Dancing On Water

As I’m sadly missing my dance class due to influenza and bronchitis, I am dancing vicariously today through Sirena’s moves. xx Rowena

Sirena Tales

A floating stage

An ever-shifting floor

An  offering of public art

A prayer

Such a spectacular day!  Venturing forth on Cape Cod Bay on our Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP), I was inspired by the gorgeousness to take my pop-up dance project to another level.  I mean, the day just begged to be danced, decked out as she was in aquamarine skies, bright sunshine and crystalline sea.

So, yes!  Dancing on the water was just the ticket to express joy and gratitude for Mother Nature’s resplendence.


As someone who has done her fair share of performing outdoors, I was floored by the special experience of dancing right on top of the ocean.  Inexpressibly freeing, it felt both primal and transcendent.  Rapturous. Dancing to the sun and wind and sea, out on the vast watery expanse, with only a few inches of board between me and the sea.

Or, zero inches…

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5 thoughts on “Dancing On Water

  1. Rowena Post author

    Thanks, Sirena. Three weeks at least til my next class. Means more dancing in the kitchen much to my son’s horror. He said I looked like a chicken trying to do a pirouette and with my head and body spinning round, I felt like a malfunctioning robot but it is finally starting to come together.

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