14 thoughts on “Cloud River.

  1. Rowena Post author

    There’s that song about not a cloud in the sky and yet I love the sky more when there are clouds, much more interesting.
    My son is barking like a dog with a dreadful cough and we’re off to my daughter’s school musical tonight so I’d better go and sort him out.
    xx Ro

  2. New Journey

    lemon, honey and hot water…at night time a little shot of whisky or rum helped them sleep….that’s what I was raised on when the good ole cough syrup didn’t work…hope he’s better

  3. Rowena Post author

    I’ve given him my laptop. I don’t know how that works with the cold but it keeps him somewhat happy. My husband wouldn’t approve as he thinks you’re supposed to do nothing when you’re home sick from school. When I was a kid it was de rigeur to watch Days of Our Lives and since that’s no longer on, I let him have screen time.

  4. Rowena Post author

    It was such a fantastic cruise and I always get mesmerised by the clouds. I’ve got in trouble photographing storm clouds a few times.

  5. Rowena Post author

    Thanks so much, Merril. I’ve photographd so many clouds over the years and these ones were absolutely perfect. The shades of white and blue and the distinct outlines of the clouds. I get high just looking at clouds like this. Think I must be a little odd. Or, perhaps, the rest of the world which doesn’t appreciate a beautiful sky is odd instead! xx Rowena

  6. New Journey

    That’s what I would do, then why it down with alcohol wipes…LOL I agree with your husband that if your home sick that your privileges of play and going out should be nipped, but to lay in a bed and not think, unless your so sick all you want to do is sleep…I disagree…..at least he is keeping his mind working, even it is just on senseless crap on the internet…LOL your a good mum….kat

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