Jonathan Livingstone Seagull: Three Day Quote Challenge

“Why, Jon, why?” his mother asked. “Why is it so hard to be like the rest of the flock, Jon? Why can’t you leave low flying to the pelicans, the alhatross? Why don’t you eat? Son, you’re bone and feathers!” “I don’t mind being bone and feathers mom. I just want to know what I can do in the air and what I can’t, that’s all. I just want to know.”
Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Having so many favourite quotes, I turned to Richard Bach’s  Jonathan Livingston Seagull for my first quote, because seagulls live right around the world and mean something to everyone. Yet, although they’re a common bird and they can get pretty annoying when you’re trying to eat your fish and chips, I can’t help loving them. They’re such a part of going to the beach.

I chose this particular quote because more than once in my life I’ve been asked: “Why can’t you be normal?”  I’m a bit disappointed that it took me more than 40 years to ask: “Why would I want to be?” We’re not all meant to be the same!


I would like to thank Olive Ole from  for nominating for the «3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge».

Olive lives in Denmark and produces a stunning travel blog with some very striking images. Being Australian, I really appreciate being able to explore other parts of the world with her.  So don’t hang around here – go check her out!Let me talk you through the rules of the challenge:

  1. Three quotes for three days.
  2. Three nominees each day (no repetition).
  3. Thank the person who nominated you.
  4. Inform the nominees.

I am nominating three people who have encouraged me as I’ve flown my own path:

1) Kat from Time No Matter

2) Geoff Le Pard from

3) Monika from Tails Around the Ranch

Hope you feel inspired through this bit of inspiration.

xx Rowena

Photos: Rowena Curtin

7 thoughts on “Jonathan Livingstone Seagull: Three Day Quote Challenge

  1. 20/20 Hines Sight

    Jonathan Livingston Seagull is one of my favorite books. I remember when my mother gave it me to read as part of my summer reading when I was a child. It was definitely beyond my understanding, but I enjoyed the imagery. I’ve picked it up over the years and each time I read it I come away with something new. And maybe just maybe that desire to not fly with flock and to do my own thing my way was planted with that very first reading nearly 40 years ago.

  2. Olive Ole

    Norwegians are like seagulls… They screetch and they shit and you find them all over the world! *giggles*

    Great post, and I will visit your nominees 🙂

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  4. Rowena Post author

    Obviously, it’s one of my favourite books too. I first read it when I was at university and like you, I’ve picked up more and more every time I read it.
    I have always felt very comforted by the support I felt in the book as one who hasn’t flown with the flock. Knowing I’m not alone…even if Jonathon Livingston is a sea gull.
    xx Rowena

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