Weekend Coffee Share August 14, 2016.

If we were having coffee today, would you be game enough to join me on the wild side for a Beetroot Coconut Chocolate Latte at Terrigal Beach? Since I usually go for a stock standard Cappuccino, trying this was the cafe equivalent of extreme sports. However, watching Masterchef has extended my palate and beetroot featured regularly on the show and we even have some growing in our veggie patch. I really loved it with it’s smooth,velvety texture and it tasted fantastic. Who would have thought?  The closest I’ve come to having something like this before, was a divine Coconut Chai Latte in Sydney’s Surry Hills and that cafe’s closed down. I am still grieving.

How has your week been? I hope things have gone well!

Mack Horton with Flag

Have you been watching the Olympics? Even though I’m not into sport, I’m loving the coverage, especially the back stories of the athletes. Of course, you don’t expect a gold medal to arrive on a platter but these stories are so encouraging. I also enjoyed Day 1 when Australia was at the top of the medal tally and watching Australian swimmer Mack Horton take out gold followed by the Women’s 4 x 100 relay. I really felt for the Campbell sisters when they missed out on medals in subsequent races.

Spring has arrived with glorious sunshine, muted blue skies and explosions of golden wattle glowing through the bush.Even though it doesn’t get that cold during Winter, there’s still that temptation to hibernate and in the last week, it’s been like the doors have sprung open and we’re all getting back out and about.

Monday morning, I was back at the beach  walking the dogs. It’s been awhile since I’ve been walking them regularly and I’m hoping that the regular exercise will stop Lady from trying to get out. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve  boarded up underneath the house, put chicken wire in beside the house to curtail our digging wombat as well as fencing off the back shed to stop her from jumping off over the back fence. I hope that from a doggie perspective, that our place has now become Alcatraz!

The Cast from Thursday’s Dog walkers’ Birthday Party.

While we’ve been working hard to stop Lady from jumping hurdles,  I leaped over a gazillion hurdles myself to get through my first adult ballet class on Thursday night. It was an exhilarating thrill and way better than I’d ever imagined. As soon as I walked out, I was already counting down to my next class. Not that I’m not a bit concerned. Moving from 1st to 2nd position is very different to pirouettes, jumping and goodness knows what else lies ahead over the next 5 weeks. I told my daughter to watch out! Her look told me I was dreaming…or insane!

You can read how I went here and the kids’ reactions here.

On Saturday, our daughter competed in the Mini Ev Spint Race at the Hunter Valley Electric Vehicle Festival with her school. The students formed teams and built their own solar cars, which they raced on organised by Newcastle University. We drove our Morris Minor up there and converted into the school’s mascot with loads of balloons and streamers. Naturally, Morrie attracted the organiser’s attention and our kids posed in front of Morrie with their cars and I emerged as the Official Photographer for the event.


Pokemon Racer getting some pre-race treatment.

By the way, I should tell you that our daughter wasn’t so keen on our car being the school mascot. “You are NOT decorating our car!!!” I overcame that protest but backed down when refused to have a teddy bear on the roof in school uniform. Where’s her sense of fun? I think she voted me the most embarrassing mother on Earth!


The class had been slit up into teams with 5 cars from their school. These had some very inventive names: The Pokemon Racers, The Lambergini Llamas, Speedy Narwals, Lightening Strikes and Outside of the Box. Unfortunately, my daughter’s team’s car The Pokemon Racers conked out half way down the track on its first heat.


Geoff relaxing at Terrigal Beach, NSW. Check out the surf. it’s as flat as a pancake.

This afternoon, Geoff and spent a few hours at Terrigal Beach having coffees and fish cocktails and scallops. The kids were off at their Scout Gang Show Reunion. Terrigal was stunning but I’d forgotten how flat the “surf” is there until Geoff was taking photos. I remember Mum loving the lapping waves when I was a kid. She’d had a bad experience in heavy surf.

Do you have anything special coming up this week?

