So, You Used To Be A Dancer? Life Lessons From Dancing (Reprise)

You might be aware that I recently took up ballet again…albeit at an elementary level. I am absolutely loving it and thought you’d enjoy this encouragement to put on your dancing shoes! xx Rowena

Sirena Tales

NIK_5824Ask [yourself] what makes you come alive and go do it.  Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”~~Howard Thurman

Folks keep coming across my path, voicing their passions along with their regret in not pursuing those passions.  So, I am running this post from the archives again, with some new photos. The original post, with many generous, thoughtful comments, is here . 

Sure, I’ve already reblogged it, but since the yearning for a more vitalized life continues to come up so relentlessly, I am repeating this reminder: DO WHAT MAKES YOU COME ALIVE.

Not solely for dancers at all, this is for anyone who seeks a spur to vitalize.  This piece does also go out to the medical technician the other day who danced for 10 years and sorely misses it and the dance studio owner who confided that ceasing to dance for herself…

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4 thoughts on “So, You Used To Be A Dancer? Life Lessons From Dancing (Reprise)

  1. SirenaTales

    So cool to hear you are answering your soul’s call to dance, Rowena! Thank you very much for reblogging this post and for all of your generous support. Rock on, lady. xx

  2. Rowena Post author

    You bet! I thought you’d appreciate this little tale. The students at the dance school wear jackets and t-shirts with “dancer” embroidered on the back. I was sitting there and had an epiphany. My jacket would have “DANGER” written on the back. We had a great laugh at that and two weeks later I started ballet. I am quite surprised I haven’t hurt anything yet. My balance teeters a bit but other than that, it’s all gone exceptionally well. It’s been so encouraging. So awhile now I felt a dancer within and it felt so strange because I’ve been uncoordinated and it just seemed like too big a gap. Now, I’m leaping across it. It seems like a dream.
    One other point you’ll appreciate. After my first lesson, I went out and bought myself a pair of pink satin ballet slippers and sewed on the ribbons. I arrived at my next class with them tied in big bows at the front, looking quite like a clown and was shown how to tie them properly…a ballerina isn’t forged overnight! xx Rowena

  3. SirenaTales

    :). Well, even though the outer trappings of a ballerina may not be forged overnight, no amount of teaching or costuming can produce the kind of passion you are talking about and manifesting, e.g. “…it seems like a dream.” Your story is very inspiring, Rowena. Go get ’em, girlfriend!

  4. Rowena Post author

    You bet! Keep an eye out! Soon I’ll be swinging from the chandelier in my tutu, pink stockings and shiny pink satin ballet shoes flying through the air. Watch out here I come!

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