Sydney Harbour Ferry…Not A Cloud in the Sky.

Yesterday, we went on an epic adventure to Sydney’s Mosman Bay…a journey taking 2.5 hours, two trains and a ferry across Sydney Harbour.

Of course, I wanted to share our ferry trip with you…especially as many of you have not been Down Under and experienced the magic first hand and like me, make the most of “vicarious experience”.

I love catching the ferry around Sydney Harbour and was also looking forward to catching up with my extended family.

Meanwhile, I should also point out that Geoff was working which left me playing Sargeant-Major getting the troops to the station, changing trains and onto the ferry on time. Move over Gomer Pyle, it was time for me to become Sargent Carter of “Move it! Move it! Move it!” and “You knucklehead” fame.


Live “Statue” at Circular Quay. How does he do it???

However, when it comes to losing this plot, the kids weren’t the only antagonists in the cast. I also had to factor in the biggest question mark of the lot…the Rowie Factor.

When it comes to the Rowie Factor, there is no explanation. No rhyme or reason. The Rowie factor is like that spooky relative you keep locked up in the closet well away from the public gaze, but always seems to find their way out. Right at the very worst possible moment, they appear giving a huge, enthusiastic wave. OMG!!!! Your spirit sinks like a stone.

WHY????? WHAT THE?????

However, yesterday the Rowie Factor was in a benevolent mood and actually did good…Alleluia!

The Rowie Factor is pretty good at that too. There’s no middle ground. Only extremely good or crushingly bad.


Sydney Ferry Supply

So, there we are finally onboard our ferry…Supply.  Acquired in 1984, Supply is one of 9 single-ended First Fleet Class catamarans, which mainly operate in the inner harbour.


After moving out of Circular Quay, our ferry heads due East past Sydney Opera House, leaving the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind. Being the weekend with good winds and a cloudless sunny sky, we spot quite a few good sized yachts and a flotilla of smaller craft as we pass other ferries. The kids lean right up against the bow with their hair blowing in the wind and I thank God this isn’t The Titanic and they can recreate that famous scene without the ferry hitting a very, very lost iceberg and sinking to the very depths of Sydney Harbour.


A Yacht on Sydney Harbour.

The ferry pulls into Cremorne Point and I must admit I’m feeling a little anxious because I’ve only been on this ferry route once before and my doubts start to inflate, getting larger and larger as I second guess everything turning the details into question marks and I am in full reassurance mode. Besides, if I do get lost in typical Rowie fashion, I have my phone and can ring for assistance. After all, it’s not like we’re the first Europeans visiting this place and there’s no one to call. Mind you, I question whether you can really get lost if you haven’t found where you’re going yet…


Anyway, as we pull into Cremorne Point I hear someone calling my name and waving out to me. It’s my cousin from interstate. At first, I thought she must’ve been coming to lunch but it was all pure coincidence. She was returning to her old stomping ground and also happened to have the afternoon free so came and joined us for lunch. Call it serendipity, meant to be, whatever. This had to be more than coincidence and I think you’d need a supercomputer to calculate the odds of us meeting up.

Meeting my cousin was such an unexpected surprise. I was stoked! (That said, I had to marvel at how the unexpected synchronised so well when the planned can go so horribly wrong!!)

Anyway, we had a fabulous afternoon meeting up with family and Geoff met us there after work and later drove us home.

These are a few night shots of Mosman Bay, which Geoff took just before leaving.

Mosman Bay night.jpg

Mosman Bay by Night. Photo Geoff Newton. Note Sydney Tower on the left.

Have you ever been to Sydney? Do you have any special memories and I’d love you to add links to your posts.

xx Rowena




10 thoughts on “Sydney Harbour Ferry…Not A Cloud in the Sky.

  1. TanGental

    Cremorne point, huh? My first flat in London was Cremorne mansions. I havent looked it up but Cremorne must be famous for something.
    Memories of Sydney? Been there three times. First for 8 nights with the family had had a ball. Been in Oz for 7 weeks by then and the first time I’d been able to sauce, sorry source proper baked beans – bliss! Loved the little green and vanilla ferries, the zoo at Tarronga, the monorail thingy and Douglas Harbour, the eateries around the rocks and seeign the Harbour Bridge appear roudn odd corners. Best of all was touching the outside wall of the SCG – swoon! It was closed, the family thought me mad just to travel out there ona bus to look at it and come back but I’d spent 40 years reading about Ponsford and Spofforth and Gregory and Bradman, O’Reilly and Fleetwood- Smith, O’Neil and Davidson, Lindwall and Miller, Benaud and Harvey that I had to see it, imagine it. The second and third times were on business so necessarily less memorable beyond being offered my first flat white and long black – culinarially, the additions to world cuisine from Oz have been limited, let’s be honest and these two hardly add to the world’s gourmandising. But it is top three cities of the world (alongside London and SF, and confining NY, Barcelona and Cape Town to a second rank (and yes I have been to Paris and Rome and Berlin and Madrid and Athens and frankly, nope, not even close).

  2. merrildsmith

    I haven’t been to Sydney. Thank you for sharing. Lovely photos.

    I thought of you yesterday as we were watching “When the Rain Stops Falling.” It is by Australian playwright Andrew Bovell, and it set partly in Australia (though not Sydney).

  3. Rowena Post author

    UNfortunately, we don’t live on the Harbour like my cousin but we’re near the beach and that’s fantastic. I’m currently psyching myself to take the dogs to the beach for a walk. I’ve had my ankle flip and give way twice recently and so I bought a good strap this morning. Due to all the sand erosion, it’s a steep walk to the beach and it’s quite a hurdle for me.
    The weather is perfect though and I think the dogs know they’re going even though I’ve dropped the kids off and sat down for some Mars Bar Slice and a cup of tea before leaving.
    How are things with you going? xx Ro

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