Judge Reprimands: “Naughty Dog”.

If you had to pick a dog occupation  known for its trust and integrity, it has to be the Guide Dog. Chosen through a meticulous screening program, they have to pass through so many hurdles to graduate, that they’d have to be the most trustworthy dogs on the planet.

However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Today, I read the story of Toby the Seeing -eye dog who found himself in court for stealing food from the local supermarket. Up against the Judge, Toby was represented by author Kerry Greenwood, who was working for Legal Aid at the time.

“Toby used to walk down to the shops each day, take a large can of Pal from the supermarket and bring it home in his mouth. The old lady owner thought he was getting them from the Salvos. The supermarket owner knew about it and was not concerned.

But then a grocery chain took over the supermarket, had a private detective follow Toby home and pressed charges against the old Lady…

The magistrate declared sternly that the canine culprit, sitting in court with the mortified owner, had to be punished. Leaning over the bench, wagging an admonishing forefinger , the beak intoned, “very, very bad dog!” before giving the old lady $100 for further supplies of dog food.”

I’m still having trouble working out how Toby managed to get that can of dog food into his mouth, let alone get it home.

By the way, this reminds me of how my Great Aunt and Uncle’s pet Labrador, Peter, who used to steal newspapers up and down their street. He got himself into quite a lot of trouble and I suspect he was lucky not to end up in court as well. Or, as is often the case for criminal canines, wind up in that notorious doggy jail…the pound! As far as I know, Peter somehow reformed his ways or perhaps just wandered off to that old doggy heaven in the sky.

By the way, if you’d like to read the full interview with crime novelist, Kerry Greenwood, click  Here.

Do you have any tails of notorious dogs? I’m on the growl for more stories.

xx Rowena


4 thoughts on “Judge Reprimands: “Naughty Dog”.

  1. Tails Around the Ranch

    Sheesh, you’d have thought the new grocery chain might have talked with the blind woman first to resolve before filing suit (this is one reason why people HATE lawyers). Dogs can fetch but clearly can’t read store signs. Sigh. Sam would probably bring home a can of sauerkraut green beans rather than dog food. LOL

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  3. Rowena Post author

    That is an interesting point that of all the cans in the supermarket, the dog just happened to choose Pal. That sounds worthy of a TV commercial. My thinking is the dog could smell the Pal through the tin. Not sure if a human could smell it through the tin but I’ll give a tin a big sniff the next time I’m in the supermarket and will probably be writing my next post from the psyche ward. My search through the old newspapers online yielded a few good stories, which I’m working my way through at the moment so stay tuned. xx Ro

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