Weekend Coffee Share 15th October, 2016.

Welcome to Another Weekend Coffee Share!

Let’s just forget it’s after dark and switch on the sun. Why let reality get in the way of painting a picture? While we’re at it, we can throw a rug on the grass and smell the roses. Our rose bush has burst into Spring quite literally and is covered all over with luscious red roses and a multitude of buds. Just going to show that a savage prune can be good for the soul. Mind you, personally I say go prune the rose bush and leave me alone.

How was your week? What did you get up to?

This week, I had a truly special moment when I received a Facebook message asking if I still had any of the sunflower seeds I’d received from the MH17 crash site in the Ukraine. This woman was related to the pilot and she was desperately searching for some seeds to plant in their new home. MH17 was the passenger plane shot down over the Ukraine2 years ago and these seeds were salvaged by the Sydney Morning Herald’s journalist Paul McGeogh and photographer. They brought the seeds back to Australia via quarantine where they were planted and this is generation 1.

If you would like to read about the sunflower seeds, click here

I was too anxious to plant the seeds last year. Actually, this wasn’t anxiety but more of a reality check because I am a serial plant killer and our front yard is currently littered with dead bodies following my most recent splurge. I always vow to change but my track record speaks for itself.

Sunflower letter

Sunflower seeds from the Ukraine

So, I packaged up 5 of the seeds and today we planted twelve in a seed planter at home and I’m hoping to plant the rest in the greenhouse at my son’s school. If you’ve ever read The Little Prince and you remember how the rose was kept safe under the glass dome, you’ll know exactly what I’m looking for. Obviously, I can’t bubble wrap the sunflowers but a greenhouse is pretty much the same thing. Hopefully, we’ll get plenty of seeds and future crops will be assured.

While I haven’t thinking about seeds, I’ve been doing more family history research. By the way, anybody who thinks this is dull and boring, hasn’t met my family. This bunch are on my Mum’s Mother’s side. There are a couple of different branches but they basically arrived from Germany during the 1860s. My research started out with my Great Great Great Aunty Rose who had a sophistocated hair and beauty salon in Brisbane which served the elite…including General MacArthur’s wife while he was stationed in Brisbane.


Well, Aunty Rose was theatrical to say the least and she had a pet kookaburra “Johnny Boy” which she could get to laugh on command (not easy for a kookaburra apparently. I’ve never tried.) She also had a pet budgerigar called Romeo whose vocabulary was a very impressive 800-1000 words. While other women were knitting socks for the war effort, Aunty Rose organised fundraising concerts for the Red Cross featuring local entertainers and her birds. Aunty Rose, not unsurprisingly, was very in elocution and gave very dramatic renditions of poems. We actually have a recording of her performing on an old reel-to-reel tape recorder. She used to perform when my Mum’s family went round for a visit and apparently they found it very difficult to contain their laughter. Of course, these were the days when children were seen and not heard and they had to behave!!

Anyway, while researching Aunty Rose I stumbled across a startling little snippet. It turns out that her Uncle played the violin for Ashton’s Circus around 1870. This made quite a lot of sense. From there I strayed across another snippet about how members of the Wirth’s Circus band were bailed up by the notorious bushranger Captain Thunderbolt.

By this time, my creative juices are gushing like a fountain. Seriously, you couldn’t make up these characters.

So, as you can see, I’ve been well and truly spirited away from the real world this week and I’ve wandered off on yet another goat’s trail chasing the story. However, my stories are all very cold off the press. You could indeed say frozen but they’re so good that I have to perform CPR. Bring them back to life.

Anyway, that’s enough from me. I need to get to bed before the sun rises for real.

Hope you have a great week!

This has been another Weekend Coffee Share and please click on the linky to enjoy beverages from right around the globe. .

xx Rowena

30 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share 15th October, 2016.

  1. thecoffeebeanbrain

    I love sunflowers and hearing that connection with MH17 crash is quite melancholic. I was following that story from the day it crashed and I’m not sure of any updates now.
    You mentioned before you were doing a bit of family history research and your discoveries are amazing. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. New Journey

    I love that the sunflowers are still in circuit…..what a wonderful way to pay tribute to those that were taken to soon….and your Great (x3) Auntie Rose sounded like a character…..its nice to know that some of the blood in the family is trickling down, violin playing….hummmm I love it when the relatives that went before us resemble us so much…..my brother and one of his grandsons have been doing some digging and I can’t believe how many names are the same back then and all through history to us in the present…and none of us knew this when our kids were born…also learned that we may have some Scottish blood….they are still digging…all very interesting…..looked up the kookaburra – what a beautiful little bird….it looks like it has great personality…have a great week….I believe your looking at Monday and were just starting our Saturday here in our paradise….xxkat

  3. Kathleen Howell

    Serial plant killer, I love it! LOL That’s me as well.. How very, very cool about the sunflower seeds! What a wonderful tribute. Quite an interesting family history, also! 🙂 Have a great week!

