Saturday Morning Serenity: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

What fabulous advice…the importance of becoming your own best friend. I have been conscious for some time about our ability to shoot ourselves in the foot and to be our own worst enemy and this works in well with that. I intend to share this with my kids.
xx Rowena

The Chicago Files


It’s Saturday morning once again, and as per my usual weekend routine, I have my massive mug of coffee within arm’s reach.  This past week was a mixture of calm, upheaval, stress, quiet, humor, bewilderment, and compassion.

I have posted numerous photos this past week of some gorgeous sunrises that I have been fortunate enough to capture in the morning’s early light!  Today, however, the sky is grey, Lake Michigan has been virtually zapped of all its color, leaving a myriad of grey tones in its wake.  Opposites indeed.  This lead my thoughts to this past week of ‘extremes’.   Likened to the differences between the inspiring, watercolor clouds I bore witness to this past week, compared with today’s grey hues from sky to water, I realize that my experiences last week were also, at times, hovering on the spectrum at each end.

When I was dealing with the downright unpleasant…

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Serenity: Becoming Your Own Best Friend

  1. New Journey

    I was taught at a young age if you don’t like yourself, then how do we expect anyone else to like you….it was sage advice from an adult friend….so I have liked myself at all the stages of life…after all I have to live with me…LOL of course there are those days I wish I was taller so I would be thinner and that my hair was blonde….but in the end…I like who I am….I lived by Popeye’s ole saying most my life…”I am who I am, and that’s all that I am….”….

  2. Rowena Post author

    That’s a really good approach, Kath. I’ve had to develop a sense of humour and an appreciation for making mistakes and getting egg on face to live with myself. Much better to have a go and screw up than perish in your arm chair.

  3. thecoffeebeanbrain

    “Being your own best friend brings a sense of calm, peace, and appreciation for whatever circumstance you find yourself in. Being your own best friend means you are kind to yourself, thoughtful, gentle, supportive, reassuring, but most of all, loving.”

    Thank you for this. I can turn into my inward (quiet) self for support and deep thinking when the outside world is just too much to handle. This is what I have recently learned as I work to embrace my introversion.

    **I left her the same comment. 🙂

  4. New Journey

    How true…another great ole adage was, “He who asked the question is a fool for 5; He who does not ask the question remains a fool for ever:, that’s another one I live by and have for years….since grade school…”

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