The Corgi Republican.

Further to the hypothetical dog, we had an encounter with a Corgi last weekend and cries went out for a Corgi. When even Geoff joined in with the throng, I was gobsmacked. After all, Corgi’s are THE Queen’s dog. Not just any ordinary queen either. We’re talking about Her Royal Highness, the Queen of Australia, who just so happens to live on the other side of the world at Buckingham Palace. Nothing wrong with that…unless you’re an Australian Republican!


After all, the Corgi is no ordinary dog…a dog of the people. Of course, the Queen’s Corgis wouldn’t have an ordinary kennel bought from the local pet shop. No doubt, the entire Palace is their domain. Indeed, these Royal Corgis would have blue blood. Or, maybe its even red, white and blue just like the Union Jack.

Naturally, I am not into such cultural elitism.

Moreover, as much as I might love the Royal Family, I strongly believe it’s time Australia grew up and moved out of home. Stands on its own two feet. After all, we don’t need the Queen to hold our hand crossing the road anymore. We can cross the road all by ourselves.

You could call this an: “Austexit”.

If it’s good enough for the English to leave the EU, why can’t we leave them behind?

So, now I’m left pondering whether it’s okay for a Republican to have a Corgi. Is a Corgi just another breed of dog? Or, if we have a Corgi, are we surreptitiously representing the monarchy? Is owning a Corgi a sign of allegiance?

I don’t know. However, I’m not the first person to question what a dog’s breed represents.

Surprisingly, this is an age-old question.


During WWI, the Dachshund’s popularity crashed due to its German origins and popularity with the German Kaiser.

Daschund + kaiser

Kaiser Wilhelm II with his Dachshund.

So, a breed of dog can come to represent something much larger than itself. In this case, I’d be better of getting a more “Australian” dog…some sort of Dingo mix, a Blue Heeler? Personally, I think the Border Collie has also been sufficiently “Austracised”.

Dingo pups

Dingo Pup. 

However, you can take things too far. Although I love Vegemite and Tim Tams, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my cup of Twining’s English Breakfast Tea.

Moreover, now that I’m looking more deeply into the Corgi, I’ve actually started to wonder whether the Queen’s endorsement of the breed, actually reflects positively on the breed instead of being such a negative.

After all, the Queen could have any dog she wants, and she has consistently had Corgis. While her love for the breed has been parodied, there must be some reason for it. Indeed, the Corgi comes with the Royal Seal of Approval.

Moreover, as my husband pointed out, being a big dog on short legs, does have it’s advantages. A Corgi would have trouble jumping up and stealing food (which could also endear it to the Queen. Could you just imagine a dog jumping up on the Royal Dining Table at Buckingham Palace? Obviously, this is why the Queen hasn’t gone for the Border Collie x Cavalier…Hello Lady!!

So, last night I decided to check out Corgis on Gumtree,  an Australian classified’s site. You could say this is the canine equivalent of ordering a Russian mail order bride. All these puppy faces flash up at you and your heart completely melts!

However, this search looks like it’s ended all thoughts of a Corgi. There were no ads for pups. Indeed, there were only ads for people seeking Corgis. We found a breeder elsewhere, and it looked like it would be easier to get a job at Buckingham Palace looking after the royal corgis. This was a serious interview process. No doubt, we’d have to take Bilbo and Lady to the interview and they’d take one look at her Royal Scruffiness, and give us the flick. Lady would no doubt steal the afternoon tea straight off the plate and heaven help us if any rabbits were hopping by: “She ain’t nothing but a farm dog”.

Lady on kayak

Lady…Hardly royal material.

Considering our quest for another dog is semantic at this stage, current availability doesn’t matter anyway.

However, if the kids were trying to encourage me towards Corgis, they set their campaign back this morning.

Our son told me: “If we get a corgi, we have to call it Doge”.

Doge? What kind of name is that?


Sounds like something straight out of that British comedy Keeping Up Appearances where Mrs Bucket is pronounced: “Mrs Bouquet”. Yes, a rather pretentious rendition of “dog”. Not my scene at all. I’m very down to earth and you can’t get much more down to earth than dog beach. Sand and salt water are a mighty leveler.

Well, if you know anything about memes, you’ll know that Doge was a hit. Went “viral”.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, a background check has ended thoughts of a Corgi. The Corgi is considered a high shedder:

“Heavy shedding. Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed a lot. You’ll find hair and fur deposited all over your clothing, upholstery, carpeting, under your furniture, on your countertops — even in your food. Frequent vacuuming will become a way of life.”

