-wise, I have been beavering away on a short story for a local competition, which was due on Friday. Unfortunately, I can’t post it here but I can share my angst trying to knock off 300 words to reach the 1500 word limit and repeating and repeating the process in the last day as I fine tuned it all. I’ve never murdered so many adverbs and adjectives in my life but I didn’t want to delete any of my complications as I really wanted to tension to reach boiling point.

pelicans sleeping

Pelicans Sleeping at The Entrance After Dark- Photo Geoff Newton.

Saturday afternoon, our daughter had a birthday further up the coast and so we went out for dinner at The Entrance. I remember going for a holiday there as a child. It gets it’s name as it’s located where Tuggerah Lakes enters the Tasman Sea via a narrow inlet. The Entrance also has a sandy, ocean beach. We had a fabulous Spanish meal and I fully immersed myself into a seafood paella with muscles, prawns and tender squid! Yum!

You can read more about our night at The Entrance here.

However, as soon as we left the restaurant, my mobile rang. Lady, our recalcitrant black dog, had escaped yet again and had been found. We were over an hour from home so we asked them to put her back in through the gate and hoped for the best. She was actually still there when we arrived home. My husband has been blocking up all sort of holes and gaps over the last two weeks and she’s still getting out. We have no idea how she’s getting out now and we’re starting to wonder if she can fly. Perhaps, she flaps those long, floppy ears of hears and takes off. As crazy as that sounds, that mutt seems deceptively daft and given her propensity for mischief, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was actually incredibly smart.

This will be my last Weekend Coffee Share coming from my navy, leather couch. We spotted a temporary replacement at the Op Shop last weekend and it arrives Wednesday. Tomorrow night, the couches go out beside the road for council cleanup, taking their stories with them. There’s the cushion that flew out of the trailer on the freeway moving up here when it was still pretty new and treasured. Geoff had this couch when we first met and I’ve breastfed the children in it, read them stories and struggled with my mobility issues trying to get out of it at times. At about 20 years old, however, it was time for it to go to the great sofa heaven in the sky. That said, I still don’t want to be home when the truck munches it up, converting it into landfill…sob! It’s so brutal.

How about you? How are you going? Have you been watching the Olympics? Read any good books?

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and have a great week ahead!

This has been part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can click theΒ linkyΒ  to read the other posts.

xx Rowena



25 thoughts on “Olympic Coffee Share

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    How cool for the little Miss to be able to put her hands on the gold. The Aussie swimmers are super impressive. Coffee and gold…I think I like that combo more than coffee and cream. πŸ˜‰

  2. Eli Pacheco

    Maybe she’ll bring her own gold medal home someday! Comfy couches are like good friends – easy to relax with and tough to watch get ground up to bits. We’re currently watching men’s gymnastics and always fight being ugly Americans when our pride swells to ungainly heights!

  3. thecoffeebeanbrain

    How exciting about the gold medal and meeting Cate. I haven’t really had the chance to watch the games since it started. It’s been raining for days yet a lot of errands need to be done. I hope I can still watch the recaps soon. Thanks for coffee and thanks for stopping by my sharing too! πŸ™‚

  4. New Journey

    As I sit here I am watching the men’s 400m relay…it is so hard to not watch…LOL USA is in the lead at this moment…USA took it..how frigin exciting…The Ausies took the bronze…your country is doing great in getting medals….I always feel bad for the other teams…but pretty darn exited when its the home country…SO jealous that Missy got to wear a Gold medal….how exciting….I have been pretty much glued to the TV since the Olympics started…..For books, I recommend – The Winter Sea by Susan Kearsley…..I just reread it and enjoyed just as much the second time around…..she is one of my favorite authors…..old couches are like old friends….I didn’t own one for over 20 years…LOL I had big rocking chairs of all sorts, recliners nad wooden….then I married my Liebling, he had an old orange colored one with nasty buttons on the cushions…they would catch in the back of my thighs when I sat on it…I hated it…LOL so we bought a new one and it is so comfy….however I generally sit in my wooden rocker….LOL Have a fantastic week….we are expecting some rain by Wednesday….ought to be interesting….LOL xxxxkat

