15 Years Ago – When the World Changed

My husband and I were married 2 days before 9/11 and it was equally hard to believe that we have been married this long or that it has been 15 years since the world changed forever. xx Rowena

But I Smile Anyway...

Where were you 15 years ago?

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I may not be an American, but this day fifteen years ago, I remember all too well.

Fifteen years ago, I was ill.

I recall laying in my bed with the TV on. My Pops, who was still practising as a dentist, came running into my room, and changed the channel to the news, where there were videos being played on replay of a plane hitting one of New York#s Twin Towers.

I looked on in horror as we saw the second one being targeted by  another aircraft.

It wasn’t long before the claims came from Al-Quaida and Bin Laden that they had been responsible for this loathsome act. News was pouring in of the devastation, the death tolls were rising by the minute…

It was two months to our wedding. Hubby Dearest had just started a new job, in Central London, Canary Wharf.

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7 thoughts on “15 Years Ago – When the World Changed

  1. Rowena Post author

    You’re welcome. I should’ve written something myself about that and also about being married for 15 years and I did neither. We had chest infections over the last week and I haven’t been feeling like anything beyond more antibiotics, which is so incredibly romantic let alone celebratory.
    I also liked the personal element to what you wrote and how you were getting married in a few months time. One of the people killed was engaged. There were a lot of young people around our age who senselessly lost their lives.

  2. Ritu

    This is why it is important to remember these tragedies. Senseless loss of lives… Individuals who were like you and I, in the prime of their lives.

  3. New Journey

    howdy my down under sister….I have been tardy from your post…sorry about that….hope this finds you feeling better and over the bronchitis….how wonderful to be on the inside with your daughter and yes you are a ballerina…and a picture would be lovely….so proud of you…so are you thinking or getting a Newfoundland??? they are big, that’s for sure, but I understand they have the heart of a border collie…faithful to the family and a giant gentle giant….I am not sure you have a big enough house…LOL alls well on our side of the world…hope that yours is the same….summer coming on there, right?? we finally just getting cooler weather…whooo hooo…have a great weekend, or whats left of it….kat

  4. Rowena Post author

    Hi Kat,
    Definitely NOT considering a Newfoundland. Border Collies struggle with the Summer heat here and often shorn for Summer. I think it would almost be cruel to have a Newfoundland here.
    Our backyard wouldn’t suit a Newfoundland but the beach would be great. It’s quite shallow out there for some distance out there, especially at low tide so I could see the Newfoundland just heading out there and it would just keep going and going. A Newfoundland would fit in well with the current crowd at Dog Beach…an Old English Sheepdog, a lassie collie, rhodesian ridgeback and some scruffy white ball chasing maniacs. They’re all real character dogs and so gorgeous, especially when you see them together wearing their party hats.
    I think the bronchitis is lifting but I’m sill coughing a lot. I have a routine lung specialist appointment on Tuesday and lung function test. It’s going to be fun doing that with the aftermath of this cold.
    It’s a stunning day here today with blue, azure skies and some of our native plants are flowering. What am I doing indoors? Well, just needed a breather and now I’m off to make a suncatcher with my daughter. Don’t know if you made these as a kid? You buy a kit with a metal frame and you put plastic crystals in the gaps and bake it in the oven and it becomes a stained-glass window. I love making them but as she called out”Do you want to do this together? I was really starting to nod off. Oh well. Off I go!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    xx Ro

  5. Rowena Post author

    I’ve never seen one in real life (at least, I think there’s this thing called “real life”. I’m still not convinced it exists? Where’s the scientific proof?) I’ll post a photo in my coffee share later today. Hope you have a great weekend and stay tuned. xx Ro

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