Mega Weekend Coffee Share

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

You might want a cool drink this weekend. It’s warming up around here and we’re enjoying some glorious Spring weather.

It’s not every week that I can tell you that something’s happened. I’m not talking about my usual staring at the waves or up into the clouds and finding peace, joy and harmony in the trees.

No, indeed.

I’m talking about some pretty extraordinary stuff. Not that I’m showing off because I was just in the right place at the right time, which I’ve got to tell you is a bit of a rarity for me…especially when all this happened at our local beach an hour from Sydney. We’re not a backwater but we’re hardly Mecca either.


The kids learning to surf.

Wednesday morning, the kids started a three day surf course. I was really excited about this as I have a secret passion for surfing, even though I’ve only caught a few waves in my life time and they were lying down. Yet, I loved that sensation of surging through the waves. Wow! My husband has also been interested in learning to surf and so we bought a board when we were in Byron Bay a few years ago but it’s never seen the beach and has been filed away in the deepest, darkest recesses of the garage…a doomed holiday “romance” of sorts.

So, the kids are lined up on the beach learning how it’s done on the sand before they hit the surf. I’m taking a few photos and follow them down to the water.


That’s when I spot a group of Tibetan monks on the beach. They’re dressed in their robes. The same coloured robes as the Dalai Lama. Not only that but they’re all lined up carrying surfboards.


Blessing the Beach.

That’s right. There was a group of Tibetan monks at our beach going surfing. Well, not quite going surfing yet because they were giving a blessing for the beach, posing for photos and talking to the media. Then, they changed into board shorts and life jackets before they headed out.

I’ve written two posts about their visit:

Accidents, Blessings & Tibetan Monks at an Australian Beach.

The Gyuto Monks of Tibet in Australia

Backtracking a little, that morning I had a nasty fall at the shops and sprained my ankle and tore a hole in my knee. There was no one around at the time and I must admit it would’ve been really good to have someone help me get up. Even better, just imagine if those monks had found me. They could’ve carried me back to the car and blessed me on the way. What a shame! That would’ve been fantastic!

But, I’m Tonka tough. I kept going.


The Family with Jimmy Barnes at Book Bazaar.

Saturday morning, was planned excitement. Australian rock legend Jimmy Barnes was at our local bookshop, Book Bazaar, signing copies of his book: Working Class Boy. I’m currently reading the book and love loving it even though it’s heavy, emotive, dark and very much like Angela’s Ashes. I’ve actually found it pretty hard finding out the back story behind the man. A man who is as Australian as Vegemite. Pretty much every Australian “of a certain age” has a story about Barnsey and or Cold Chisel.

Anyway, meeting Jimmy was pretty nerve-wracking. Not because I was nervous or shy but because I was desperate to get a good photo of him and ideally him with us for the blog. However, I knew they were  expecting 200 people through in 2 hours and they had at least 3-4 queue cops on duty. In the past, I’ve found that while they talk about embracing social media, bloggers don’t even rate a spot at the bottom of the pecking order. I just had to hope. Pray. Usually, the long lens comes through, but queue cops can show no mercy. When you’ve had your allocated 30 seconds, you get the boot.


This queue cop wasn’t wearing the official t-shirt and looked like he was in the wrong side of the globe.

However, unbeknown to me, I had two magic tricks up my sleeve. I’d at least read some of his book and I showed compassion. Who wouldn’t? He might be a famous rocker now, but once upon a time he was a little boy living in a war zone and as a Mum, I wanted to pick up that little boy, give him a huge hug and a Matchbox car.

Here’s the full story: Jimmy Barnes: What do you say when you meet a rock legend?


Jimmy Barnes signing our books.

Being a complete and utter dag, I sad as much to him as he was signing the book and made a connection. Just because your famous, it doesn’t mean you don’t need people to care, listen to your story and give a damn.

So, I’ve felt like I’m sitting on Cloud 9 after those outstanding experiences this week and yet, at the same time, the cough is more repetitive and less productive than even though my lungs are clear. My ankle is still swollen and badly bruised from the fall but doesn’t really hurt…the ups and downs of life.