We’ve had Border Collies and an Old English Sheepdog and our carpet could almost wag its tail and they’re not high shedders. I’ve also read warnings about dogs before, and let that puppy face deceive me. Not again.

So, it looks like the Queen can keep her corgis. That said,  I’m wondering how The Queen gets out the door without Corgi all over her coat?

So, for now, we’ll keep walking past that Corgi in the window and keep feeding our dogs those vitamins.

Any views about corgis? Dog breeds?

xx Rowena

14 thoughts on “The Corgi Republican.

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  2. balletandboxing

    Keeping up Appearances is one of my all time fave shows. As my dating life continues to implode, I find myself perpetually exclaiming “i want to become a nun” in the accent of Mrs Bouquet’s elder sister.

    Except nobody arounds me realizes I am quoting a line from a show, so they think I am a thirty-year-old who has found God. Which does nothing to help with said disastrous dating life, but makes me giggle.

  3. Tails Around the Ranch

    Every Corgi I’ve ever seen has been a naughty little ball of fur and clever times two in the trouble-getting-into department. Sure as puppies, they are adorable looking but then they grow up. And I’m told the Queen’s Corgis have bitten more than one person at the palace. Sam and I vote for the Lady and Bilbo who have sweet faces and paws and seem miles above the palace pups.

  4. Rowena Post author

    I’d bite a few people if I was living at Buckingham Place too, although it wouldn’t be the Queen!
    Thanks for the feedback on the Corgis. Hopefully, we won’t have to address needing another dog any time soon but I’m thinking of another Border and just having to walk it. The beach is great for exercising them. I took them down there this morning and Lady took off and had a huge run. She looks so gorgeous when she runs at top speed with her floppy ears flying up and down. It wasn’t a huge stretch off the imagination to think of her starting to fly. Well, it wasn’t a huge stretch of my imagination, anyway!
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Ro

  5. Hugh's Views and News

    Interesting post, Rowena.

    We have a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, which is the lesser known of the two breeds of Corgi. We got a Cardigan Welsh Corgi after seeing one at Crufts and immediately fell in love with the breed. Of course, everyone knows about the Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi because it’s the breed Her Majority has. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is lesser known, is bigger than the Pembrokeshire Corgi, comes in five different colours (ours is brindle) and he has his tail. It’s been illegal to dock tails on all dogs in the UK since 2006, but we would never have docked his tail even had the law not been brought in.

    Here in the UK, both breeds of Corgi are currently on the endangered species lists. In 2014 there were only 99 cardigan corgi pups born in the UK. If you want one, then you’ll probably find it very hard to find a litter that is for sale. The Corgi has gone out of fashion in most of the world and is often thought as an old person’s dog. More fashionable dogs such as the labradoodle are now more popular simply because they don’t shed their fur. You mentioned ‘shedding’ and yes Corgi’s do shed their fur (the Pembrokeshire more than the Cardigan Corgi), but providing you are willing to put the vacuum cleaner around the house once a day and ensure your dog is brushed at least once every other day, then it doesn’t become a problem. We don’t allow our dog on any of the beds or the furniture, so fur on those items is not a problem. We taught him not to jump up at people, so no fur on clothes (other than items which are at Corgi height).

    I don’t see any problems in owning a dog providing the owner looks after it, trains it well, gives it the attention and love it needs, plenty of exercise and ensures it is safe and warm. Our Corgi is a head turner when we are out walking with him. Many people stop us and ask us about him. People want their photos taken with him and yes, we sometimes get asked “are you walking the Queen’s corgi?” He has given us so much love and since we got him in 2012, he’s been a sheer delight and has brought us so much happiness. He’s loyal, clever, very loving and a breed of dog I’d recommend to anyone (providing a litter that is for sale can be found). His name is Toby (so no need for giving him a posh name) and the posts he’s published on my blog have proved very popular. However, he has been quiet of late, but I put that down to all the sleeping he seems to like.