Tomorrow morning, Mum’s taxi heads back up to Newcastle. It’s an hour’s drive but navigation could be a problem.  Driving Mum’s Taxi is one thing but navigation is quite another. While I could have succumbed to GPS, I didn’t want my navigational abilities to deteriorate any further. That could be very dangerous indeed! I get so lost, I even lose myself!

It’s now only one week until Miss performs with the school string group at the the 2016 Festival of Instrumental Music at the Sydney Opera House.

Milly Violin

The 2016 Festival of Instrumental Music features musically diverse performances by NSW Public and High School students in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House. It  involves more than 400 schools and literally thousands of students from across NSW in Combined String and Combined Recorder Ensembles.

The Combined Strings repertoire includes diverse compositions with a “natural world” theme. Vivaldi’s Autumn from the Four Seasons, arranged by Richard Meyer, is an introduction to programmatic music in a Baroque setting. Terra Nova, a Richard Meyer original, is an exploration of rhythm and metre musically describing a new territory of the imagination. Mala Rain, a specially commissioned work from Sydney musician and conductor Wendy Ireland depicts Uluru and its surrounds during very rare storms. And in a grand finale to the concert, a percussion ensemble will join both the recorder and string ensembles to perform the world premiere of a new commission by Stephen Chin, Pagodas by the Heavenly Lake, in the presence of the composer.

So, there’s been a lot going on.

How has your week been? I’d love to hear from you and thanks for joining me!

This has been part of the Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana at Part-Time Monster. You can click the  to read the other posts.

xx Rowena





9 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share August 14, 2016.

  1. New Journey

    Well coffee here has changed into smoothies…with lots of water….LOL what a fun week you have had… watching the Olympics, ballet, car racing, a doggie birthday party and a date with your husband….sounds like fun to me, and the whole time creating an escape proof house for your Houdini dog…LOL we have been beating the heat!! I have been back at the pool, however its pretty hard to swim in water that’s way to warm….I have been glued to the TV, love the Olympics and all the wonderful stories that comes out with the athletes….very emotional for sure…so happy for all that are ale to pull off the best moment of there careers so far and walk away with a medal…The USA swimming team was a highlight for me for sure along with the gymnastics… enjoy all the different venues they have…beets ‘root” is yummy…have had it myself as a hot drink also..yum….however my favorite way to eat beets are roasted in the oven, my husband loves pickled beets with anything! We have to cut down the rest of out trees that are on the edge of our driveway…they have a fungus that is killing them…I am sad that we are cutting down trees, however, these trees have leaves that fall year round, doves that nest year round in the branches, now I hear you saying, oh poor little doves…nope…they are pooping all over everything…and I don’t mean just a little drop here or there…there are at least 30 couples having babies in our trees…so its really a poop fest…LOL I won’t miss the trees…we will replace them with either oleanders or Mexican bird of paradise…no matter what the birds will be moving on to someone else’s trees..we have been to the local casino a couple times… I don’t gamble, but my husband plays the slots a little…he won $87 at one of our outings…we are enjoying learning how to live in extreme heat…so far we are managing…!!! have a fantastic week…I have a GPS also but I would rather map out the route and use my brain against the GPS…what did we do before all this technology happened anyway…LOL keep the toes pointed and enjoy!!! xxkat

  2. Nancy

    How exciting for your daughter to perform at the Sydney Opera House! Good luck to her and congratulations to you on winning “Worlds Most Embarassing Mom!” I’ve held that title myself a few times. 😉 As for you escape artist pup, maybe you can enter her in the Canine Olympics? I’m sure there’s a hurdling event! Enjoy your week and thanks for the coffee.

  3. Joanna Lynn

    It sounds like you have been extremely busy but it sounds fun. I commend you on trying to navigate the roads on your own, but there is absolutely no way I can go anywhere I’m not familiar without my GPS. Directions and me DO not mix well.

  4. Rowena Post author

    Thanks. Busy is right! So much driving. Need a rest! I’ve just posted about getting lost driving up yesterday. I have no sense of direction!

  5. mariaholm

    Thank you for giving such vivid glimpses into your world. It really would be wonderful to be able to run at your beach and we could have this beetroot coffee mixture together afterwards and talk

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