This weekend is also “Bathurst”. That is the “Bathurst 1000”…a 1000km race around Mt Panorama with such thrills as “Hell Corner” “Forrest’s Elbow” and “The Chase”. I don’t think any of this track is what you’d consider “safe”. It’s definitely a case of “maniacs only need apply”. Another aspect of Bathurst is the intense rivalry between Ford and Holden. Will Davison & Jonathon Webb won this year and yes they were driving a Holden!

So, how has your week been? I hope it’s been a good one and I’ll be trying to visit everyone for  coffee.

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diana over at  and you can click through to the linky here

xx Rowena

9 thoughts on “Mega Weekend Coffee Share

  1. merrildsmith

    Well, you have had a remarkable week! I’m glad I got a chance to catch up.
    I’ve seen Tibetan monks in Philadelphia a few times, but never on a beach–and surfing!
    Hope your leg is OK. Hugs!
    It’s a cool, rainy Sunday here, but fortunately not hurricane rainy here in NJ. This is a singer-songwriter/folky weekend for me. It will be in my post tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Midwestern Plant Girl

    I would have loved to meet the Tibetan Monks! How enlightening 😄
    Glad got bounced back after your fall. Here in ‘Merica, you’d be suing. We sue at the drop of a hat here 😉
    I have met many well known people, however it doesn’t fluster me to meet them… they put their pants on the same way 😉 However, I have not met the one person I do hold in high regard yet. Don’t laugh… it’s Judge Judy Sheindlin.
    Otherwise, my weekend was shot.. got a head cold Fri night and have had tissue hanging out of my nose since. My husband calls me the walrus! Ha!

  3. Rowena Post author

    You’re not wrong, Betty Louise. That’s a lot of excitement for our beach town. Doesn’t happen, although maybe things are changing.

  4. Rowena Post author

    You can trust husbands to take the mickey out of you! (Do you have that expression over there? It means make fun of you.) My husband has been telling Bilbo that I’m making him redundant with my cough and he should take it up as a demarcation dispute!!
    I’d love to set Judge Judy on my kids. That would be great!! Do you expect your Mum to wipe your backside?”
    Indeed, it might even be worth flying her out here!
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. I am a real believer in Olive Leaf Extract but keep forgetting to take it. It does work.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Rowena

  5. Rowena Post author

    I look forward to catching up with your post tonight. It’s Monday morning here and I’ve just got the kids off to school after 2 weeks holiday.
    My son had a book poster to do and I didn’t realise how stuck he was on it until it was becoming last minute. So, yesterday arvo I was Googling the book and fortunately they had one chapter online so we could refer to that. He missed a lot of school last term and the school provided the book so we didn’t have a copy to work from. He was studying “Boy Overboard” by Morris Gleitzman a fantastic Australian Children’s author. You would enjoy a series he wrote about the Holocaust from a child’s perspective:
    “Boy Overboard” is about a Afghan refugee and his sister coming to Australia and ending up at the Detention Centre on Christmas Island. I think it was written in 2002 when there was a huge scandal about refugees supposedly throwing their children overboard to get access to Australia.
    I understand Hurricane Matthew has been reeking havoc over there weather wise while Donald Trump continues on his rampage.
    Looking forward to catching up on your weekend.
    xx Ro

  6. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Ha ha! ‘Take the mickey out of you’, we don’t have the expression, but the act is alive and well here 😉

  7. merrildsmith

    Thanks, Rowena. Hope the book report got done (and done well). It’s a long time since I had to supervise homework, and now younger daughter is reading book reports that her 8th grade students write.
    Hurricane Matthew didn’t get to New Jersey. We just had rain Saturday night and most of Sunday. It is definitely autumn now though. DT is still on the rampage, though HRC remained calm in the face of his storm last night.

  8. Joanna Lynn

    I love the monks picture. I love the pictures in the other pages showing them in their beachwear and on the surf. So fun! I never picture or think about them doing anything but being In serenity in their robes. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    Glad you got a good picture with Jimmy Barnes. Once never heard of him, but then I’m sure there are many singers here in America you’ve never heard of. Glad he was so nice to you.

    Praying the cough will stop soon and the swelling goes down.

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