  6. New Journey

    Love Hyacinth on Keeping up Appearance….but I think Onslow is my most favorite…LOL great show, my other favorite is As Time Goes By, really anything with Judi Dench I can watch over and over again…..back to the Corgi…I had a friend who dog sat during the day when everyone had to go to work….one of the dogs was a Corgi…he thought he was royalty…LOL his nose was always being pushed out of joint but the other dogs…he spent much of his day with his back to everyone….I didn’t much care for him….he was snobby and liked to nip at little heels….he really turned me off the breed, especially when I happen to witness him reliving himself (#2) they are not made to squat and poop….he rolled his hips and let it kind roll out like a pooper tube….quite nasty…my friend was always finding little nuggets in the house as they didn’t all roll off…so I am only sharing this as I would never own a corgi!!!! that said, they are cute little dogs…I bet the Queen has a couple dozen maids to run around behind the little ones to make sure the coast is clear is the palace…LOL I love cocker spaniels and borders….blue healers are very intelligent and I was able to rescue (3) puppies that were going to be put down (rather shot) from there owner up north, I couldn’t keep them but certainly couldn’t let them be shot, I ended up giving them to local dairy farmers that used them to herd…they were beautiful, fun animals…if I ever get another dog they are high on my list….but would probably go with another black and white border….pretty fond of them….sorry about getting so graphic….obviously it was a traumatic moment in my life watching a corgi poop…LOL xxxxkat

  7. ahagenf

    I think it’s quite amusing that the portrayal of the corgi has changed so much over the years. Historically it has been considered a working dog, as it originally herded cattle in Wales, but the Queen’s fascination with the dogs has shifted into the idea of a blue-blooded, old woman breed of dog. Now, their popularity has soared thanks to modern social media. Corgis have been reclaimed as a dog for all, granted you can deal with them!

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much for your informed reply, Hugh. I haven’t known anyone with a Corgi and so I wasn’t quite sure what to believe, although the way they described the shedding, did sound worrying. Our carpet is already in bad shape each Spring with our two dogs, which didn’t come with shedding warnings.
    Toby sounds like a great name for a Corgi, or any dog for that matter.
    Nobody has ever asked to be photographed with our dogs, so that bumps them down the pecking order a bit and I love what you wrote about people thinking you’re out walking the royal Corgis. Have you ev3er played on that? You could really go to town, even if they are Cardigan Corgis! I’ve been known to love a bit of theatre..especially back in my days as a student.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena

  9. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Kat. These details cn be very important and I can assure you, I do not want to be the inside pooper scooper for any dog.
    I am taking more notice of the fine print on dog s these days because it’s very easy to forget what these dogs have been bred for and then wonder why it doesn’t adapt to your backyard.
    I am finding it hard to go past the Borders. They’re fabulous dogs.
    Lady, just disgraced herself again. She ate a pie Mum had put on the top of the couch. Bilbo just arrived with the empty packet into the kitchen. Perhaps, he was dobbing on her.
    Lady is such a naughty dog but so cute. She shows no remorse whatsoever. Bilbo takes himself to his kennel.
    That’s the difference between a full and half border and I think Lady hasd a lot of Cavalier traits.
    BTW, warm and sunny here. UNfortunately, I slept through much of it today. Have a bit of hayfever.
    Hope you are doing well.
    xx Ro

  10. New Journey

    I love borders too…I am so wanting another, but we are really enjoying the freedom….13 years of being held down and always putting the dog first…I have am thinking that the Cavalier, a very regal dog thinks nothing of stealing, well in her eyes, it was hers to begin with, after all she is royality…LOL and I agree very important to look deeper than how cute the puppy is…there are so many quirks each breed has…and hey if the borders are working, why change a good thing….lol kat

  11. Hugh's Views and News

    When we lived in London we did play on it a bit, especially when walking Toby in Green Park. Buckingham Palace was on one side of the park so it was the perfect place to play act. Toby loved all the attention and it often took us twice as long to get to where we were going.
    William & Kate have Spaniels, so I think the Royal Corgi will loose his/her reign once there is a change in the monarch. I pray that the breed will never die out.

  12. Rowena Post author

    Hugh, I think I’d have a ball coming to London and catching up with you and Geoffle and taking your dogs for a walk. I am a true blue extrovert but don’t get much opportunity to be flamboyant anymore. Such a shame!
    That said, I’ve been doing an adult ballet class for the last five weeks and I bought myself pair of shiny pink satin slippers and the matching pale pink satin ribbons. After forking out for ballet gear for my daughter all the years, I thought I could get what I wanted and I’m not going to grow out of them either.

  13. Rowena Post author

    They are a very cute dog. I found a really cute photo of one wearing a sign around it’s neck with a huge pile of fur next to it. The sign said: “I shed enough to make another corgi”. Have you read Hugh’s comments? He has a corgi and I think he visited after you. xx Rowena

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