  5. Rowena Post author

    I was interested to see how hot it was there and I’m not good with my translations but that is seriously hot. Qyuite often you get people overseas who consider anything over 30 degrees Celsius hot, where hot here is around 42 degrees which is over your 100 degrees F. I feel for you in that kind of heat!!
    I finally took the dogs for a walk at the beach this morning and caught up with my dog walking friends. The dogs were so energetic, chasing the ball and Lady loves running off in this sneaky mischievous way. She has done a lot of hunting before we got her and I think that’s a huge part of her makeup. We’re blaming the cavalier side for all her mischief. Bilbo agrees.
    Congrats on the men’s 400m. I’m now watching the Aussies play USA in the hockey. Not really hugely into hockey and don’t understand it but it’s just background at the moment.
    The couch is now out the front and we’ll have a night without a lounge. Chairs aren’t real comfy.
    Did I tell you that I’m starting an adult ballet class on Thursday night? It should be a real hoot. I don’t have huge expectations of myself but I’m really looking forward to doing something so far out of my comfort zone that I have no expectations at all.
    Hope the rain comes as expected. I can just see the steam rising from the pavement!
    Hope you have a great week but not too many gold medals at our expense please! xx Ro

  6. Rowena Post author

    Hope you get a breather soon. I’ve got the hockey on in the background at the moment but we’ve had a huge clear out today and that’s kept me busy too.

  7. Rowena Post author

    I guess a couple of Aussie divers are going to find out tonight. They’re planning to go to sleep with their medals under their pillows and will be in strife if all they wake up to is a pool of chocolate!

  8. Rowena Post author

    Ha! The Aussies are playing USA in women’s hockey at the moment. The score is 1 nil to USA.
    My husband was a bit reflective about his couch going. He’s had it longer than me and we’ve been married for almost 15 years!

  9. New Journey

    Ballet….good for you…I am afraid that is way to out of my comfort zone…LOL should be fun….the heat is not as bad as everyone thinks…there is basically no humidity, most of the time, and its just a hot, dry hear…if you stay in the shade and don’t let the sun actually beat down on you its bearable….the hottest part of the day is around 4p…makes you understand all the Mexican Siestas…to hot to work at that time of day.. we get up early and beat the sun up and do our chores outside, usually done by 10a…this morning we raked leaves and bagged them for the garbage….got a good sweaty workout….LOL took a shower and sitting in front of a fan watching water hockey….US is winning Spain…YAY but it could go either way…really enjoying watching them..so much joy and comradery between all the athletes….enjoy your twirling!!! keep me posted….glad you got the dogs out for a beach run…sure miss my Chika….later gator….XXKat

  10. Rena McDaniel

    Our dog was doing that so we set up a camera and he was literally climbing the fence! It was an 8 FOOT fence and he could climb to the top and jump down! We couldn’t believe it.

  11. brittabottle

    I love that photo of your daughter with Cate Campbell’s medal! What an awesome experience! I’m in the US, where swimming is being covered like crazy in prime time (because…Michael Phelps) and I’ve also been watching a lot of gymnastics. I’ve really enjoyed watching the US Women’s team, as they are an incredibly talented bunch. This is the first time in many years that I’ve really paid any attention to the Olympics and I’m really enjoying it!

  12. Joanna Lynn

    Loving the Olympics. Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles and Manuel have given the USA a LOT to cheer about. Hope you do well with your writing competition.

  13. annamullikinfreeman

    Love this post! Here in the U.S., it’s all I can watch! πŸ™‚ I love the picture of your daughter with the medal on, I can’t imagine what a neat experience that was for her!


  14. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Anna. It was an awesome experience and it possibly meant even more as we watched Cate Campbell compete in these Olympics and take out Gold with the 4 x 100mWomens Freestyle relay. Watching the athletics tonight. All of this is way beyond my capabilities but I love all the stories behind the athletes and have found them so encouraging.
    Keep enjoying the coverage!
    xx Rowena

  15. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Tikeetha. Hope you’re having a great week. I’m currently watching the athletics. All heats I think.
    Have a great week!
    xx Rowena

  16. annamullikinfreeman

    How cool, I can’t even imagine! I love how the Olympics brings us all together and gives everyone hope. πŸ™‚ I hope you enjoy the last few days!


  17. D.W. Hirsch

    What an amazing experience with Cate. How delightful when heros on pedestals turn out to be decent, friendly humans. πŸ™‚

    Isn’t editing for an external word count the most exhilarating and frustrating thing ever?!? How tight our writing comes from that. All the best with that–you will keep us posted, yes?

    As for books…geez, I read and don’t read way too much. Good books…I’m revisiting childhood faves. Why not? They were good first time; seconds from the buffet table–or bookcase–can be just as yummy.

  18. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much. Will try to keep you posted. The award ceremony is about a month away and I’ll find out then. They have sure taken their time!
    Best wishes,

  19. Rowena Post author

    Sorry for not replying to your comment sooner. Even the paralympics is over now. I enjoyed watching that too and felt so inspired by the many stories of how aiming for the paralympics gave these athletes hope after going through a terrible loss or accident. It’s really encouraged me to believe hurdles can be overcome, even when they can’t be cleared.
    xx Rowena

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