  4. marilynwrites

    What a colourful family history! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The part about sunflower seeds really touched me because MH17 is very close to my heart as is the other MH that is still missing. I’m rooting (pun intended.. Hehe) for the sunflowers to thrive

  5. Midwestern Plant Girl

    The rescued sunflower seeds are going to be a great comfort to that woman, so glad you could get her some.
    I started to look into my past, but got stuck during immigration papers… to get folks thru the process faster, sometimes the passengers all got stuck with the captains name. I got frustrated 😣

  6. Rowena Post author

    I’m intending to do this ancestry DNA test when I can afford it. It should be quite interesting!
    The immigration papers here are a mess too. Heaven help you if they have a common name! xx Ro

  7. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much, Marilyn. Thanks very much for supporting the sunflowers and I have to have faith that they can grow and that I can keep remembering to water them!!
    The fate of that other missing plane is terrible too and yet I haven’t thought anywhere near as much about that. The fact that plane has vanished would be so difficult for family and friends as there’s no closure. Very tough!

  8. Rowena Post author

    Thanks very much,Kat. You’re not wrong about us facing up to another Monday. I’d seriously like to pull the pin on tomorrow. We went to my cousin’s in Sydney today which was a 2.5 hour trip on public transport but it included a ferry ride on Sydney Harbour, which was stunning. The wind was whipping along and I got some great shots and some video of the kids hair flying. My daughter was concerned she was going to blow away, which, while unlikely did seem possible to her.
    The kookaburra is an amazing bird. Actually, alot of our birds are especially the cheeky sulfur-created cockatoos…the white birds with the yellow crest. They swing from the power lines and fly quite recklessly and you think they’re going to hit your windscreen.
    I am planning to have that ancestry test done to find out where you’re from. Could be very interesting and might be able to help out with a few dead ends in my research.
    Hope you have a great week!
    xx Ro

  9. Rowena Post author

    The main update which I’m aware of is that the family from Perth who lost their three children and their grandfather have had a baby. She doesn’t replace her siblings but I can’t imagine the parents anguish and then on top of that you’ve gone from being a parent to then not. I wouldn’t even know where to go or what to do. They’re the centre of our universe…except when the muse takes over and I can also get totally absorbed in my research as well.
    Hope you’ve had a great weekend!
    xx Rowena

  10. New Journey

    I saw a picture of you on the boat…I love ferry rides….whenever we travel and we can use ferry travel that’s where we end up….parrots are crazy little/large birds…I had a red crested amazon…..Floyd….he was a nut….Have a fantastic week….kat

  11. Corina

    I don’t remember hearing/reading about the sunflower seeds in the past. So glad they were salvaged and that you have some. They will bring much joy to so many!

  12. Rowena Post author

    What did you expect calling a red crested bird Floyd when he knew he should’ve been pink!! My cousin posted that picture on me on the ferry on FB. She was down from Brisbane for the weekend and we ran into each other. I was heading for a family lunch and so she came along. We had a great day and bumping into each other had that real sense of “meant to be” and serendipity. Hope you have a fantastic week too. I need to check in my diary to find out what I’m actually doing xx Ro

  13. finkelstein

    MH17 memorial sunflower seeds? That is something worth spreading in the Netherlands too. I didn’t know anyone on that flight, but many people in the Netherlands did. I hope some of them know about your sunflowers.

  14. Midwestern Plant Girl

    Ha! Tell me about common… my Mom’s grandparents got the name Johnson… just as common as Smith here 😣

  15. Rowena Post author

    I was researching Johnston’s but that wasn’t quite so bad and haven’t been as difficult as this elusive John Gardiner.

  16. Rowena Post author

    I will have to get them growing and see how I go with producing seeds. That’s a fabulous idea, which I strangely never considered. It would sort of turn me into an exporter of sorts. I would love to do that. Imagine being an exporter of love and compassion!! What a great job description!

  17. merrildsmith

    In one of those weird blogging synchronistic things, another blog I follow has also been blogging about sunflowers–also used as a memorial. I commented that sunflowers look like smiling faces.
    I also have no luck with gardening. Good luck with your flowers!

    Your many great aunt seems like she was quite a “character.” I love the photo–and I can easily imagine her belting out a song.

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